David Fincher/Keanu Reeves’ Chef Project

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Oct 24, 2004
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Remember that item we ran last week — David Fincher to direct Keanu Reeves in a movie about a Chef? We didn’t know much about the project back then, but an anonymous scooper has filled me in.
The Untitled Chef Project is a screenplay by Steven Knight, the screenwriter behind Dirty Pretty Things, Amazing Grace, Eastern Promises, and Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Dennis Lehane adaptation Shutter Island. Apparently the screenplay was featured on the 2007 Black List, a list of screenplays compiled by over 150 executives and assistants. The project is now set up at Paramount. Fincher and the studio recently cleared the air, so this pairing makes sense. So what is the movie about?

“A Michelin-level chef tries to make a comeback from major personal issues. He gathers his old friends together as his ‘dream team’ and ends up falling in love with the newest member of the group.”

I have yet to read the screenplay, but the first page has a unshaven Chef named Adam shouting obscenities in French (subtitled). It seems pretty obvious that Keanu will be playing Adam.

Hmmmmmmm, certainly something a bit different for both of them.
There has to be a twist! Right?
Wow. A new rumoured Fincher project and another rumoured Scorsese project on the same page! As if these guys weren't busy already! :D
The Scorsese project isn't rumored, I believe it's already in post-production.
Disappointed by their choice, it will most likely turn out as another romantic love story :down
Disappointed by their choice, it will most likely turn out as another romantic love story :down

From the director of Se7en and the writer of Eastern Promises? Not likely. This movie will be the balckest comedy from the blackest pit of hell.
this is just what i always wanted from david fincher and keanu reeves. it sounds really exciting .
I managed to read parts of the script and Keanu's character, Adam, is basically a genius Chef from hell. Pretty funny and dark stuff, I hope Fincher really directs it, it would be a great change of pace for both of them.
I'm fascinated with the world of cooking. It's part of my career path, so naturally this sounds like something that would interest me. Plus it's by David Fincher. I'd see it. :up:
I never thought I would see anything that says, "Fincher...Reeves...take on the Chef." That's food poisoning right there.

David, if you can here me...let this one go!
*starts reading article* Woah, another Fincher movie--that sounds good *keeps reading* Woah, Keanu Reeves? *throws computer out the window*
So what, he should do another serial killer movie? At least he's broadening his horizons...

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