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Yeah, should still be out by next year. I've oddly seen people argue that they should push this til 2025 so there can be a long wait between anything that isn't Joker 2 and Legacy

I don't think people are gonna skip on Legacy bc CC came out a year prior or 3 months prior lol Joker 2 will be a pretty hefty palette cleanser and will probably come out after CC anyway
I wonder if Gunn introduced any Of the DCU heroes or Villains through this show, on Paper you wouldn't expect Hawkgirl, Metamorpho, Mister Terrific or Guy Gardner to be in a Superman film so maybe he sneaks in a few otherwise separate characters like he tends to do with His CBM projects.
I look forward to the completely sane reactions that fandom will have over a former co-star of Cavill’s potentially being a part of the new DCU.
They hired her but not him?! There's no correlation there but I'm mad!
Looking forward to it. Looks like quirky fun.
I think people are putting a little too much stock into this being the “first” DCU project. For all intents and purposes, things are really kicking off with Superman, as that is undoubtedly going to garner the most attention.
Yeah, I don't think Creature Commando is really the "first" DCU project either.

It seems that Gunn was already well advanced in the development of this series when he was promoted to the head of the DC studio. I guess, just like his Suicide Squad movie, this project was independent enough from everything else to live outside the DCEU and now be tied to something else. I have no doubt that there will be story elements that will be developed later in the new films, but I think this will be due more to the fact that Gunn now has the opportunity to expand his vision than to the fact that this series would really have been envisioned as a starting point from the get go.

And frankly, Gunn's claim that Creature Commando comes first but that Superman: Legacy will mark "the true beginning of the DCU" just seems like a corporate way of saying that the series is somehow being repurposed along the way (which isn't to say it's a bad decision).

At least, that's my take on it.
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I think people are putting a little too much stock into this being the “first” DCU project.

I mean that's kind of inevitable when Gunn is saying it's part of the DCU

Remains to be seen how important this show will be to the DCU's overall meta narrative (assuming it even has a meta narrative). Might end up introducing a bunch of major plot elements that make it important for future rewatches of the DCU as a whole, or it might never be referenced again at all. Who knows.

Yves Balak as supervising director is really interesting. That guy is quite huge in the French animation game (and is actually from my region...which is cool ahah).
It's a pretty fair bet that this series will be very different from what DC Animation usually produces.
I'm pretty excited for this, if only because it's the start of the DCU. Feels like the start of the hype train for me, so hopefully it sticks the landing and gets people excited.

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