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World costume pattern?


Sep 18, 2003
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I tried making a spider-man costume a while ago which has sorta been ok, it was made out of an old sheet. Anyway I have now decided I want to make a more realistic one and I saw the thread about costumes here. Basically whoever has made a costume have you got a pattern for it? I had a ngihtmare making the mask before so I wanan know how you guys made the mask.I think all the other bits i'll be ok with. But basically a step by step guide as to how you lot made one would help me a lot and maybe give me some other ideas as to how to make mine better. Can anyone help?
Yeah, I'd love to know some basic patterns for the gloves and mask. It's hell trying to get the gloves and mask to fit well without any bad sags or folds.

Send me your e-mail, I have a pattern you can modify and use.
Just do it the long way, draw the pattern.
Originally posted by Jspider13
Just do it the long way, draw the pattern.

... Eh? I think we're talking about the outlines to sew together the costume and stuff, not the webbing.
Seems this thread has been deadified for 3 years, but I have been trying to find the same thing. I was thinking about getting one of the patterns on cd on ebay and tryign to modify it to just be the outline and have a printer put it on paper, but I'm not sure if it's possible or worthwhile.
How does everyone else do their patterns for their suits?
severdcon. Don't bother buying one of the pattern cd's on ebay. I bought one and could not change the coloring without losing the webbing and brick patterns. Your best bet is if you know someone that has the pattern which they made themselves, that way you can take the pattern in sections to make the black spiderman costume.
I've been looking for the same thing. I know people put ALOT of hard work in these, but isn't there a basic one with just the webbing to go by. I can do bricks and shading by myself.

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