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^^No we didn't.:woot:

Heres a little bio on him.

ERIC SAINDON Eric Saindon arrived at Weta Digital in 1999 to work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Eric was the Creatures/Character Setup Supervisor for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and worked extensively on the creation of Gollum for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. In 2002 Eric became CG Supervisor for "Pelennor Fields", the largest sequence of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Following The Lord of the Rings, Eric worked as CG Supervisor on I, Robot. For Peter Jackson’s blockbuster remake of King Kong, Eric became Digital FX Supervisor, a role that continues for Weta Digital’s current work on X-Men: The Last Stand. A native of the USA, Eric Saindon came to Weta Digital from Santa Barbara Studios where he was a modelling supervisor and lead technical director on such movies as Star Trek: Insurrection and The Little Vampire. He was honoured by the Visual Effects Society (VES) in 2006 with an award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a VFX Driven Motion Picture for King Kong. He also received a VES award in 2004 for Outstanding Models and Miniatures in a Motion Picture for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and 2003 for Best Character Animation in a Live Action Motion Picture for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
Top Las Vegas DJ, DJ Titan, is in FF2.I think that he'll feature in that club scene with the FF.I hope Alba will get to showcase her dance talents there.:woot:

Interestingly he's got an avvy of Alba as Nancy in Sin City on his site.

"Few people can claim to have been at the pinnacle of their profession for a sustained period of time, having enjoyed so much success and still be leading the way forward. Titan, one of the dance music industries most revered personalities, is among a small band of people who can say they were responsible for igniting the spark of the scene we all know and love today. A DJ career spanning more than 15 years from the ripe old age of 17 has afforded Titan the sort of experience that most other DJs can only dream of. Never afraid to push the boundaries in the projects that he turns his hand to, he has a musical taste that transcends genres and his determination to seek out fresh, new, exciting music has resulted in Titan playing across the US and Canada and distributing over 10,000 compilations in just the past few years. Titan has performed at dozens of Las Vegas' top clubs including: Empire Ballroom, Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce, Tabu Ultra Lounge, and Club Rubber. Titan celebrated being voted Las Vegas' ..1 House DJ - a reminder that while many 'fad' DJs come and go, his rock-solid fan base makes him one of the few names capable of continuously filling clubs. Titan has been on such shows as Spike TV's the Club, and was also asked to perform in the upcomming Fox release of Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer - an accolade that Titan was particularly honored by."
Interview with FF2 concept artist Tim Flattery. He worked on the first movie when Chris Columbus was going to direct.Very good artist, check out his site!

Interview with Tim Flattery, Illustrator/Concept Artist
October 26, 2006

Tim Flattery is a concept artist with a resume that could best be described as prolific. He's contributed to the look of a long list of movies including the Batman, Spider-Man and Men In Black franchises, and shows no signs of slowing down. You will soon be able to see his work reflected in the movies Transformers and Fantastic Four II. Tim took some time out from his busy schedule to talk with us about his time in the industry and his experiences with LightWave 3D.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your history with 3D?
I was working on Men In Black 2, designing the guns. I needed to get many different views for the fabricator and decided that I would save time doing them in 3D. So I built them in Strata.

How were you first introduced to LightWave 3D?
Well I started out using Strata and my friends Darren Dochterman and Steve Burg said “what are you doing? You need to be using LightWave”. They were right... I haven’t looked back since.

What feature of LightWave do you like the most?
I have to be broad and say the over-all power of modeler. Modeling with sub-patch surfaces is limitless.

Are there any plug-ins you use on a regular basis?
Oh yeah, I love FPrime! It changed the way I light and texture, because it’s so interactive. I also love Poz Extender and PShelf textures.

What does being a Illustrator/Concept Artist entail?
Basically sitting down with the director or production designer and going thru the script to discuss what needs to be conceptualized. This can range from specialty props to environments and architecture. Then I’ll do a bunch of rough sketches of ideas and weed thru the ones I want to show. Once we pick a direction, I go into more finished art and build it in LightWave. In many cases, I will also supervise physical construction.

Are there any projects that stand out as favorites or particularly challenging?
I would say Solaris. I am most happy with the look of the movie. The hardware was well researched and it showed. It’s also one of my favorite movies to watch. It’s refreshing to actually use your brain when watching a movie instead of being spoon fed for 2 hours.

What projects are represented in the images we've included in this profile?
The images represent finished concepts from Mission Impossible 3, Stealth, Solaris, Serenity and The ArchiTechs.

Is there a particular "look" that works better for concept presentation?
That's a great question... one that many guys waffle on. It all depends on the director and what he responds to. I've worked for guys that really like a painterly feel to an image and on the next movie I may be working with someone who can't grasp a design unless it's in 3D and moving. Both ways are valuable and both have their place in pre-production.

How much are others production members involved in your design process?
Another great question. Again it depends on the show. The director will always have input and final say. Some are more involved and some just want you to come up with something cool and run with it. The production designer can be heavily involved in the process too. Again, it just depends on the person and what point I start working on the movie. In many cases I get a call during development so I work away and usually show stuff to the director once a week for feedback. If there is a brand name involved then there is great consideration for that also and usually input from that company.

Does a franchise with an established look differ from work on a single feature?
It depends on the project. Sometimes on a franchise or sequel they will want to create a different look so it's like starting from scratch. In the other cases, it is easier... you just take design themes from before.

Does your work ever involve producing animation, or strictly stills?
I produce animations 80% of the time. It's such a great way to showcase an idea and always gets a big reaction.

Does your work for concept presentations ever make it into film use?
Yes. For instance, I finished a show called The ArchiTechs in which mine and Darren Dochterman's designs and animations are in the show to explain the ideas. In most cases my models will go to the effects company and they will add to or rebuild the design using my models as the template.

Are you ever involved in the development of licensed merchandise for a film?
Not really... toy companies come in during the design process so they can get a jump. I will supply them with my models and artwork, but it ends there.

How has LightWave affected the way you work?
LightWave has played a huge role in many ways for me. It forces me to think through a design from the outset which makes it easier to execute later. It is also the best tool for selling a design concept. Once the design is textured and animated it has a great visual impact.

How has the entertainment industry changed since you entered it?
It’s changed a lot. In my early days we never started a movie without a finished script. Now it’s rare that the script is finished in pre-production. It’s also more expensive to make movies now so there are budget constraints that effect every aspect of development, pre-production and production.

Has your personal approach to working in 3D changed over time?
It’s changed in the fact that the more I learn, the more I use it. So now, I rely heavily on LightWave and use it on a daily basis. I find it just as useful in the design process as drawing. It has now become as much of a design tool as a pencil.

How does Concept Art compare to more traditional 3D work?
They are two main differences. Traditional 3D work is usually for animation in post... but that too is changing now. The challenge to concept art is being able to come up with designs and imagery that will sell an idea or scene. Development banks on this with the studio. It helps in getting a movie green-lit and nailing down what the over all look and theme is along with helping to budget the film. Traditional 3D is the execution of these ideas.

Do you have any advice for someone new to the 3D industry?
I would have to say to also get some background in design and maybe even illustration. People that work in 3D that are also good artists and designers are incredibly valuable. Anyone can learn the software... Its being able to conceptualize that will separate you.

Do you have any specific advice for artists interested in concept art?
Yes, be able to draw everything well, from figures to environments, hardware etc. To be valuable, you have to be as proficient at period stuff as you are at futuristic or present day.

Do you have a "LightWave tip or trick" others might find helpful?
I’ve found that lighting is easily the most important aspect in achieving successful scenes and that FPrime is so interactive that it has changed the way I light. This is more of a process than a tip but I found it helpful.

What's next for Tim Flattery?
I just finished Transformers and Fantastic 4 Two. I am in talks now about starting James Cameron's new film Avatar in the next few weeks. Should be fun!!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Tim!

To learn more about Tim Flattery, visit his website:
Jeez, did you see his work for F4? Those costumes are so different from whagt we got.
FF2's Moneca Delain has scored a supporting role in X2 and Superman Returns writer Mike Dougherty's directorial debut horror film TRICK 'r TREAT.Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Brian Cox and Leslie Bibb star, Bryan Singer is producing.


Mike Jahnke and Hugo Morales reveal they're working on FF2 at Frantic Films.They also did SR and X3.

I studied animation at VanArts. From there I went on to work at Rainmaker on Dr Dolittle 3 and had a great time and learned alot. Currently as an animator at Frantic Films in Vancouver, I got to work on Superman Returns, and am now working on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
July 06 to Present Frantic Films Vancouver, BC
Pre-vis on the Fantastic Four 2 Feature film using 3D Studio Max 7 and Maya 7.
TripleF said:
Are you kidding? Rumors? She dated the guy. HELLO, she was in Detroit at the Detroit vs. Yankees game, ya think she was there for the hell of it? They dated. No nothing was concirmed, the pics of her at the Detroit game and the fact that I saw them put the camera on her at the game, that pretty much confirmed that they were seeing each other. Plus, the fact they were seen shopping several times in NYC along with dinner and movies.

Vanessa wasn't at the premiere that I remember, unless she was there as a reporter for ET, now Maria was at the Premiere of course.

Besides, a few pics of people together on a boat doesn't make them friends. It makes one an actress at her premiere, and the other a reporter at the premiere.

Now being seen at baseball games sitting with the wives of the players. Well that certainly confirms something, and it ain't rumors.

but...where are the pictures of them....together :confused:
From The Third Floor:

Three Third Floor artists joined the talented team at Walden Media to help previsualize epic sequences for the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia sequel, Prince Caspian.

The Third Floor delivers its first all CG commercial for FOX Sports. The spot "NFL Returns on Fox" is airing nationwide until the first kick off in September 2006.

Two artists began previz work on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer this week. Director Tim Story is collaborating with The Third Floor team to attack action sequences for the upcoming comic book sequel.
JoLiE_MeNdEz said:
but...where are the pictures of them....together :confused:

I don't have them to post, but there are a few from a poker party in I believe Vegas, as well as a few of them shopping together in New York.

This was really before there was a huge paparazzi blitz on her like there is now. They weren't taking pics of every step she took back then, like they are now.
TripleF said:
I don't have them to post, but there are a few from a poker party in I believe Vegas, as well as a few of them shopping together in New York.

This was really before there was a huge paparazzi blitz on her like there is now. They weren't taking pics of every step she took back then, like they are now.

the thing is i've sort of have this thing in which if a paper says, we hear from a source, or a source of the party told us... something like that i just can't believe until pics are involved.

and i can tell when a photo has been manipped, they really go that far in some tabloids :whatever:
antariksh said:
and she is JMAfan :yay:

Seriously i miss her!!! :csad:

If there really is a god then i hope she will come back to the forums. :yay:

Well according to Jesus there is a God and he should know lol, and why did she leave, I seem to recall her being dissapointed in how hypsters were acting, can some one send and tell her that we are trying to grow up and that we need her to whip us into shape.
Some VERY old news has finally hit Variety.

Gonzalo Menendez Joins Fantastic Four 2
Source: Variety​
January 25, 2007​

Gonzalo Menendez ("CSI: Miami") has joined the cast of Fox's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, reports Variety.

Menendez plays a member of a military contingent led by Andre Braugher, adds the trade.

The sequel, opening June 15, reunites director Tim Story with stars Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Julian McMahon.
They are still hiring


Gonzalo Menendez Joins Fantastic Four 2
Source: Variety
January 25, 2007

Gonzalo Menendez ("CSI: Miami") has joined the cast of Fox's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, reports Variety.

Menendez plays a member of a military contingent led by Andre Braugher, adds the trade.
Yeah I was gonna say that's old news otherwise they'd have to green screen all of his scenes and then add him into the film or something. LOL
Yeah since they've already wrapped it would be kind of difficult to fit him in.:woot: Fox also announced Mei Melancon as Psylocke after filming had ended.

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