Contest of Marvels: Avengers vs. X-Men... Gaging Interest!


Aug 4, 2003
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I don't know if I really have time to do one of these again but I've been feeling the itch! So I thought I'd just gage if there'd be any interest in starting a 3rd season of Contest of Marvels (the previous 3rd season fizzled quickly and didn't finish so I don't count it).

It's been a while so for those of you who are unfamiliar, Contest of Marvels is a tournament that Phaedrus45 and I ran that divied up 256 characters to however many people wanted to play and then we'd have weekly debates. We'd have a set number of matches per week and when one of your characters came up you'd debate with your opponant as to why your character would win. People vote on who they think would advance based on debates. The winning character moves on in the tournament and the losing character is eliminated. We did this in a bracket format until only one character remained... and his/her owner was declared the champion!

This season would be different though. It would be themed! AvX just wrapped up and, love it or hate it, it got me thinking... who really would win? Remove the bad characterisations, plot devices, and Phoenix.... who would stand victorious if we put the modern X-Men against the modern Avengers?

I've compiled a list of 128 characters (64 X-Characters and 64 Avengers Characters) all of whom are active or were recently active at the beginning of AvX. The set up would be that I'd split the players into two groups, one X-Men and one Avengers. I'd then divy up the players among those two teams. I'd draw the first round matches (all X-Men versus Avengers) from a hat. When that round is finished I'd redraw the second round matching Avengers and X-Men together and would continue doing this every round until only one character remains. Yes, there would be X-Men vs X-Men and Avengers vs Avengers but the goal is to keep those as minimal as possible. I have other ideas for special rules but those are being tweeked. Example: Characters who balance the line between Avengers and X-Men (Wolverine, Beast, X-23, Quicksilver, Storm) can fight either an Avenger or an X-Man depending on the draw.

Anyhow... just seeing if we have enough people who'd want to play to start another season.

Since my time is more limited I'd always love a co-host and since Phaedrus has been my trusty #2 in the previous seasons he gets first chance.

Let me know what you think.
I also have a few ideas about making this a completely new game with new rules but it's still a work in progress. I might go that route as well instead of a Contest of Marvels, but either way, I have to know if people want to play first.
Sounds fun. I probably wouldn't be very good at it, but I'm game.

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