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Danny Phantom


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Jun 10, 2006
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Who'd like to see a silver screen adaption of this superhero. He's definitly one of my favorites up there with Hellboy and Batman. There's a nicely varried rogues gallery to work with and some fantastic visuals.

I wrote a treatment for it a few years back. It had a more serious and plausible tone than the cartoon while being faithful to the sPirit of it (pun intended?)
It could work, but only if you make the ghosts a little more scary. Somewhat similar to the Frighteners, but PG-13 level.
I wrote a treatment for it a few years back. It had a more serious and plausible tone than the cartoon while being faithful to the sPirit of it (pun intended?)

Why don't you try to sell it to studio?
Now watch in a couple weeks when Variety reports that Paramount is planning on bringing it to the big screen. With McG directing. :p Hollywood does scan these boards from time to time.
I would like to see this film but who would you guys cast as danny, tucker, and sam?
I already know Gary Oldman is Vlad Masterson.
Bruce Campbell = Jack Fenton

The show was cool at first, but then it just got to teeny-bopper with the rest of Nick. Ah, I miss the days of Rocko, Invader Zim & good Spongebob.
I don't know...Danny Phantom is pretty much just Smallville combined with elements of Beetlejuice. It could work as a movie I guess, but the formulaic "freak of the week" concept would have to be expanded upon.
Yeah it could work, but Nickelodeon wouldnt know what the hell to do with it.
Concept was pretty standard I suppose. Introduce Danny and his friends/family/community. Emphasize on how hard his life sucks. Vlad Masters comes over to help the Fentons build their portal and comes across as a really good guy. Danny turns on the portal and gets his powers just before breaking it. He pretty much uses them to get back at people who made his life miserable and have fun with his friends. He saves a group of hostages and realizes that it might be fun being a superhero as well. The media dubs him "Inviso-Bill"

Vlad learns of Danny's new persona and reveals his twisted plan. Not only did he plan on using the portal to unleash physical manifestations of ghosts into the world, but to rule both realms and--double shocker-- his plan was too use the Portal to give Maddie ghost powers and knock off Jack. Long story short, Vlad unleashes a ton of Ghosts onto the world, Danny has to save everybody, Vlad is destroyed (or is he?) and the movie basically ends with Danny having saved the world from Vlad but continues having to capture and send back ghosts i.e. Reaper or Ghost Rider.

A couple of points I wanted to make, I really wanted to make Danny's life suck between the embarassing family, bullies, a-hole principal and shallow romantic interest.

I want Danny Phantom and all the ghosts to be motion captured CGI in a live action world since it has a quality where it looks human and yet is fluid and frighteningly unnatural.
^I would make sure to get that copyrighted, just in case. :o
It's cool if they steal it. Hell, Fox stole half my ideas for X-Men 3 anyway before they bastardized it.

Little known fact, they got the title "The Last Stand" from me.
I'm thinking have be live action but in a CGI world somewhat sin city, but in color, the black kid from sky high could play tucker, and as said before gary oldman as vlad, if Vlads not the villain have the box ghost
The Ghost King dude to cap off the trilogy. Forgot his name. Fright Knight for the sequel!

I'm sure one could make a trilogy but I'd rather just do one film cuz the sequels will undoubtedly suck.
The first film: Vlad masters / Plasmius and Valerie grey
second film; Skulker
Third film: Walker ( and various other ghosts that have been imprisoned by Danney in the ghost zone)
he would be in three, while Danny is in that ghost zone prison.

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