Does anyone know about the little girl that can climb like a monkey?


Jun 19, 2003
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A couple of years ago I saw something on TV about this little girl who could climb anything like a monkey (might have been on Ripley's Believe it or Not). They said she was raised with a chimpanzee or something because her parents were researching them and she just developed this uncanny ability to climb... I thought this was cool because its almost a superpower, and it brought up a lot of interesting nature/nurture discussions. Does anyone know what i'm talking about or the girl's name? I cant find the story/video online anywhere.

Is this the girl that had tests done her hands and they discovered she had incredibly/freakishly strong fingers?
yes, i remember that was part of it. Her fingers grew to be longer and than normal and she had incredible grip strength that let her climb things really easily.... i cant find any sory online about it though.
ah yes i recall it was on Discovery channel. Pretty cool about her from what I remember
I think i taped it once, give me a day or so to look(after midnight here) and I'll see if I can find it
i'd love to see this girl scouring rooftops and buldings.
First we have wolf boys and now monkey girls?
i remember that, pretty interesting. the width from the longest point from one of her arms to the other is taller than her.
I hope this girl is not black. It'd really add to a kkk stereotype.

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