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Cast my TT Movie Trilogy


It'll Be Mine, Fella
Jan 13, 2004
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If you require any info on the fils, please ask.

Teen Titans: The Movie

Robin/ Richard Grayson:
Starfire/ Princess Korind'r:
Changeling/ Garfield Logan:
Cyborg/ Victor Stone:
Wonder Girl/ Donna Troy:
Deathstroke the Terminator/ Slade Wilson: Ron Perlman
The Ravager/ Joseph Wilson :
Silias Stone:
Cinderblock: (CGI)

Teen Titans II : The Judas Contract

Alicia Wilson:
Rose Wilson:
Terra/ Tara Markov:

Teen Titans III : Bad Blood

Brother Blood: Hugo Weaving
Title: Tagline: Plot

Teen Titans: The Movie: (No Tagline yet) : Six young heroes unite to protect the futuristic Jump City from evil. After defeating the Ravager, who nearly dies, his father, Deathstroke the Terminator, takes up a personal vendetta against the Titans.

Teen Titans II-The Judas Contract: "Avenge the son, destroy the Titans": The six grow to seven as Terra is inducted. Deathstroke returns and reveals that one of the Titans is a spy. Everyone suspects Raven, but when the traitor and Deathstroke launch an all out assault, it'll be up to Nightwing to save the day.

Teen Titans III-Bad Blood: "Their blood shall stain my hands and grant me strength": An unlikely alliance between the Titans and Deathstroke takes form as the evil Brother Blood appears wielding a ressurected Raven.
good ideas but it doesn't need to be a futuristic city. and maybe something connected with jL.
What age range of actors are you wanting for this? 18-20ish?
I should pick people under 21...but this is my dream cast....sue me, it's my pick I know it sucks but so the heck what

Robin-Jake Gylenhall
Starfire-Mischa Barton
Raven-Kristin Kreuk (alternative Scarlett Johannsan)
Cyborg-Unknown, I'm having real trouble thinking of any kid African American with a large athletic frame that's an actor...but I'm sure there's someone out there
Beast Boy-Frankie Munz
Aqualad-Joesph Gordon Levitt
Terra-Emille De Raven
Slade/Deathstroke-Guy Pearce

That's my picks, those are my choices, I know some of you may cringe and think that's crap but sue me, I'm sticking with it
Sean Connery would make a kick ass Deathstroke, but Ron Perlman really captured the spirit on the show, plus he's already proved himself an action star. (Blade II, Alien: Ressurection, Hellboy)
If I were to cast, I'd pick actors in their mid-late twenties, which is the age the original Titans are supposed to be in the current Dc timeline. Tom Cruise? Isn't he over forty now? Starfire would be the hardest to cast; there's just not many 6'3 women on this planet.
They don't nessessarily have to be accurate. Look at Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. Brucey is more built and taller.
King Ruler said:
They don't nessessarily have to be accurate. Look at Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. Brucey is more built and taller.

I always use the Keaton Theory when I debate or justify certain casting calls :)
ron pearlman is a bad choice for deathstroke but guy pierce is a great choice.

Brother Blood - Kevin Alexander Clark , the drummer guy from School of Rock
(Okay I changed my mind, maybe Ravager?)
*He has attitude, quite enough to give the bad boy effect on Blood*

Nightwing - Joseph Gordon Levitt

*No more comments on him, let's just say he just looks good as Nites on screen*

Starfire - Kristin Kreuk, Smallville
* well.....she's better as a heroine, not some supporting actress for some other hero! *

Changeling- Justin Berfield, Malcolm in the Middle
* no comment *
Apart from Nightwing and Starfire I dont even know who the other characters are that you listed (not really into TT) but I like the fact you got Levitt, Berfield and Kreuk
You can hate my cast or like my cast,either way if you hate it sue me.

Nightwing-Jospeh Gordon Levett
Robin-Kevin Alexander Clark
Starfire-Deviegh Chase
Cyborg-Lee Thompson Young
Beast Boy-Scott Terra
Raven-Kristen Stewart or Emily Browning
Speedy-Brady Corbet
Aqualad-Robert Vito
Bumble Bee-Jennifer Freeman
Argent-Stephanie Leondias
Jericho-Haley Jole Osment
Ravanger 1-Erik Knudsen
Ravanger 2(Rose)-Emmy Rossum
Blackfire-Lindsay Haun
Terra-Evanna Lynch
Deathstroke-Kiefer Sutherland or Jean Reno or Vin Diesel(with his Riddick voice but no Hollow acting)
Brother Blood-Tim Roth
Dr. Light-Adrien Brody
Trigon(Voice)-Vincent D'Onofrio
Arella-Carrie Anne moss
Mad Mod-Stephen Rea
Superboy-Colton James
Wondergirl-Hayden Pinattiere
Jericho/Joseph Wilson is very hard to cast. I'm having trouble with Slade though. (I really hate to think Bruce Willis:confused:)
why are you people picking the ugliest people to play Raven?
Robin (Richard Grayson): Jake Gyllenhaal

Wonder Girl (Donna Troy): Katharine McPhee

Starfire (Princess Koriand'r): Kelly Brook

Changeling (Garfield Logan): Elijah Wood

Cyborg (Victor Stone): J. August Richards

Raven: Morena Baccarin

Speedy ( Roy Harper Jr.): Chris Evans
Deathstroke the Terminator (Slade Wilson): Kiefer Sutherland

Blackfire (Komand'r): Famke Janssen

Terra (Tara Markov): Emilie de Ravin

Omen (Lilith Clay): Scarlett Johansson

Brother Blood (Brother Sebastian): Hugo Weaving

Mother Mayhem (May Bennett): Lynda Carter

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