Discussion: Online Piracy, Net Neutrality, Killswitch, and Other Internet Issues II

Perplexity Is Reportedly Letting Its AI Break a Basic Rule of the Internet
Perplexity is in hot water for its AI-generated articles.
Perplexity wants to change how we use the internet, but the AI search startup backed by Jeff Bezos might be breaking its rules to do so. The company appears to be ignoring a widely accepted web standard, the Robots Exclusion Protocol, to scrape parts of the web that operators don’t want to be accessed by bots

President Biden Bans Kaspersky Antivirus Software Over Russia Ties
The cybersecurity firm has 30 days before sales of its software will be blocked.
The United States announced it is banning the sale of antivirus software from the Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs on Thursday, according to a from the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security. Kaspersky’s alleged close ties to the Russian government were found to pose a critical risk. The software’s privileged access to American computer systems could potentially allow Russian actors to steal sensitive information, install malware, or withhold critical updates, sources told Reuters before the official announcement.
To note, The Journal and Edelson conducted the same test for TikTok and Snapchat and found that neither platform recommended sexual videos to the teen accounts they created. The accounts never even saw recommendations for age-inappropriate videos after actively searching for them and following creators that produce them.

The Journal says that Meta's employees identified similar problems in the past, based on undisclosed documents it saw detailing internal research on harmful experiences on Instagram for young teenagers. Meta's safety staff previously conducted the same test and came up with similar results, the publication reports. Company spokesperson Andy Stone shrugged off the report, however, telling The Journal: "This was an artificial experiment that doesn’t match the reality of how teens use Instagram." He added that the company "established an effort to further reduce the volume of sensitive content teens might see on Instagram, and have meaningfully reduced these numbers in the past few months."

Back in January, Meta introduced significant privacy updates related to teen user protection and automatically placed teen users into its most restrictive control settings, which they can't opt out of. The Journals' tests were conducted after those updates rolled out, and it was even able to replicate the results as recently as June. Meta released the updates shortly after The Journal published the results of a previous experiment, wherein it found that Instagram’s Reels would serve "risqué footage of children as well as overtly sexual adult videos" to test accounts that exclusively followed teen and preteen influencers.
Microsoft is 'stealing' your Windows content without permission, it's not just their AI, AI Recall, or telemetry.

Neowin reports that a new installation of Windows 11 automatically turns on the OneDrive folder backup, so your Desktop Pictures, Documents, Music, and Videos directories get uploaded to the cloud without your permission.

If you're stuck with Windows install a third party firewall that disables all outbound internet traffic by default (and whitelist one-by-one the apps you want to connect to the internet) and install a Windows hosts file DNS blocker such as

on your system. (Instructions)

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