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Do you listen to custom music while playing games?


Jul 28, 2010
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I have a ton of music on my hard drives for 360&PS3 and I often listen to them while playing music But mostly for online multiplayer since a lot of games have constant cut-scenes and I like to watch&pay attention to them..Even though I always have subtitles on.

The following are games I currently have&type of music I listen with them..

GTA IV-My whole music But mostly Disco(yes I love funky retro)/Techno and different Rock bands.

Red Dead Redemption-Movie themes such as Back to the Future/Jurassic Park/Indiana Jones/Terminator/Superman/Mission Impossible/Speed and James Bond

WWE All Stars&WWE'13-My whole music But mostly Wrestling Theme songs

Assassins Creed III-300/Lord of the Rings&Star Wars soundtracks

Max Payne 3-Different Rock bands

Batman:Arkham City-Batman 60's TV theme and all Movie themes

Madden NFL'13-Different Rock bands and Hip-Hop

Call of Duty:Black Ops II-Different Rock bands

It pumps me up!
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If I listen to anything while I game, it's usually podcasts. When I do listen to music it tends to be electronic and hip hop.
Only if it's free roam.

Sometimes when I need to release some steam I rampage through Liberty City listening to Slayer.
I listen to pirates of the caribbean music while free roaming in ac3. Lol
Iv done it once and it was the John Williams Superman theme while i was flying around in Superman Returns. Overall i find custom music terribly distracting as the music just keeps playing. It doesnt cut out.
I will for racing games, or if I'm just going around collecting stuff (I've done it a lot with the AC series).
I only listen to music when playing sports games, racing games, party games, etc. It really depends on the game, but in general I don't listen to music when gaming.
If I listen to anything while I game, it's usually podcasts. When I do listen to music it tends to be electronic and hip hop.

Same here. Especially when it's a game that has plenty of sections where I don't necessarily have to pay attention to what I'm doing. For example I've covered an extensive amount of Giant Bomb's early podcasts while grinding through the Tartarus in Persona 3.
Before my television arrived, I played Arkham on the 360 by hooking it up to my computer monitor. However, not having speakers, I had to compensated by playing the scores to Batman and The Dark Knight as I played the game. It was an enjoyable experience.
Man, that sounds like a brilliant idea.
We can hook up the 360 to a computer monitor?
To be clear, I only listen to podcasts and/or music while playing multiplayer by myself or doing something monotonous like grinding for something.
I'm looking forward to playing the 'Alien' theme when I play Dead Space soon :)

But I only listen to those when I already completed the game and I don't need to hear what is happening in the story.
I only listen to music, when im kicking ass in Multiplayer for COD and Halo, but when it comes to doing the solo campaign i turn off my music.

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