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Cobra Commander's Voice...


Sep 10, 2004
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Cobra Commander, much like Starscream, was voiced by Chris Latta. He gave him a distinct voice, shrill in tone, for which he is remembered. Much like Starscream, most voice actors who have reprised the role have attempted, in some measure to replicate the voice. So what should be done about this. Are their any celebrities capable of pulling off his distinct tone. Or should they totally avoid this and reinvent that aspect entirely.
I bet the SpongeBob guy could do it justice in the shrilly style. :o

I think a deeper more raspy voice might be cool. Maybe like the Sigma 6 CC.
Awesome. You can get hired to dub JGL's voice. :up:
Are we even getting a CC in this movie :(
Awesome. You can get hired to dub JGL's voice. :up:
Haha, yeah maybe. It's funny because I have a deep voice that people say is kinda Harrison Ford-ish so the impersonation is entirely unexpected when I do it.

It's Starscream and Ian McKellen who are my two best.
I doubt JGL, if he is CC, will speak in as shrill a tone as Latta did. But the raspy delivery CC has in Sigma 6, which harkens to Latta's performance without copying it, is more likely, IMHO.
It'd be kinda cool if JGL got into some sort of accident as a Joe that left him disfigured and f**ked up his vocal chords. That would explain the reason for the mask, the shrill voice and the overall hatred of all things Joe.

Maybe his real origin was something to that effect, but I don't know.
As with Starscream I really wish Chris Latta was alive. That voice was amazing :wow:
I think in in animated world, his voice works. But for a live action movie, it might seem too over the top. I wouldn't mind a raspy voice, but maybe a bit quieter, and calculating. But I think whichever actor gets the part, they'll just use their own voice.
I don't want something too close to the cartoon, that would be too cartoonish. It will all depend of who is cast, if someone is cast. It's like for Joker: he had a distinctive voice in the TAS, but his voice in TDK will be different.
All you need is to piece together cound clips of him yelling Cobra, and other lines from the old cartoon, like they did with Chef when they killed him off of Southpark. :D
The guy that does SpongeBob is the guy that does Starscream in the new Transformers Animated cartoon. He pulls it off pretty well.

And if I remember correctly, the guy who did Starscream in the movie, did Buster Bunny's voice on Tiny Toons. He didn't do a bad job in the movie either.

I agree, his voice is very cartoonish, and could come off as corny in live action. But it's very distinct for his character. I'm not a huge Joe fan, so I'm not going to get too upset with it, but I do have that same fear if they every bring Skeletor to the big screen. He's another distinct voice that might not translate well to live action.
Are we even getting a CC in this movie :(

Everything I've read says that Destro is the main villain for the first movie. Hopefully he is included in some fashion.
Everything I've read says that Destro is the main villain for the first movie. Hopefully he is included in some fashion.

Since this is going to be trilogy my guess is we will get some Cobra Commander in the first film. I predict that the second film will be the Cobra Commander movie. The finale, will likely include Cobra Commander but not as much as in Part 2 but more than in Part 3. Part 3 should likely be more about big battle scenes, and final fights between Snake/Storm and Duke/Commander.
I always thought Mark Hamill would make the perfect Cobra Commander:yay:
As long as it's not TOTAL camp...

I just wonder if CC will even be included from what I hear?

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