Computer won't start?


Jun 29, 2011
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Right, so this morning, I was using my computer, and it was working the same as always, but then it crashed and I was forced to use a hard shut down. I expected to have to start in in safe mode, but when I tried this, it would load some files, but then freeze, with it making a clicking noise every few seconds. I used a hard shut down again, and when it tried starting up it said it needed a disk check, then got to 9% before freezing and making the same noise. After another hard shut down, I tried skipping the disk check and starting in safe mode, and I tried just starting it normally. It seemed to be working, but after putting my password in it just froze on the welcome screen. It's on vista, and is about 4 or 5 years old. Is there anything anyone can recommend to fix it?
It sounds like a bad hard drive to me. You should take it to a professional and get it checked out. Hopefully they can recover all of your files.
^^I agree, it sounds like a bad hard drive. The clicking is most likely coming from the inside of the drive and it also explains why it crashes when it loads only the essential files needed to start in safe mode.

You may need to replace the drive because I doubt any diagnostic software from the drive manufacturer will help. You can try and have somebody that knows what they're doing physically work on the drive and recover the data but that's gonna cost you $$$ unless they owe you a favor.
Yep, I agree with the above two. Your HDD is hosed, my friend. Like Kal said, take it somewhere to see about having files recovered, because you are going to have to buy a new HDD.

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