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Jan 22, 2006
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So JJ Abrams is planning an adaption of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, so let's cast it.

My choice cast:

Roland- Daniel Day Lewis

The man in black- Brad Dourif

Eddie Dean- James Mcavoy

Susanah/Odetta/Detta-Zoe Saldana

Jake- Ed Sanders
For Roland here are two that come to mind that could portray Roland, cant think of who i would choose as the rest of the cast, I need to think a bit more on that.


When it comes to Roland, there can be only one choice.

Yeah, sorry about that... guess I should have said so.

It's not that I think that another actor couldn't play the role, but just going by the "Clint Eastwood" description that King uses in the novels, I can't think of anyone other than Jackman who fits the profile so well (other than Eastwood himself, but he's much too old now). Roland (through much of the story) is older than Jackman, but he could be easily aged with some gray hair dye and a little makeup. The actor playing Roland shouldn't be too old anyway, since he's about Jackman's age at the start of the story, and there are flashbacks to his younger years.
I don't see Brolin as Roland but I could see him as the Man in Black. For some reason I imagined the MIB as Powers Boothe while reading the story but he's too old now probably. But Brolin looks like him, sort of.
Roland- Hugh Jackman
Eddie Dean- Seann William Scott
Sussanh- Zoe Saldana
Roland's father- Kurt Russel
Cort- Gary Busey
Gasher- Kevin J. O'Conner
Jonas- Lance Henriksen
Reynolds-John Glover
Depape-Peter Stormare
What about Dr. House for Roland? I kinda saw the look. I think Eastwood would make a good Callahan. :up:

Has Abrams said if they'll do seven movies? If so, I wonder how they'll tackle the Wolves' weapons without agitating Lucas/the Star Wars camp or the Potter groups? That old guy that played Mulgarath in "The Spiderwick Chronicles" would make a decent human version of the Crimson King.
Some other cast picks of mine...


Eddie Dean- Jonathan Tucker

Susannah - Sanaa Lathan
I havent read the Dark Tower series yet (I do plan to), but I understand that the series is where alot of King's books cross over. So, is the man in black actually Randall Flagg from The Stand, or are they two seperate characters?
Okay, then yes, Brad Dourif would be perfect.
But Crowe's voice would work better for Blaine's weird personality. The trailer for Body of Lies convinced me.

Sadly, he'd probably never agree to such a small part...:(

didnt pick up on any personality from Blaine. it was a machine afterall
I still think it would have a deep, cold voice. A machine trying to be more.
Oh, another important castng decision - Jack Mort. I personally would go with Robert Downey Jr. if possible. Whoever plays Mort would have two play two very different characters: a deranged, middle-aged white collar serial killer and then Roland himself. You need a great actor for that, so I'd go with Downey.
Originally I thought Timothy Olyphant for Jack Mort but now im uncertain. Cillian Murphy or Michael Pitt. Both are certainly creepy looking
Originally I thought Timothy Olyphant for Jack Mort but now im uncertain. Cillian Murphy or Michael Pitt. Both are certainly creepy looking

Yeah, either of them could work, but they'd have to age them quite a bit to appear as the older Mort.
My choices are (but are not limited to...)
Roland- Javier Bardem

Eddie Dean- Jared Leto

Sussannah- Naomie Harris

Walter O'Dim- Daniel Craig

Jake Chambers- an unknown

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