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Aug 4, 2003
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I would like to welcome everyone to the "Contest of Marvels" tournament. Some time ago I did an open enrollment for a tournament and I am very pleased with how many of you came to join. It's been fun preparing for the tournament and here it is. I, JewishHobbit, am in charge and will be the iron fist and ultimate voice behind this tournament, however my number 1 man and now Co-Leader will be Phaedrus45. It will be he who posts the new matches and keeps the order of matches in each thread organized. So if there are any questions, debates, etc. You may ask either he or I. Now on to the rules of the game!!!



1) The first rule is simply this, this is a gentleman's game. I will tolerate debate but I will not tolerate rudeness or any form of belittling. Everything is to be kept cordial or I WILL be forced to act. If there is anyone being a jerk to you please do not retaliate with more of the same, bring it to my attention and I will deal with it.

2) ALL SPAMMING IS TO BE KEPT AT A MINIMAL!!! This was one of the two rules I was promised to maintain by the higher ups and I will be firm on this. General conversation in the threads is fine as long as it doesn't stray too far away from topic. All general conversation off topic can continue over in the discussion thread here.

3) And I am sorry but all team rosters have been filled. No one else may join in on this tournament though I would like to hear your opinions and see your votes when the time for voting comes. Who knows, if a person drops out I may be inclined to find a replacement and you may be it!

How To Play

1) Each week there will be 16 matches posted from the Marvel Round Robin Tournament. For the matches where you have a character participating you may debate for your character however you like. Be as creative as you wish, whether it be writing a story, drawing a picture, quoting comic appearances, or by just gabbing your jaw! You will be trying to convince everyone why they should vote for your character to advance in the tournament,.. do a good job of convincing them. And remember, sometimes it takes the tiniest fish in the pond to take out the largest shark, don't get discouraged!

2) Soon after there will be a time for voting. When either Phaed or I give the okay to start voting you will post who you think will win in each match. You MUST vote for every match in the thread for your vote to count at all. You may vote on whatever criteria that you may,.. I simply ask that you vote fairly and not on personal vendetas. The only obvious Bias voting I'll tolerate is if it's simply to advance your own character in some way as it's part of the game. I will not tolerate personal vendetas against fellow posters. This is a gentleman's game and I expect you all to be good sportsmen. Also note that any votes that are cast prior to the proper time for voting will not count.

3) When voting is over Phaed or I will add up all votes. The characters with the highest vote counts in each match will advance to the next round as those with the lower counts are eliminated from the tournament. This will continue on down the tournament until we have that one final champion!!

4) There is a reward in this tournament. It was originally going to be copies of Amazing Spiderman 121 and 122 but do to personal reasons I had to sell those on ebay (to make money to pay bills to the baby doctor to be specific). However Phaed has offered a collection of his own comics as the prize. We will learn what those are as time goes on. The one who owns the character that wins the whole tournament will get the prizes,.. there will be no 2nd or 3rd place.

Weekly Schedual

1) The new matches will be posted by Phaed on Friday nights (around midnight Phaed's time). You may begin debating as you like as soon as you see the matches posted.

2) Voting will begin on Tuesday around noon-time. All voting may now be posted and any voting prior to this will not be counted. Debating may continue beyond this point if the players wish to do so.

3) Voting will end on Thursday around noon-time, thus ending the match. This is when the votes are talleyed and the winners proclaimed. Conversation may continue after this but it is to all be in good conduct!

4) There will be two days of rest and the next Friday Phaed will post the next matches and it will all begin anew. By this time there should be little to no mention of the previous matches in these threads. Any continued discussion can be carried over to the recruitment thread as stated earlier.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! I hope you all enjoy yourself. I will be watching You! As soon as Phaed gets the first matches up I declare this tournament a go!!!!

Bracket 1
Bracket 2
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When debating I ask that you please do something to make your post stand out. This will help the voters skim through the thread looking for the defenses of each match. This is for all of us, please do this.


Bugs Bunny Vs Elmer Fudd

Explanation of why you'd win

Winner - Bugs Bunny

Now you don't have to do it this way but in just some fashion where it's easy to find when skimming the thread.
Phaedrus45 said:

Match 2

Goblin Queen (BLAZE) bio



Radius bio
Really don't think I have to debate this one too much as it's a no brainer. Radius' FF aren't going to do jack against the Goblin Queen's mental powers. One quick psi-blast and Radius is turned into Vegetable Man. :o
Phaedrus45 said:

Match 1:

Diablo (BLAZE) bio



Doctor Octopus (POWDERMAN) bio

Ock is a great character, but still, I don't see him taking out Diablo.
Diablo is an alchemical master who's been around for over a hundred years. He's taken on the Fantastic Four multiple times, as well as the Avengers. He has powders and potions that can do an array of different things, from transmutation, invisibility, teleportation, etc. It would be simple for him to create a alchemical powder or potion to melt Ock's tentacles or what not. Hell, he more than likely has a few alchemical acids on his person anyway; he basically is like Batman in the sense that he keeps his bases covered with a wide range of powders, potions, and what not on his person at all times. Even still, Ock is just a regular human, and one good blow would take him down for the count.
I see Ock holding his own for a few, but, when Diablo wants to end it, it's over.
Johnny Blaze said:
Really don't think I have to debate this one too much as it's a no brainer. Radius' FF aren't going to do jack against the Goblin Queen's mental powers. One quick psi-blast and Radius is turned into Vegetable Man. :o

Man, I forgot that with the prep time, Goblin Queen original took over this same local, New York City. This match-up location is made for her, because she's done it all before.

Let's see if anyone can come up with a way that Radius can take her out.
Diablo vs Doctor Octopus

Doc Ock has been one of Spiderman's most fiersome foes. Not only has he taken on Spiderman he has also beaten him on many occasions. ie Spiderman 18 (Revenge of The Sinister Six)
Although most people know him for his tentacles, he is also the worlds leading authority on Nuclear Radiation and is a bona-fide genius. He was the Master Planner, he has assembled the Sinister six, has betrayed and dismantled them, and he's a brillaint engineer and inventor.

Although without the tentacles he is simply a criminal mastermind, however without his potions Diablo is simply a man without any superpowers.

Diablo's attempt to throw any potions towards Doc can be taken care of by many different manners:

1.DEFLECTION He can deflect it with any debris that Doc could find around him, either bringing up something to shield himself, or he could throw something to stop the potion from coming towards the Doc.

2. AVOIDANCE He could also avoid any attempts to throw anything in his direction, he is able to avoid Spiderman's quickness and agility so it would be simple for him to avoid a superpowerless opponent's throw. His tentacles can make him travel 50 mph.

3. COUNTER ACTION When Diablo throws his capsule or potion Doc could use his tentacles to generate winds that could blow it right back to Diablo.

Now Offensive

1. AGGRESIVE ATTACK Doc ock's tentacles can travel speeds of 90 mph so it could be ended quickly all he has to do is get one tentacle to stab through him, grab his head and crush it, grab his arms and legs and rip them off in different directions.

2. STRATEGIC ATTACK Doc's strategy has always been to attack in different directions. Even IF Diablo managed to throw a potion and IF it actually connects and hits one of Doc's tentacles, that's only 1 of 4 tentacles. When he is concentrating on that one tentacle there are 3 others that have ripped him to pieces. As well even he melts a portion of his tentacle, he could still use the rest of the tentacle to project though him.

3. DISTANCE ATTACK IF he chooses not to come close to Diablo he could throw large objects because each tentacle can lift 3 tons and keep throwing large objects until it connects and squishes him. Even if Diablo uses his potions to stop these objects, Doc Ock can keep throwing whatever is available until Diablo runs out of effective potions to use. As well Doc's tentacles can reach 24 feet each that's 48 feet in wingspan.

My Votes Go To:
Stepford Cuckoos
Goblin Queen

(normally I'll vote last when I close the matches, but for this week I'll vote first so all can see what I mean by voting)
Stepford Cuckoos
Dr. Octopus
Goblin Queen
Goblin Queen
Stepford Cuckoos
Dr. Octopus
Goblin Queen
Stepford Cuckoos
Dr. Octopus
Stepford Cuckoos
Doc Octopus
Goblin Queen

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