COD4 design a map competition.

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May 1, 2003
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God forbid anyone should use a forum to discuss things.
:whatever: :whatever: :whatever: :whatever: :whatever: :whatever: :whatever:

Wow, lets try this again then.

Infinity Ward are asking for pepole to go map design crazy. Download the map editor for the PC version then submit your maps. IW will then be taking the best and using them in their map packs for all versions of the game.
This place really sucks these days. What Matt thinks he's achieving by locking some of these threads I'll never know. This area of the hype used to be so good until he decided it was a "Lawless wasteland", like it was a serious problem or something.
By making us strictly talk about only video games, and we have to agree with eachother on that?

Uh-oh, deviated from the thread's purpose, sorry Mentoes, this thread is gone. :(
No other Forum on this site demands everyone get along, and I'm pretty sure topic discussions change after a few pages in other threads as well. I don't know why the mods see us as some kind of threat. We're just ordinary people having ordinary discussions.
Because most of the mods (like Matt) don't see this place as just an internet forum, they see it as a way of life, like its there duty to protect this sacred land. Because this is essentially a friendly forum where we can have a go at each other knowing that there's no hard feelings, the mods think we just run around in here, flashing our ***** or something.

At the end of the day, we're not hurting anyone, and Matt's description of this place being a "lawless wasteland" just shows that he, like the rest of the mods is taking it far too seriously.
Yeah, but put a situation like ours into another forum and the mods would be more understanding. The Games Forum has gone through multiple mod harvests, the last one costing us a few highly contributing posters permanently.

Heck, even when Matt was appointed "Mod of the Games Forum" he told us his orders were "shoot to kill". I promise you no other Forum Mod has been told that.
I bet that threads in the community forum are a lot worse, a LOT worse.
I know Morg's had worse done to him than what Freeman said. I guess we make easy targets.
I wonder how long it will take until this thread will be locked and closed too.
Chances are Matt doesn't even know what CoD4 stands for.
I'm frankly more concerned with the "we're not discussing this" i.e. "I will just delete this forum out of ignorance" issue.
It's ridiculous how the Games forum is turning from a "gamer discussion message board" into some kind of monitored conference or seminar where even the slightest off-topic comment is severely penalized. :down:

I say we start giving the mods a headache now by hunting all the Hype forums (ESPECIALLY Community) for "off-topic" threads and constantly reporting them. If they act even half as fascist as they do here, they might as well close down the entire hype. :rolleyes:
What the **** does "Lounge" mean if it includes talking about videogames?

God, even when we follow the rules these guys are pissed at us.
I have to say, them closing every thread is a lot more effective than banning a few of us. Something no one can really do a damn thing about.
So, how long until we kiss this thread goodbye?
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