DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF Z - Eight Player Battle Royale

IMO, the only thing SS4 had going for it was the black hair and red eyes, that was cool. Everything else like the pink fur and tail was awful. I once photshopped SS4 Goku's head onto his regular DBZ body, looked pretty cool.

Yeah, I saw that. Looked really great. Now that would have been an ideal Super Saiyan 4/God.

Anyway, this game looks like your normal Tenkaichi fest, lately those are hit and miss.

There's been no innovation in these games and the little that has been changed has been for the worst.

True. But with the PS4/X180 around the corner, it looks like they decided to throw everything into the game the fans have asked for, before moving on to the new platforms. I really want to see how this shapes up. 4 player co-op and 8 Player Battle Royal could be really fun.
I'm kinda meh on the DBZ thing. The only thing I have to do with it anymore is DBZ abridged. They just started the Android Saga.
The Ultimate Brawl Trailer










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So, I'm kind of curious. This series has been over for awhile, correct? So, what do they do with story mode or whatever, or do they even have that in these games?
The games have a story mode, but as you said, the series has been over for a while, so it's essentially always the same. Though they occasionally throw in What-if scenarios and characters, to spice it up a little. But the majority of the time, you go through the same scenario you played countless times before. Which I honestly don't mind, because the gameplay gets tweaked further and further as well, making it come even closer to capture the crazy action from the series.
Japan Expo 2013 Gameplay Demo
I'd like to see them make a game off of DBZ Abridged.
To be honest, this game doesn't really come across too appealing to me, it's basically an updated version of Dragon Ball Z Legends that came out back on the ps1. I think what hurts the DBZ games is that the series has been done and over with for quite some time. Even with the recent DBZ anime film, that still doesn't hold enough to warrant a game. Each DBZ game that comes out does nothing more than rehash the same story and give you "some" what if battles. I guess there is still a fanbase out there because people are buying them and Atari keeps making them. Some anime out there have the potential to have continuous games, but I think DBZ is one of those games where enough is enough
Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Has What If Scenarios, "Battle Of Gods" Characters

We met with Shuhei Sekii producer of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z during Anime Expo to get more information about the upcoming fighting game. Sekii confirmed the game will have “what if” scenarios like the other Dragon Ball Z games. He wouldn’t detail any scenarios, but during the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z panel, Vegeta’s voice actor hinted that it might be different when Goku and Vegeta meet the first time.

Another scenario made for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has players fight all of Goku’s family – including Bardock.

Missions in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z are shown from the perspective of being good or evil. Villains can team up with heroes in the game, but they won’t be appreciative when good characters share energy or heal them.

Sekii confirmed to Siliconera that there will be characters from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, a movie released in Japan this past March. Super Saiyan God level Goku will be in the game for sure. We asked about Birus and Sekii didn’t say no… so…


Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z’s Four Different Character Types Explained

Instead of making another Budokai or Raging Blast sequel, the Dragon Ball team developed a team based fighting game called, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. You can make a team of four characters or fight in an eight player brawl. To find out more about the four character types, we spoke with Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z producer Shuhei Sekii.

At the end of the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z trailer we saw Super Saiyan God Goku. How much more powerful is God level Goku compared to Super Saiyan Level 3 Goku?

Shuhei Sekii, Producer: Super Saiyan God Goku is a very important character in the movie [Battle of Gods]. In terms of character balance, I am trying to make God Goku a little bit stronger than the other characters, but we are still working on balance.

There are four types of characters and we are putting more focus on the different types and how they work together. I’d say the balance is more like the style in the Naruto games.

Let’s talk about the four different character types. There is the Fighting type, Ki Blast type, Support type, and Interference type.

If the player picks a fighting style character such as Goku or Nappa, they are very good at attacking enemies close up.

Characters that specialize in ranged attacks like Vegeta and Piccolo, they can move quickly, but their attack power is less than a fighting character.

Kid Gohan is an example of a support type character. They can share energy with other players during online battles. These are small characters like Kid Trunks.

The last type, Interference type, is like Krillin when he uses Solar Flare to make sure other characters doesn’t attack his friends. Tien is another Interference type character.

Is Birus from Battle of the Gods in the game?

Well, that’s kind of a secret, but you might see him!

Sekii stressed Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is really about the four different character types and players will be able to make teams of four when the play online. Some of these fights will be against giant characters like Great Ape Vegeta, for example. The Z Warriors can share Ki energy which a technique tentatively called "Ki Share." That’s where support characters come in and they can heal team members too. The game also has Linked Attacks and Synchronized Attacks, which Sekii explained are designed for players to work together.

Battlefields in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will be larger than other games and there is a system so players can communicate with each other. While this sounds like Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale, an arcade game released in 2011, Sekii said this game is made by an entirely different team with a different combat system.

This game looks cool. It seems like it will be the closest to the fighting style in the anime.
TGS Trailer
So what Sagas are in this game ? Same old **** or actually the whole show ?
Did you watch the Trailer? It seems everything up to the Boo Saga is included. We have Bardock, Brolly and Hildegarn returning. So I hope every other Movie character is included too. Cooler better be back. And the last DBZ Movie is included too, which has Goku's new Super Saiyan God transformation. But it seems there will be no GT, as Toriyama seems to treat it as non-canon.
It almost sounds like an online game from the trailer
Well, co-op combat is the big focus now. The game allows up to 8 players to butt heads.
DBZ Tenkaichi Budokai 3 still is the undefeated champion of DBZ games in my eyes. Hopefuly they will be back to the roots. Don't fix it if ain't broke, don't you think?
This Is the first DBZ Game I've been interested in for a long time. I haven't played one since Burst Limit.

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