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Comics Christmas Present!


Jan 30, 2007
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Guess what? My girlfriend's dad gave me some of his old spidey comics for christmas. :wow: :wow: :wow: I got Amazing Spider-man #74-77 in perfect condition! He is getting them framed for me to put up in my room!
Now THAT's a present... Now make sure you never do something to tick them off... (I wouldn't want the comics to suffer...) The last present I got from my possibly future in-laws was a tie that looked like a piece of rope... I'm starting to think that my girlfriend's parents do not like me...
Yea don't piss off your girlfriend otherwise no present for you :oldrazz:
My girlfriend got me the marvel encyclopedia, and my best friend got me The Long Halloween. It's nice to know my loved ones are taking good care of me.

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