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Jun 9, 2004
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Out of GPA, SAT and Extracurlicular Activities what do you believe is the percentage of each of these that colleges care about? ex:

SAT 30%
GPA 40%
EC 30%
I guess it would depend on the college.
Please Kab, your being modest. It's more like 1,0000,000000000%.
GPA .5%
SAT .5%
EA 4%
Coloring Skills 95%

Make sure you can color in the lines!
Each college has its own priorities. When you're researching colleges, check their admissions policies. They're almost always listed somewhere in the admissions sections. Some schools don't even take SAT scores anymore (because they're mostly worthless). There are also various other things that factor in at many schools, like personal statements and good interviews.

Find a school whose admissions policies match your strong(er?) suits.
SAT meant a huge deal, at least in my book... you need to have it all balanced out... I mean getting a solid GPA should lead you to a solid enough SAT if you prepare well, it's a dead easy exam... it really is.. at least when I took it, now i'm sure things are much different and it's much harder, but it wasn't really a sweat at all.

Again, there's no magic proportion, get everything right, from sports, to extracirriculars to grades to SAT... and be sure not to be like these other idiots who joined everything and wrote it all down... do like 2-3 things DAMN well... that's what counts... i did many things but always scored high in each one or always took more than enough responsibility and that showed... so keep that in mind.
It varies on the college. What you should be thinking about is the average GPA, SAT, and EC scores are of your top choices.
Gamma Ray said:
GPA .5%
SAT .5%
EA 4%
Coloring Skills 95%

Make sure you can color in the lines!

IF only that were true......:o
Kable24 said:
100% of your money!!

this is REALLY what they care about, honestly.

but they look a lot at SAT/ACT in terms of getting in in the first place, H.S. EA mean almost ZILCH (that's way overhyped), and GPA can play a major role for you if you've got low SAT/ACT scores.

2. GPA (but sometimes interchangable w/1)

...and not even 3 (EA), unless you're planning on playing college sports
**** College College sucks!!!!!!

*sorry its exam time and im failing two classes
On a related subject, is it me or is the College Board Satan in disguise? Between PSAT's, SAT's, SAT II's, reporting those scores, financial aid applications, AP exams, etc., I've probably given them 3 or 4 hundred dollars over the last couple of years. Bloody monopoly on the application process.

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