Santa's Grotto, The Christmas Thread.

My tree went up on the first of December.Unlike Americans,we Europeans know Christmas is a religious holiday,as well as a time of cheer.

Since today's Christmas trees have their origins in Pagan and Germanic solstice traditions, perhaps you Europeans need to think long and hard about how much religion goes into your religious celebrations of Christmas. ;)

I think our tree went up Nov 17th this year, we were actually late this year. Tomorrow is when my outside lights go up. If I never post in this thread again then you'll know a very bad, but probably funny ladder accident did me in.
Anyone recieve any early Christmas gifts yet?

Just asking because tonight at church, I was chatting with my friend Robert. We spoke about our respective plans (tree, lights, shopping, etc.), and I then realized my folks were probably waiting. As always, I was about to shake his hand good-bye...when he handed me a present, completely out of the blue. It was a 1/2 scale replica of Anakin Skywalker's "Revenge of the Sith" lightsaber! After my smile calmed down a bit, I thanked him, and then said, "I gotta think extra hard about what to do for you now!", because he's among the few people I haven't shopped for yet.

Anyways, I don't have a scanner anymore, so here's a pic of the "Star Wars" prop from the Internet. I'm still psyched over it, not to mention thankful.

Yeah, so this past year or so I developed an interest in electric trains and right in the midst of my obsessions of The Polar Express I come across this. But if you love me like you say you love me you'll buy it for me. :mad: :heart: :rolleyes:
Well, damn I know it's a little pricey, but if you get your pennies together I believe you can make my dreams come true.
It really is beautiful. :woot:
I got my present this year already. Well, the big one.

46" DLP HDTV Samsung from Best Buy.

For the rest, money. :o
We'll put the tree up sometime this week....heck, maybe tomorrow. My wife usually likes to put it up right after Thanksgiving (we do one holiday at a time)....but since our daughter's birthday is December 7th....we decided no tree or any Christmas decorations up until after her Birthday Party. Seperate the events and all that.
Still no tree or lights up at my house.
Fran™;13470083 said:
I got my present this year already. Well, the big one.

46" DLP HDTV Samsung from Best Buy.

For the rest, money. :o
[BLACKOUT]Note to self, find where Fran lives and steal his TV.[/BLACKOUT] :ninja:
speaking of Grotto...some bum workers(fellow bell ringers) for the salvation army were confused on what a grotto was(cuz it was on a gift bag design)...and they thought it meant Santas Ghetto and stuff...its hilarious seeing idiots stuff that doesnt matter
just thought id share lol
No idea why not really....parents havent done it:huh:
Tree is finally (slowly) going up. It's a fake one so I got time lol
There, tree and lights are all up. 4 days till the big 2-5 :(

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