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Drunken man falls into gorge for Nickelback concert

What's worse, being a Nickelback fan - or being nationally recognized as a desperate Nickelback fan?
Maybe he falls into the hole to escape listening to Nickelback. At least that's what I would've done.
Hmm. New question, what's more embarrassing? Having your iPhone spell gorge 'gourge', or being a Nickelback fan? :I

And I agree. Lmfao.
Most people fall into gorges to escape Nickleback.
When I first read the topic I instantly thought "This man gorged on food to see a nickleback concert?"
I should edit this thread to a "worst music of all time" - with the general consensus of opinions, of course. Hmmm..
At last, proof that Nickelback is a public menace!
If he had Bart Simpson's skateboard he could have jumped that gorge.
Sneaking in to a Nickelback concert? What, he didn't have the $1.50 to cough up for the admission fee?

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