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Characters who've annoyed you


Not lactose, it's milk!
Oct 23, 2002
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Who are some movie characters that have annoyed you so much to the point to where you wanted to jump into the movie and slap/beat them?
the sister in jurassic park, I love that movie, but her constantly screaming during the t rex scene got so annoying, at one point I'm just like "just let the damn thing eat her" lol.
Every character Jesse Eisenberg has played. I really hate that dude.
^I'm the same way but with Michael Cera.
The "there's nothing weird going on, you're crazy!" character in horror movies.
The unseen scientists who created Barakapool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
Shorty in Temple of Doom. I might be the only one but I can't stand the little ****.
Rocco, or whatever his name is, from The Boondock Saints. Hate, hate, hate that character.
Also, Daggett and Foley in Dark Knight Rises.
Pretty much the majority of kids in most films.
You know, I never hated Jar Jar that much. Because the whole movie was bad.

Least he went away after Episode I.
Anakin in Episode 1, 2 and 3!!! :cmad:
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Can we count tv shows? Because I would really like to add Andrea from The Walking Dead.
Pretty much any character played by Chris Tucker.
Also, Daggett and Foley in Dark Knight Rises.

See, that's how I viewed him at first, but then I realized, he was meant to be this unlikeable little **** so when Bane killed him you were glad that he did.
Jack Sparrow after the first Pirates movie. Capt Sparrow's routine gets old real fast after that first film.
Rachel Dawes. There. I said it.

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