The Dark Knight Did you notice?

Logan Howlett

Oct 22, 2005
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Something that I have noticed though is that Nolan has been doing his best to recruit as many top name foreign/european actors as he can for these films, and most of them to play American roles. Lol maybe he doesn't have faith in our good old tabloid exposed American actors :)

I mean so far he has casted,

Christian Bale/Batman: Welsh

Heath Ledger/Joker: Austrailian

Michael Cain/Alfred: British

Rutger Hauer/Earle: Netherlands

Linus Roache/Thomas Wayne: British

Tom Wilkinson/Carmine Falcone: British

Gary Oldman/James Gordon: British

Cillian Murphy/Scarecrow: Irish

Liam Neeson/Ras Al Ghul: Irish

Ken Watanabe/Ras Al Ghul (Fake): Japanese

Now personaly I don't think this is a bad idea. I think that you find people who are much more serious about the theatrical prosses in other countries, as oposed to in America where everyone just wants to be rich in famous. It seems like it is still more of an art form elswhere. What do you think, is there a pattern here and if so is it a good one?
Has anyone else thought about this before? Are most of these people maybe friends with Nolan?
Katie Holmes/Rachel Dawes - American
Maggie Gyllenhaal/Rachel Dawes - American
Morgan Freeman/Lucius Fox - American
Eric Roberts/Sal Maroni - American
Aaron Eckhart/Harvey Dent - American
Mark Boone Junior/Flass - American
Anthony Michael Hall/Reese - American

Did you notice that as well?
Nolan just seeks talent where it is, whatever nationality the actors are from!
And he picked some fine foreign origined actors, because they're no Kevin Costner or Keanu Reeves while trying to get an accent!
(even if I heard Wilkinson's italian accent was fake too much by people from Italia on these boards)
Its been dicussed many times before. I think he just picked who he thought was best for the roles or who he wanted to work with.
I think the cast is perfect. Mix of international and american artists and all of them are solid A-Grade actors aside from Katie Holms who's out of the project now.
Yea I never liked Holms. Again I don't think this is a bad idea by any means, I LOVE THE CAST! I think their awesome and he couldn't have picked better (accept for Holms) But I just found it a little odd that he would have so many foreign actors with many of them playing American parts. I just think there is some sort of connect/reasoning, and alot of it may be linked to our actors not possesing the true desire, not to mention the fact that our celebrities are always in so much damn tabloid trouble.
Yes It's noticed ever since BB Production got green lighted......
Its not deliberate... but either way its a good thing!!
I honestly don't... but what point are you actually trying to make here?
More of just a discussion than an actual point. Theorizing. I just find it very conveinient that even as we head to the second film almost all of the lead roles are headed up by actors from other countries when its an american based project. I personaly think that it was a consious decision for one reason or another made by Nolan. What his reasoning could be I haven't put my finger on yet. I just don't think its as simple as he "picked the best guys for the job" kinda thing, ya know?
I get it, Nolan picked them to say : "Hey Hollywood, look, screw this star machine industry, stop being egocentric and caring only about yourself, there are many ethnicities, different cultures, and all have good experience and background to share." saying this in a casting of an american blockbuster

Interesting, kinda like the whole moral of Fight Club being contradictory with the must-sell the movie itself!

Just theorizing here, as asked, that could be a fun answer...unlikely, but fun!
I remember when Lau was cast there were idiots here complaining about it, that Nolan was wasting his time auditioning actors from so far away when he could just easily grab a local. Anyway that guy's from Hong Kong or Korea or something, I forget, but he's apprantelty pretty famous in his own country. Movies with an international cast generally have a wider appeal that way, they're not percieved as such an absolutely American product. And the fact is today Hollywood is making movies for the world, it's not just amtter of selling tickets in the USA and making money, it's a keystone of Americas cultural imperialism so it's yes it's a very good thing.
U cant really complain about Alfreds character being played by an actual Brit now lol
I dont think it has anything to do with there nationality, I think he just looks at them on talent and availabilty.
I knew it since we heard several casts were signed for BB. Nothing new to me. All move along, people. There nothing to see here!! :p

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