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Aug 26, 2005
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Hello ALL! Welcome to the uber new thread, Daily Diaries. This is recording of just what hard-core X-fans do everyday in preparation for the movie, because of the movie, and general stuff that has nothing to DO with the movie...y'all know what movie I'm talking about, don't you?


Monday, October 31, 2005

Dear diary,

Today I swallowed a accident, WOLVIE! Get over it.

Back to the point. After that enlightening slightly nauseating experience, I decided that I must distract myself with my favorite pasttime, the Hype. So I arrive and what do I find? A new thread...about Gambit and his apparent picture. I take a peeksy and find it to be a hoax. Pain, suffering, all this and more awaits for the jerk who put it up. Why must they tease me like that?

After getting over my heart break, I move on to the off-topic thread, a virtual who's who of posters. I don't spend much time there, prefering to check up on other threads. I take a look through all my subscriptions and come upon the thread blaster one. Wow, that one is getting hilarious. They're so inventive, those guys.

Back to the convo, after an informative conversation in Off-topic about which online shopping site was the best, I moved on from the site and am doing what I do every night...reading adultfanfiction...growl...I loves me some Romy.

FYI I totally DLed sixteen Garbage songs while I did that.


This is my harem:
and JP!
My SHH husband is Cookiva
i basically sat all day in my house staring at the ceiling.......thanks all to hurricane wilma!

finally when i got power after 6 days and becoming sane again, i turned on my computer and BAM! my power goes out.........5 hours later power comes back on and all the lights turn on

(only to reveal my dead corpse killed by boredom)
Why not.

October 31st -

Today I woke up studied for my test in my computer class. Took about 5 hours for that. I got a perfect score and am happy. Then I came home to find that all the stupid little tricker treaters were out and about way earlier than I expected. So I run into the house to get all the candy ready cause everyone leaves that stuff for me to give out. So I saw some quit kids and their costumes and gave out a boat load of candy cause it seems we have a million children in this neighborhood. Then I opened up a letter from the County clerks office saying they might suspend my license because I didn't pay a ticket and didn't attend traffic school which is total nonsense cause I paid the ticket and went to stupid traffic school. So I have to go and waste time sometime this week and clear up this crappy situation. *sighs* And now I'm here because the Hype is a cool place to come except it's been way to slow lately. That's my day in a nutshell. *sighs*
Thank you guys for replying...I'm happy...Wolverine didn't mention the bug thing once...

See? I had no idea Wolverine lived in the Southern parts of the United States. I'm learning things about you guys. And in turn, others are learning things as well. All X-fans are varied and unique. This is the perfect way to get into the inner thoughts of each other.

Wow...I'm deep tonight.

halloween SUCKED: south florida has an 8:00-6:00 am electricty...
plus all halloween events were cancelled because of the storm!

plus halloween was dying anyways in florida.........i only had one kid knock on my door
...i laughed,....that poor kid
XW-I remember last year in Miami no one knocked but here in Lakeland...geez. My mom bought like 3 big bags of candy and it all went! I didn't know there were so many kids around here. Agh!
Dude...that was's raining here in St. Louis so no trick or treaters...I gorged on candy.
PS...always nice to take candy from strangers.
Coldqueen said:
Dude...that was's raining here in St. Louis so no trick or treaters...I gorged on candy.

kids know better here in these parts of miami to trick or treat........

halloween is dead here... :(

you would laugh to if a kid knocked on your door asking for candy during a natural disaster..
Coldqueen said:
PS...always nice to take candy from strangers.

:eek: thats againts halloween rules!........

where else would you get them from???
LOL...dude...I live in a bad neighborhood...we answer the door in bullet proof vests and with the chain on...candy is thrust through the mail slot...
LOL...dang...that's some ghetto trick or treating...getting candy through the mail slot. lol.
Coldqueen said:
LOL...dude...I live in a bad neighborhood...we answer the door in bullet proof vests and with the chain on...candy is thrust through the mail slot...

......with the bomb sqaud waiting close by..... and with a bomb squad behind them that takes care of the bombs on the bomb squad in front of them... :D
Actually...more like...metal detectors at every road block to let the kids in my neighborhood are rough...yo butt is getting egged you don't throw out good candy...and egg is HARD TO CLEAN OFF CARS!
Coldqueen, I never thought Missouri was a rough place. lol.
at least there in the spirit..................

down here all you see is dust falling and tumbleweeds rolling
Most people don't know how rough Missouri is...but you know, Nelly is from my on that!
lol@XW. I guess people go to the malls more now then they used to.
Coldqueen said:
LOL...geez...XW makes my life look good... least now i know i have a purpose in life :( :( :(
Don't be to sure of that Master XW...There is only one Jedi who is the most powerful.

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