Does Anyone Remember "PUNTERS"?


Mar 4, 2005
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does anyone remember "punters"?
they were these programs that you could download and they'd send someone on your buddylist, like, a bazillion im's at once, that would freeze their computer and force them to restart.
i haven't thought about them in literally ten years, and i was trying to find some info on wikipedia, but no luck.

anyone know?
I remember those days...good times until they stopped working
I remember punters. They were very useful in chat rooms when someone was really annoying and you'd just kick him offline...

Then the bastard would report you to AOL and you'd have to call up and apologize to them to get back on AOL. Then you'd just do it all over again until it was boring.

Though the best programs were the credit card number generators that you could use for a few days to get free Internet.

I also remember you could just go into chat rooms and you'd get mass mail's of free games and programs. And, of course, tons of free porn pictures.

The Internet used to kick ass before the general public caught on to it and went and ruined it with their rules and regulations. Mofos. :mad:

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