DTL Season 4-Week 1 (Set 2)


Jul 13, 2002
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The rules:
This is one of four threads, each containing two match ups.
The threads will be in use for 6 days.
Days 1-4 (Thursday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

When Day 5 (Monday) rolls around, I’ll post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.
To vote, look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take them into consideration. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up and post up the teams you think will prevail.
(Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, give each writeup a score out of 10, with the team you feel winning the match earning the higher score. No tie votes are allowed, one team must get a higher score, even if only by a single vote.

Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count!

The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 6th day (Tuesday) will get a W while the other will get an L.

The battleground for this week is: Area-51. The psuedo-nonexistant military base 'not' located in Nevada.

The Collective POWdER of the Superegos
Taskmaster (MR)
Disruptor (DM)
High Evolutionary (MU)
Green Lantern (Kal-El) (DU)


All New, All Different Exiles
Hyperion (Exiles) (MU)
Parasite (DU)
New Sun (MM)
Klaw (MR)
The Ray (DR)

Funky Fresh
Adam Warlock (MU)
Black Alice (DU)
Brainiac 417 (DM)
Spider-Man (Iron Spidey) (MR)
Little Boy Blue (Homelands) (MR)


Guyver's Goons
Darkseid (DU) (the Hunger)
Thanos (MU)
Matriach (MM)
Zeitgest (MR)
Chunk (DR)
High Evolutionary1 2 3

Taskmaster 1 2 3

Prometheus 1 2 3

Distruptor 1 2 3

Green Lantern (Kal-El) Since this character was a one shot deal, there is no direct link to his powers but he would possess powers of Superman with a Green Lantern ring. Superman Green Lantern

Introduction and Prep Time

The day was new, High Evolutionary was sitting in his laboratory trying to unlock another one of life's mysteries. He began to make some headway in his research, when suddenly he felt a great power approach him. This power's intensity and origin is foreign, even to the living embodyment of knowledge.

"This can't be", he thought himself. "How can I be ignorant to such power. Why have I been wasting time with such useless and trivial items? I must learn of it's power, and it turn use it for my own purposes."


A spectre forms in front of High Evolutionary's eyes, "Be calm being..."

And with a single gesture the powerful entity takes hold of High Evolutionary.

HE:"RELEASE ME NOW, I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE CONTROLLED IN SUCH A MANNER! YOU WILL REGRET YOUR CHOICE OTHERWISE!". A feeble threat since this entity would undoubtly recognize this threat is, for the moment at least, futile.

"I know of your power Herbert....that is why I am here....I'm here for you...." The voice echoes loudly through the silent background. As if the whole world has been turned off, like a television would be after a long night.

"I have created a game...a game that you would appreciate as it would accomplish the same goals as you seek...."

HE:"I am not an individual who would resort to playing games, but your offer intrigues me so I will allow you to continue."

"A wise choice......although it was never a choice to begin with since I never asked you....I have recruited some of the greatest powers from your universe and that of a universe that even you are unaware of.... You will shortly meet with 4 others who will assist you this time around....they're a part of a larger group, who you will eventually get to see personally...depending on theirs and your performances and how useful you turn out to be, will depend on whether you will continue on my quest or if you become cast off to the deepest part of your greatest fears....."

As this being explains all the details of his tournament he gives High Evolutionary the names and images of the five combatants who they will face this round. He quickly looks over the pictures and immediately recognizes a couple of them but there are some who are not as familiar...

Moments later...

HE:"Well with that said, how will THIS benefit me? Why should I play your barbaric game, when I could achieve anything I want otherwise..."

"Like I said Herbert, this is not your choice for once, your free will has been taken from you.......You will play the god's game, there is simply no other choice...However if you are successful in our game, you will be rewarded.....rewarded with everything and anything....You can feel my power....you know what I say is true, so no more hesitation....good luck" And with a wave of his hand everything becomes white and just as the Spectre dissapeares, 4 individuals appear before High Evolutionary....

He immediately recognizes one of the characters. Taskmaster, the photographic ability to copy abilities and skills of those who he witnesses, and keeps those abilities with him for any future encounters. The other three are foreign to him. "This is most disturbing. I am not used to this lack of knowledge." As he thinks to himself.

Prometheus:What the hell is going on here? I just downloaded the fighting skills of the top martial artist and was about to kick Batman's ass for interfering with my plans! I was going to end his miserable life but now that batscum is going to get away again.

Taskmaster: Oh quiet you, no one cares about you and your plans. The bigger question would be why would anyone dare to bother Taskmaster. I was just operating a secret mission to steal a historic artifact. My client has paid me very well, and he will be quite dissapointed if I fail. Of course that means little to me, except that my reputation will be ruined.

Prometheus:Well since I don't have Batman to fight I might as well make use of my powers to teach a you some manners.

Taskmaster:Anytime buddy. You look like a reject from the Village People.

HE:SILENCE!!!, and with one word High Evolutionary brings the attention of all parties. Although the sudden psionic blast certainly helped in getting their attention.

All four sets of eyes turn to the impressive figure that stands before them.

HE:I am High Evolutionary. Since I don't know three of you I highly doubt you know me. I would therefore assume that you are part of this alternate universe.

Prometheus: Yeah well I never been a person to care about others, but I do recognize this talk drink of water over here. Although I never knew him to be dressed like that, let alone be wearing a Green Lantern ring.

GL: I am Kal-El, and I am the last son of Krypton. I have been given my oath to the Green Lantern corps and I have pledged to protect the innocent. As I don't know any of you, I would suspect that you have taken me hostage. Explain quickly why I am here or I will take you under custody.

Prometheus: Oh shut up fly boy, I have dealt with you before and I am not scared of you. I haven't heard about these recent changes in you but I will just program to battle a Green Lantern.

High Evolutionary stands before the four others who are ready to go at each others throats. How in the world am I am going to get these guys ready for battle, when I can't even get them to sit down. "That's Enough!" And with one thought he freezes the four in their tracks.

HE: "I have been briefed by the entity who has brought us all here today. We are apparently to battle 5 others, and in return we will achieve our greatest goal. I, myself have no patience for games and have tried to avoid this childish match but have been unable. It's seems as though we are trapped in this game, and if I were you I would fear the repurcusions of being unsuccessful. I will now release you from your psionic traps and expect that will end this prehistoric attitude between each other and settle your differences." And with a thought he releases his four captives.

After a brief introduction of each other and their powers they go over the list.

HE: Here are the names and pictures of our competition. First I will go over the ones who I know.

HE: "Hyperion; although this individual is slightly different in appearance than the person I am more used to, he is unmistakenly the same individual but just an alternant universes' version." As High Evoltionary lists his powers, Kal-El eyes brighten.

GL: "Could this individual be a fellow Kryptonian? His powers seem to be similiar to mine, save my GL ring. I must know more about him."

Prometheus: "He does sound a lot like Superman. If that's so, I think our own Superman should be the one going up against him. At the very least one of them will be gone."

GL:"I am hesitant in battling for the mere fact of winning this tournament."

HE: "Well don't think anymore about it because I am sure our competitives will not. Plus you have no choice, so let's move on."

And with that Kal-El agrees to take part.

HE: "Our next combatant is Klaw."

Taskmaster: "Yeah I know a little about him. He has fought some of the Avengers just like me. I heard something about him being made of sound. Whatever that could mean."

HE: "Yes you are partially correct, although I have never met this individual, my ability to immediately recall any written material gives me knowledge about him. After a brief concentrated thought I believe you will be better off fighting him, Taskmaster. I will go into further detail on how to handle him later on."

Tasmaster: "Whatever you say, your wish is my command." Taskmaster says as a comeback.

HE: "Now New Sun is someone I have very little information on. There was something about him being an alternate version Gambit when he came to earth, but other than that I have no information. But assuming he can still manipulate Kinetic Energy. we need someone to counter him and his abilities. Can you handle him Disruptor?"

Disruptor: "Of course I can, you are not talking to just anyone. If he depends on energy he is as good as dead."

With that said, Kal-El is unsure of this arrangement. Thinking to himself, "No one had mentioned to him about killing anyone. I will have to careful with these others since they appear to have no squemishes in killing our competition."

HE: The next two I have no knowledge of, the first being Parasite.

Prometheus: "Yeah I know about him, I can program my information disk that I have on him and give you the rundown."

HE: "That's not neccesary I can psionically tap into your mind and do it myself." After a short pause, High Evolutionary let's it known that he will meet Parasite on the battlefield.

Prometheus: "HEY! I don't like you doing that! Next time ask before plowing through my brain," Prometheus shoots back.

HE: "That is of little importance to me and time is of the essence right now, so moving on. The last character being on our list is The Ray."

Prometheus: Yeah I know about him he was part of the Justice League, I have loads of information on him from my first encounter with the JLA. I will be more than happy to deal with him.

HE:"Fine, with that settled we have our matchups. Prometheus I will need access to your files and pull out all the information from your universe. I am....curious to know about this universe and it's inhabatants. Meanwhile, Taskmaster come see me later on. I have something for you that could help in your matchup."

Prometheus:"Yeah...sounds like fun "High Man". meet you later."

Taskmaster: "I will come by later. I will need to get ready for my matchup and bring some of my "special" weapons."

GL: "I will also need to prepare and charge my ring, as well as reflect on my matchup."

Disruptor: "Well I guess that leaves me, does anyone know where the closest bank is?"

As the sun rises five figures walk cautiously towards the abandoned Military site. Taskmaster set off with Prometheus around the living quarters to the left. Disruptor set out alone and goes right, behind the aircraft hanger. GL hovers for a moment and moves swiftly into the air for an aerial view.

Looking around and noticing the lack of life HE comments to himself, "They must have known what soon approached, just like rats on a sinking vessel. Of course they are not much more progressed in the evolutionary chain, but I digress."

HE (Telepathically): "I have linked our minds so that if any one of us are in trouble, we could immediately go to their assistance."

"Bah don't be concerned with me, I can handle my own."

"Don't worry, you won't get any help from me, I will have my own troubles to deal with."

"Well with that said I would still expect you to assist one another. If we are to win this we must fight as a team."

HE sets out down the middle, scanning his surroundings. All is quiet, but not for long. As a large figure comes out from behind a building. There is no hiding between these two, standing just over 30 feet apart they pause for a moment. Sizing each other, they both know what they must do. And with a large bell rings, so it begins.

Taskmaster vs the Klaw

"SMASH", with a loud thud Taskmaster hits the ground hard. He thought he could catch him by surprise but that damn Prometheus must have made a sound. "I usually only work by myself, and that just proves why I should," as he thought.

He quickly gets up as to not give any more edge to his opponent. He quckly approaches Klaw this time without hesitation. He moves swiftly and agile using a combination of Spider-Man and Daredevils techniques. Klaw lets a couple of sonic blasts fire but miss this time around, leveling buildings in front of him.

Taskmaster moves quickly enough around that Klaw looses track of him. "I am glad I have these Webshooters with me. They can certainly speed me up and close the distance between us. I must not let anything interfere this time," as his thinks.

Taskmaster pulls flank around Klaw and swings in behind him, flailing his shield at Klaw. He hits him squarely at the back of the head knocking him forwards. "Not as good as cap's shield but still effective," he grins.

But still not good enough, as Klaw retaliates and lets off another sonic blast. Taskmaster narrowly avoids the full impact using his quick reflexes. However the pressure is enough to blow Taskmaster through a window of a warehouse and onto the ground. "DAMN IT," he said to himself, "Looks like I will have to use HE's toy after all or he's going to put me out for good."

Taskmaster slowly gets up this time, feeling the glass protruding from his skin on his back. "Man this sucker is going to get it." He jumps up on top of some boxes using his stealth and agility to move around the warehouse. Klaw blasts the wall open, knocking pieces of it accross the room. "He certainly isn't the most graceful character I have faced."

Klaw walks into the room taking a gander around. As he looks around he doesn't see Taskmaster is nearly on top of him. Waiting for the right moment Taskmaster jumps down, but in doing so he didn't noticed the piece of glass which he had stepped on and gave out his exact location. "Damn it," he cried, "this hasn't been my day."

As Klaw turns around to see Taskmaster coming his way. He releases another sonic blasts but just before that happens Taskmaster throws his special club which HE had given to him. Nothing seemed special about it before, so he hesitated to use it, but in these corcumstances he had nothing to lose.

The sonic blasts blows Taskmaster through the roof and outside the warehouse. But just as that happens the club strikes Klaw right on the head. The force alone might have been enough to knock him unconscious but the fact that it was constructed of Vibranium was the nail in the coffin. It struck with perfect accuracy, which has never been a problem for Tasmaster, and the impact caused Klaw to lose his control of his body and collapse.

Outside, Taskmaster hits the ground hard, causing sand to fly up in all directions. Task's slowly drifts off to unconsciousness, but as he does a last thought pops in his head, "That toy better have been worth it."

Prometheus vs The Ray

A loud shockwave rumbles the ground as sand kicks up, but all that is ignored because of his goal at hand. Prometheus has already downloaded the information on The Ray and has incorporated the proper skills to deal with him.

"I wish I didn't have to listen to that whiner cry. It's bad enough I have to deal with light man here but I am not enjoying the echo in my head."

He shoots a couple of neurotoxin bombs, and this takes Ray by surprise. Ray staggers a bit from the shock and Prometheus moves in while quickly loading his fighting styles disk. He engages Ray in hand to hand, which Ray holds off for a bit but going up against some of the best fighting styles in the DC universe is more than anyone can handle. Ray tries to fight back with a solid light blast but it was easy maneuver away from since Ray was still recovering from the bombs.

With a couple of good placements of kicks and punches by Prometheus, Ray begins to falter. He is quickly losing this fight, so he must react quickly. He absorbs more energy to release a powerful blast of light, Prometheus sensing this activates a fire bomb and quickly teleports out into the Ghost zone as Ray releases his blast. The force triggers the bomb and sets the explosion and blows Ray to pieces. As the smoke settles, Prometheus returns to Earth sensing his opponent has perish. "Well this is going to be a good day," as he smiles to himself.

Green Lantern (Kal-El) vs Hyperion

Kal-El looks below and observes Taskmaster being blown through a roof. Prometheus is occupied so it's up to me to react. But before he could help out, a shot of light and a fist comes striking down on his jaw sending Kal-El down to the ground with great force.

"I can't believe I left myself so open," he says out loud. "Hyperion I assume. Well I guess we can forget about talking this over. Well that's all right, we can talk later once you have calmed down."

Hyperion dives down towards Kal-El without slowing down. Within a thought Kal-El shoots out a green energy beam that sends Hyperion flying through a building wall. Hyperion comes out of the newly created hole, smoke smoldering off his skin, and his clothes torn a bit but no more worse than before. He shoots out his heat vision which meets Kal-El's midway. After a few moments of no headway for either opponent they stop their attempt.

Hyperion gives up trying to hurt Kal-El with his powers and chooses to do it the old fashion way. But before he could react, Kal El releases a small prison constructed by his ring. Hyperion briefly observes his constrainment, before blasting through. The force is enough to send pieces flying in all directions, with a large piece hitting Kal-El, sending him careening in the opposite direction.

"This is not going to be an easy match."

Disruptor vs New Sun

"How do you like them apples?", he said jokingly. "I bet you never anticipated that." Energy after energy pouring into New Son, he made a big mistake in underestimating Disruptor. He thought if he caught Disruptor by surprise he can hurt him. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, as the energy continues to flow through him. Never being on the other side of his own power, he feels every muscle beginning to ache as he drops to the ground.

"Is that it, is that all you have for me?," he says with contempt. "I thought you were going to make me sweat, but I have more trouble with those Teen Brats."

New Son stares up as he knows he only has one chance," He must make his armour explode, it has to be his armour, it must be his armour." He tries to make it explode with a thought but nothing works, he tries again, and again, and again but without success.

"Man, are you trying to have a dump over there because you're making some weird faces. I guess I should tell you that I have nullified your powers. Didn't want you to pull any nasty tricks now that I have you where I want you..."

New Son battered, weakened and now powerless, tries to figure out what he should do. But before he could figure out what he should do, he falls to the ground paralyzed. Disruptor has now taken the last bit of hope New Son had, and moves up to New Son and begins to pound him with his fist. "Got to make sure you stay down."

Hyperion vs Kal-El Continued

As we move back to the two very similiar characters to the right, we see both are bloody and bruised. They have both fought hard and this match has been going nowhere for quite some time. Punch for punch, kick for kick, throw for throw they meet each other. Everytime one opponent thinks he has an advantage, the other one comes out with a move and it's the other way around.

However, Kal-El has the slight edge with his ring as he tries to keep Hyperion away with a blast of it's power. At first it didn't affect Hyperion very much but now each new blast is starting to take it's toll and he can't last much longer. He tries to keep the fight up close but every time he moves up closer, Kal El moves away and uses his ring.

Although being highly trained for hand to hand, Kal-El recognizes that this is a match he must win using his head. Hyperion moves in and Kal-El brings up a wall, hyperion smashes through, and as he comes through a solid object comes plowing through and sends Hyperion down. He uses the ring to set off a blast without letting up. The force of the ring flows against hyperion's chest as Kal-El releases the ring's power and Hyperon collapses in a loud thud to the ground.

The last impact was enough as Kal-El puts Hyperion in suspension, thus ending a hard fought battle. "Thank heavens, I don't how much more I could have lasted."

High Evolutionary vs Parasite

Going back to the beginning

Loud crashes and screams are heard in the background, but HE tunes them out. He knows what he must do, learning all the information on his opponent from Prometheus' Disk. It's amazing how much detail was shown in that disk, and with that HE analyzed the data and known history of his opponent, and finding a major weakness.

"So you steal energy do you? You came here to take my energy, well, what if I change that little habit of yours. You see, I have heightened my own abilities far surpassing others, and one of my abilities is the ability to rearrange matter. Now I don't want to get too technical with you, but with a mere thought I could render your ability useless. I can rearrange your bodies components making you unable to steal from others who are more worthy of possessing those powers."

With a thought HE changes Parasite's components. He fights it and tries to come in closer but he's too far to try to aborb any of HE powers.

Disruptor comes in at the same time as Prometheus, as they watch their teammate take down Parasite.

"Jeez this guy has taken on Superman and you're playing with him like a toy. "

"Well I guess they weren't fighting him the right way," HE replies back.

With that said Parasite falls to the ground in a heap, now powerless, HE shoots of a powerful energy blast that plows him into a parked jeep causing an explosion and vaporizing Parasite instantly.

As four of the teammates meet to together, some in worse shape than others, they look at each other with a bit of admiration of each other.

The spectre appears before them, HE instantly recognizes the figure butthe others are shocked by the force in front of them.

You did well, better than I imagined. Rest now but not for long because your next match is coming up.

And with a big shock and a few choice words, the spectre leaves them in the desert wondering how they got involved in this.
The All New All Different Exiles
The Beginning:

Hyperion sits in the crystal palace, seated at the chair that’s become his thrown. This place is fairly new to him, but he’s gotten the hang of it. The bug creatures, the timebreakers, have done his every whim, and so he’s found this place quite pleasant. He now watches the monitors as they switch from world to world, showing him all the places that he had never dreamed existed. Then something appears on the screen that catches his attention.

“Hold it, go back!” He yells at one of the timebreakers.

The bug does as it is told and Hyperion watches as the monitor shows a world seemingly far away from the main Earths. The people there have an appearance of a god, and their forms glow and shine. He has the timebreakers translate their tongue and he watches them as they speak. He grows interested in learning that they speak of some type of game. Further eavesdropping reveals that their game is a chess of sorts, though they wish to pull their pawns from the other worlds that hang below them. Hyperion’s ears perk as they begin to discuss the prize. It seems that these beings are powerful beyond any that Hyperion had ever dreamt, even more powerful than he. He listens as the god-like creature who stand before them all, a being clad in white light and blue glowing eyes, speaks and offers a portion of his own power to the one who defeats all the others. It appears to Hyperion that this god creature must be the greatest among them, and he knows that a portion of its power would be more than he could ever acquire on any earth that he travels to. He listens as the rules are laid out, and the process of drafting of their pawns is given. Hyperion sits back in his thrown with his fingers caressing his chin. He begins to think, wondering what can come from this. He thinks about how these god-like creatures referred to using pawns from the many different worlds, and he looks through the screens and knows that he can pick any pawn that he so desired. He could watch every moment of his chosen pawns and manipulate them to do his bidding, so that he could beat these other creatures and claim a portion of this great god’s inner power.
He watches the creatures on the screen for nearly an hour, as they speak of the rules. He learns that these people are very prideful, and tend to mock one another with idol threats. When it seems that they have laid out the final rules, Hyperion stands and keys in a few sequences on the keyboard.


The brightly colored, and elegantly clad creatures spread their bravado amongst themselves, trying to convince the other’s with them that they are each the greatest of them all. They do not see the small bald man who’s appeared at their feet. Hyperion lifts into the air until he comes to the face of the one who is leading this game. The creature looks slightly surprised at the appearance of one whom is but a pawn in their game. He begins to speak to the creature, which listens to his words. He explains his having seen the meeting, and claims that he wishes to join this game. The god-like creatures begin to take notice of the little man, and they hear his words and they laugh. Hyperion hears their laughter and he begins to grow angry. He wishes to take their tongues out and rip open their throats, but he feels now is not the time for strength, but words. He begins to threaten them on terms of the game. He begins to ask them how it would feel to lose this great power to a simple pawn, to one who would be but fodder to them. He claims that the pawns are greater than those who control them, and that he’d like to see any of these creatures prove him wrong. He continues his challenging words as the creatures around him begin to grow angry and restless at his insults.
“Peace, be still,” comes the voice of the white and blue creature. “This game is for my own amusement, and you’ve amused me. You are a creature beneath us, and you cannot possibly contain the power that I have to give. However, if you wish to participate, then I shall give you my permission. If you manage to come out victorious, then I shall not grant you the power I have promised, but I will grant you all that you may handle. It will be enough. Gather your forces young Hyperion, for the game begins soon.”
And with that Hyperion nods and disappears from their planet. He reappears in the Crystal Palace with a smile large and sinister. His power hungry greed flowing strongly as he sits in his thrown once more and begins shifting through the worlds, looking for those who would serve him, or at least fight beside him. The hours pass, and soon he feels that he has chosen his first four allies, as five are needed to enter a battle. He finds a creatures named Parasite, and it is very powerful, a strong ally. He does not like that it could potentially be more powerful than he, but if he is to win this battle, then strong allies are to be found. He smiles, however, in the knowledge of knowing that when he wins this game, he will be the one imbedded with the power, and not those who fight alongside him. This game shall be fun.
He pulls up the next file and finds a man named the Ray. While the man being a hero may hinder him, he is solar based, and Hyperion feeds on solar energy. The Ray will fight for him, but when needed, he shall also serve to enhance Hyperion’s own power. He’ll be his own little battery.
That makes three, now for two more. He looks to an energy signature of a mutant who’s traveled from world to world, the one known as New Sun. He remembers the Gambit who had been a member of his Weapon X, and he remembers that the man died trying to kill him. He hated Gambit, but always felt like the man could have been something more. This New Sun is what Gambit could have become, and his power will now belong to Hyperion.
The last addition to their team is a man who seems to be quite interesting, the man made of sound, Klaw. Hyperion watches his feats and those he’s battled. The use of his powers is great, and Hyperion feels that he could be an interesting card to factor in. He’ll fill out their team.
Hyperion sits back in his chair. He feels that he could easily force them to do as he wishes, but he needs them to fight with him, and respect what must be done. He tries to think of a way to make them obey him, without hating him, and then it hits him. Why must they know that he’s the one pulling the strings? What if they think that he’s as much a victim as they are?


“What the?!” Hyperion says as he appears in the middle of an old broken city. He looks to his arm with confusion at the strange talis that he now wears.

He looks around as he sees the Ray nearest him, and New Sun standing to his feet a little further out. Parasite and Klaw appear shortly afterwards as they all look to one another. They begin to speak, some reasonable, most threatening. Then as they speak, a tiny little man with a growing waste and mutton chops appears before them.

“Hello. I am the Timebroker, and I am afraid that you’ve become unhinged from time.”


Hyperion (Exiles)
New Sun
The Ray


“So let me get this straight?” Klaw says as he stares at the tiny bald man. “You’re pulling us all here to fix things?”

“Not exactly,” the timebroker says. “That was the task of a previous group of Exiles. This time I am unfortunately forced to pull you together so that you may work together to prevent a great threat. In a world far down the spiral path, are creatures that you may only call gods. They have begun a game using people from all worlds as their pawns. The winner of this world is to receive great power, and it is quite possible that that power shall be abused. They have all gathered their pawns and they force them to battle, and when all is quiet, the one with the last team standing shall receive this power. However, my programming has learned of this game and its potential threat, thus, you have been gathered to challenge them. I have spoken to these creatures and they have given us permission to join in on their game, and the power to be won shall be inherited by those who do the battle, instead of the creature that formed them. With that power dispersed, the threat it presents is less so.”

The Ray speaks up, “So how do we know that you’re not one of these creatures, searching for power?”

“I believe that the one known as Hyperion can answer that question.”

The four men turn and look to Hyperion who nods, “I was pulled into the previous assignments he was speaking of. I was one of the people who traveled around fixing worlds. He’s legit. And don’t worry about hurting him. He’s not even real. He’s a figment of our personalities joined into a form.”

“Yes,” Timebroker says, “this mission will not be easy, and I ask that though some of you may not like working with others, please work with one another. You will see that Hyperion wears a bracelet called a Talis. It seems that my programming has chosen he to lead, which makes sense, as he’s done this before. This will grant you the information you need prior to each battle. You may use whatever resources you have at your disposal. I wish you luck.”

And with that the Timebroker vanishes. Those gathered around look to Hyperion, who just shakes his head.

“I thought I was done with this mess. Alright people, I don’t want to be here any more than you do, but I learned last time that these guys are good to their words. When we fixed the worlds we need to fix last time, we were all sent home. The sooner we get this taken care of, the sooner we all get out of here.”

“See there’s a problem here,” Parasite then says, “I have a problem with being told what to do. What if I decide to just leave?”

Hyperion nods, “I tried that myself. Can’t happen. If you manage to get back to your world, you’re as good as a ghost. People can’t see or hear you and you can’t touch anything. That’s what “unhinged from time’ means. Our best bet is to just do what they say and finish this.”

As they speak, Hyperion’s Talis begins to glow and so he looks to it.

“Seems we’re set to go. We have our first assignment. We have twenty-four hours to prepare. I’ll get us to my place, the Crystal Palace. It allows me to check up on most of the worlds we’re going to be encountering. I hear it’s similar to what the Timebroker uses. It should help us out.”

They five men teleport away from the place where they had been gathered using the Talis, and they arrive within the Crystal Palace. Hyperion sits at his thrown and begins to key away. Very soon they have all the files on two of their opponents, Taskmaster and the High Evolutionary. They discuss them and their powers, and then they move on to the other three that Hyperion had trouble bringing up.

“Superman!” Parasite says in disgust.

“In a Green Lantern suit?” the Ray then follows, confused. “I’ve never known Superman to be a Green Lantern, but if he is then we’re in trouble.”

They discuss Parasite’s knowledge of Superman, and of the Ray’s experience working with the Green Lanterns. When they finish this they move to the next foe, whom the Ray recognizes. He says that though he’s never confronted him, he knows of him and says that the Justice League’s files should have some information on him. Hyperion then messes with the Talis and the Ray vanishes. He later returns with some files that he opens on the monitors of the Crystal Palace. On the screen is a life-size image of Prometheus and all the information the JLA have on him. When they finish studying this foe, they move to the next, and to their discomfort, none know of him. Hyperion searches again through the databanks of the Crystal Palace, but still nothing comes up on him.

“So no one knows the Disruptor?” he asks.

Silence follows, but soon Ray speaks, “Well, we can always estimate and go from there. We don’t know anything about him, but his name means he disrupts something. I don’t know what, but I say we deal with him from a distance and see what happens.”

Hyperion nods at the thought and so they further continue their discussion. They discuss the five opponents, and though it becomes obvious that they each hate being in this place, they are working together in order to leave it. Hyperion watches and is pleased at the turn out. They discuss strategy and weaknesses, and they discuss this great game that the Timebroker had mentioned. The day passes as they rest and train together when possible, though some refused to participate. The night comes, and the morning shall bring them to their first challenge.
Battle Part 1

The night sky is clear, stars filling the tapestry. It is a sight that the old man loves to take in each night before he turns in. He lives on the outskirts of the Nevada Dessert, and though it isn’t the most beautiful place in the world, it’s home. Something then catches his attention, a shooting star. He smiles as it moves. He’s seen them many times before, but this one seems to be moving rather quickly. It begins to grow, and the old man’s smile quickly begins to fade into a frown. It is coming closer, and it’s becoming clearer, it’s coming toward him…. BAM!!!! The small house ignites in flames as its debris is scattered in every direction. The sound of impact echoes for miles, causing dogs to howl and children to scream. From within the broken burning home, a slight movement stirs, and then a bald man stands, his eyes glowing. Hyperion curses.

“We need a better strategist.”

He then flies off into the air back toward where he had been hit by the Green Lantern Superman. He thought they had a good plan, simply put, brute strength meets stealth, but it didn’t work and their opponents got the drop on them, and its since turned into an all out brawl. He was suppose to be going after the High Evolutionary, as Parasite demanded that he take on Superman, but somewhere in the confusion they got switched, and now he’s taking on Superman, who, though he won’t admit it to himself, is more powerful than Hyperion. If he didn’t have the ring, maybe they’d be more even, but with the ring he’s far his superior. Hyperion flies back toward the small building that leads to the underground area 51. The place would have been an interesting location, had there not already been a couple living aliens involved in the battle. He finds the hole in the ground where he had been hit through, and when he looks down he sees something else leave it. He quickly dodges the silver spacecraft that had been thrown by his foe. Superman flies through the entrance and catches him off guard with a hard hit, shooting him further into the sky. If it was noon, the sun would have helped strengthen him, making him a better match, but it’s near midnight, and there is no sun. A green light appears around him, as a vice grip holds him and then slams him bad down to the ground. Hyperion gasps for air at the hit. This sucks. He knows that he can beat this Superman, but he just has to figure out how.

New Sun Vs Disruptor

New Sun sits up and shakes his head. He looks to his left and sees the Ray and one of their foes, Taskmaster, also starting to move. He then looks before them and sees the Disruptor heading toward them. This was the man that they weren’t familiar with, and it’s what cost them their element of surprise. The idea was to attack him first and to take out the mystery factor. Hyperion was to hit him from a distance with his heat vision. Unfortunately the blast somehow ricocheted and it ended up back at Hyperion. This gave away their location and they were attacked. They tried to hold their position, but it seems their opponents were better prepared and took control of the situation. After some fighting, the Ray decided to get in close with Disruptor, and tried to flash fry him, or some variant of it, but when he did, his solar flare backfired in some way and dropped him, as well as New Sun and Taskmaster, who were nearby. They are now recovering from that attack.

The New Sun watches as Disruptor draws near, planning on following up on the attack. He thinks about what was done with Hyperion and Ray, and it seems that things tend to backfire when they are done against him. They’re disrupted. He then thinks of his own powers. He can charge objects to incinerate them, or he can charge them to explode. He then comes up with an idea. Disruptor suddenly begins to glow. His armor glows a sparkling blue and suddenly a dull thudding sound is heard, followed by some screeching, then silence, and the glow is gone. Disruptor falls to his knees and then his face. New Sun smiles, it worked. The nature of his power is to explode, but if you disrupt that what else can happen? Implosion. Disruptor’s powers imploded the explosion into himself, frying him from the inside. He should be nothing more than a bloody husk inside that suit. Not exactly a flashy defeat, but whatever works, works. He hopes that the Disruptor’s defeat is enough to level the playing field. New Sun looks around at the battles going on around him, and hears others as they get away from them. He sees that Taskmaster is now reaching his feet, and that the Ray is nearly there. He sees Taskmaster’s sword and quickly evaporates it with his vision. He then turns and leaves them to battle. There are others who may need his aid more.

The Ray Vs Taskmaster

The Ray turns and sees New Sun as he leave them. What an idiot? Hasn’t he heard of teamwork? Between the two of them they could have taken out Taskmaster easy and then both of them could have left to help elsewhere, but now he has to face him alone! A sudden pain shoots through Ray’s ribs as the Taskmaster drives a boot into them, cracking three. The Ray turns and flashes a light, but Taskmaster turns from it, not allowing the light to blind him. He then turns back just as a solid light slams into his neck, making him stumble backwards. The Ray lifts into the air but Taskmaster quickly catches the man’s feet with a cord of some type and pulls him back toward the ground. He is on the Ray before he has a chance to maneuver. Several well placed blows cause the Ray to cry out in pain. He pushes Taskmaster away, but the man is on him once more, pinning him down with his shield. The Ray then musters his strength and with extreme force, releases a light blast that throws Taskmaster across the room. He then lifts into the air to regain his bearings. Taskmaster’s attacks were quick enough to keep Ray from thinking, so he had to give himself some room to think. He regains his wits just as he hears a ‘twang.’ He instinctively goes into his light energy form as an arrow passes through him. He turns and finds Taskmaster running toward him, jumping over desks and fallen chairs. The Ray wonders what the man can do to him from down there. He flies down toward him, not wanting to give him a chance, but Taskmaster manages to dodge the decent and tries to drive a hidden knife into Ray’s back, but it fazes through his light form. Ray then turns quickly and releases a light flare only inches from Taskmaster’s eyes, temporarily blinding him. He turns solid once more and lands a blow, but to his surprise, Taskmaster continues to fight effectively, landing a swift jab to his chest, forcing him to cough up blood. Little does he know that Taskmaster’s copied the fighting style of the blind hero, Daredevil, and can fight without his eyes. The Ray quickly goes back to his light form and heals himself, and he then seemingly disappears, shrinking to the size of a point of light. Taskmaster looks about him, but it seems his foe has fled for his life.

Sadly, this is true. While Ray could possibly have taken on Taskmaster, he knows that they had a plan and he intends on getting back to it. He now travels in this small size, unseen, toward his original target.

Klaw and the Ray Vs Prometheus and Taskmaster

Klaw runs from hall to hall as he hears his foe following close behind. He had been brave in his initial attack, but it appears that Prometheus has something on him that puts Klaw in great danger. He had sent some solid sound hawks and tigers after his foe, but Prometheus had used some type of night stick against them, and the vibrations, or energy, that the stick emits caused the creatures to explode and dissipate. The creatures that Klaw had made are similar in make to his own form. If Prometheus manages to connect that nightstick with him, it could very well dissipate his own form, and he would be lost. And so Klaw now runs, trying to find somewhere to attack, or to find some other manor of attack. He had emitted a sonic scream of sorts that had brought Prometheus to his knees before he fled, and now he searches the rooms for some manor of advantage. Prometheus and Taskmaster were using fairly good teamwork, and so Klaw’s fleeing at least works to that advantage in separating them.

Suddenly, Prometheus appears from behind him and brings the stick down on him, but Klaw manages to turn and throw up his armored hand, and it clangs against the metal. Klaw feels the pain that comes with it, and he quickly constructs a sound ape that leaps on top of Prometheus, trying to pummel him. Prometheus takes a few hits, but soon digs the stick into the ape’s sternum, evaporating it. He then tries to get up, but a sudden screech coming from inside Klaw’s metal claw makes him hesitate. Klaw kicks him in the head, but Prometheus manages to role with it and trips his foe. Klaw hits the ground hard as Prometheus leaps atop him, laughing. He raises the nightstick for the final blow, when suddenly his helmet begins to flash, as if hit by lightning. Prometheus screams and falls forward, as Klaw kicks him off of him. His foe lies unconscious beside him. A small light suddenly leaves the helmet and grows to human size, and there stands the Ray.

“I can control electricity, and my computer knowledge tells me that when you pump enough electricity into a computer, it tends to overload and fry its circuits.”

Klaw curses as needing aid, but that is all he says. The two then leave Prometheus lying on the floor of the armored office, and head back toward the battle. The Ray flies in his intangible light form, as Klaw travels in a sound form similar to that of a small locomotive. They clear the hall and enter what appears to be a foyer of some time. There, they find the Taskmaster running toward them, looking slightly surprised. He quickly dodges them and roles to the left. Klaw and Ray part their paths, remembering the original plan of how to deal with Taskmaster. Klaw rushes his locomotive toward Taskmaster, who leaps and grabs its top. Then suddenly the locomotive stops and Taskmaster is thrown ahead. He turns and lands on his feet, but as he turns to face his foe again, a loud screech sounds near him. Taskmaster holds his ear as Klaw runs up to him. Taskmaster pulls a dagger and runs it through Klaw’s stomach, but he shows no signs of pain, as his costume simply heals the damage. Klaw quickly omits another loud sonic blast and Taskmaster screams, as his inner ear rattles. He tries to stand by cannot, as his balance has been thrown. Klaw throws a punch but Taskmaster cannot block it in time. He tries to fight back but his blows are off, and Klaw quickly capitalizes. Their fight goes on for several moments, with Klaw landing every blow perfectly. Taskmaster finally falls, and scrambles to get to his feet as Klaw stands over him. He mocks his foe, claiming that the time for death has come, but suddenly a large flash shines, and the Ray lands between them. Taskmaster his left unconscious in the last attack, and Klaw is angry.

“No killing, got it!?”

Klaw curses but the Ray has already flown ahead. Klaw quickly follows after. They have a battle to win, but when this is over, he’s going to have to have ‘words’ with this hero.

Adam Warlock: 1; 2; 3


Black Alice: 1; 2


Brainiac 417: 1; 2


Spider-Man: 1; 2; 3


Little Boy Blue (Homelands): 1; 2

Write up coming soon...
I'm currently writing the battle, but I'll give warning. There's not much information out there on Disruptor, and what POWdER sent me was kinda vague, so I did the best I could. His scene is small, but I think it's okay. Let me know if I messed up how his powers work (whenever the match is posted that is)
Battle Part 2

Parasite and Klaw Vs High Evolutionary

The battle that rages beneath those who battle above rocks the compound. When the battle had begun, High Evolutionary took to his target, the Parasite. He had taken him away from the others and planned on dealing with him alone, however the purple creature appears to be more than he had estimated. Their battle has been long and hard, and though High Evolutionary has gotten several blows in, the massively powerful creature has absorbed most. Parasite has tried to drain the High Evolutionary, but the impressive technology in the High Evolutionary’s suit has kept him from this. And so it’s become a battle of strength. The High Evolutionary isn’t one to fight physically, but he has used his matter manipulating abilities to use all that is around him to attack. Unfortunately, the Parasite has been absorbing the kinetic energy from their attacks to only make himself stronger. Finally, they draw near as the Parasite leaps for his target. The High Evolutionary stumbles back as he fires off a blast of immense power. The blow connects and it sends Parasite flying back across the large containment room where they’ve found themselves. The Parasite chuckles as he begins to stand. He looks up to the High Evolutionary.

“That it?”

His foe then fires off another blast without changing his expression. The floor is hit beneath Parasite’s feet and it gives way, sending the large creature through a hole. The High Evolutionary walks forward to survey his foe when a sound is heard. From above where they had entered this level, voices ring out that do not belong to those who he had come here with. He looks up and sees a man of blinding light and a creature dressed in a pink form, a shape of a bird, descending on them. A loud screech is heard and the High Evolutionary holds his ears. He looks down and finds a roach crawling across his toe. He grabs it and it immediately begins to grown into that of a human form, and instantly he sends up into the sky. It crashes into the light creature as it begins to bite him and wrestles him from the sky. Klaw descends and slams into his foe. Words of disgust escape his lips as the wings of sound try to crush the High Evolutionary’s armor. Klaw leaps back and releases a pink rhino from his claw, sending it after the High Evolutionary. The foe sees it just as it hits him and it begins to stop him to the ground with attempts of ripping his armor open with its horn, but to no avail. The Evolutionary blasts the creature and it dissipates. Klaw then sets off after his foe, but the High Evolutionary holds out something that had previously been unseen. A suddenly green light emits from it and a casing appears around Klaw. It falls and slams on the ground and goes unmoved. High Evolutionary had been familiar with the villain, Klaw, and so he device from his machinery a box filled with an empty space, a place of no sound. Klaw pulls himself from sound, but if there is no sound, then there is no Klaw, and so now he resides within this void, and he no longer exists.

Then suddenly a hand reaches up through the ground and grasps High Evolutionary’s leg, pulling him down to the level below them. He lands as Parasite begins to attempt ripping his armor from his hide, but it proves to be very difficult. His armor is strong, but his foe is stronger, and the High Evolutionary has problems freeing himself. He then reverts to a feet he uses rarely, mental attacks. He attempts to reach into Parasite’s mind to find his weakness in order to exploit it. He reaches in and as he does, Parasite’s eyes open.


Suddenly the High Evolutionary begins to feel himself rapidly growing weaker. Not long ago, a telepath attempted to attack the Parasite with telepathy, and he learned that he could absorb mental energy as well, and so he’s now found his way into the High Evolutionary’s mind. The High Evolutionary begins to squirm and scream, but his strength is lessening as Parasite holds him, absorbing his mental energies. The ground around them begins to mutate into arms and such, but they are as week as their maker, and soon they fall flat and the High Evolutionary grows limp. The Parasite laughs as the knowledge of the High Evolutionary runs through his head. It is amazing, more than he could ever had imagined. He tosses the decrepit body of the High Evolutionary aside as he reaches his feet. Above him he sees the Ray approaching. A dead cockroach creature falls at Parasite’s feet.

“I think that’s everyone except for Superman.”

Parasite smiles. He instantly flies into the air and sets after his foe. He is determined to find Superman before Hyperion kills him, if he even can. It was his desire to kill the Superman all along, and now he will have his chance.

Exiles Vs Superman

Hyperion spits blood on the dessert sand, something he’s not done for as long as he can remember. He’s angry, but he won’t admit defeat. He looks up at the streak of green heading toward him, and he quickly dodges the proposed attack. He flies level with the ground and Superman follows after. As they fly, he sees something in the distance, and realizes that others have come from beneath the ground’s surface to join the battle. He is glad when he sees that the two men belong to his team. How they managed to turn the tide he doesn’t know, but he welcomes it. He heads for them as they begin to head for him. The Parasite overshoots Hyperion, but the Ray comes directly for him and they stop just shy of one another. Hyperion looks over his shoulder and watches as Parasite collides with Superman and their battle is redirected.

“We’re in good shape,” Ray says, “Superman’s all that’s left. Klaw’s lost, and we’ve not been able to find New Sun, but I think we’ve got the chance to take Superman out.”

“Very good,” Hyperion says, “Do you have much solar energy left?” Ray does. “Good shine some on me.”

The Ray releases some light and Hyperion absorbs it, strengthening him. The sudden influx of power is addicting and he continues to absorb it. He pulls as much as he can from the Ray, but soon the Ray begins to pull back.

“Hyperion, you need to stop. That’s enough!”

But Hyperion does not listen. He absorbs as much as possible, and so the Ray turns into his light form to try to get away, but as he does this, he suddenly is sucked into Hyperion’s mouth as he consumes the form. Hyperion laughs as he takes a deep breath, feeling completely refreshed and stronger than ever. He looks to where the Ray had stood and he shrugs. That was the only reason he brought Ray along anyhow. No loss. He then finds where Parasite and Superman fight in the sky, and he goes to join the fray.

From below the battle, the ground begins to glow. It glows in sparkling blue until an explosion shoots sand into the air, and from the newly made hole, the New Sun steps out. He had gone to aid others in battle, but became lost in the many levels of the compound. He decided to make his own way out, and fortunately came out just under the final battle. He looks up as Superman has Parasite encased in a green prison, throwing him toward the approaching Hyperion. New Sun sees the hand with the ring, and focuses on it. Superman looks down as suddenly his hand glows, but it is too quick to stop as it suddenly explodes, blood flying and his fingers becoming intertwined. He screams in pain, as it is something he isn’t use to. He looks around and focuses on the glowing blue man on the ground, but then suddenly the world grows blue and pain spreads through his head. He screams again as blood runs from the open sockets where his eyes once were. He is then suddenly thrown aside as a forceful blow lands across his head, and he is hurdled to the ground. The New Sun has taken away his hand and eyes, so that he becomes ineffective with the ring, though his hearing is good enough to allow him to keep the battle going. Superman hears the winds change as his foes approach, and so he thinks to the ring and a wall appears, stopping Hyperion from landing a second blow. He feels Hyperion as he hits the wall, and he quickly extends the wall into a prison to hold his foe, but then he feels an odd sensation. He suddenly begins to grow week, and shortly afterwards he is grabbed from behind. He feels his energy draining as his foe’s strength increases. The Parasite has closed in and is now draining him. He loses his concentration due to the attack and the green prison gives way to Hyperion’s blows, who joins Parasite in his assault. As Parasite holds to Superman and drains him, Hyperion hovers before him, landing blow after blow. Then in a final assault, Hyperion grabs Superman by the head and twists it about, a great snap sounding through the sky. Parasite laughs at his long time foe’s demise as he drops him and he falls lifeless to the ground and lands with a dull thud. The rush flows between the two men as they realize they’ve just reached victory. They hover down to Superman’s remains and they are soon joined by New Sun, who appears to have not been harmed in the battle, the final three.

“You’ve done well,” comes a voice that the turn to face, finding the Timebroker. “You must rest, but then your next challenge will begin.”

And when this is said, the little bald man and the three survivors disappear from the Nevada dessert, and all is quiet once more.

Winners – Exiles
Man, I'm out of practice on this. I had a hard time getting this out, and it came out longer than I would have liked, but I'm just getting back into practice and I think it turned out pretty good. Eagerly waiting for POWdER's story so we can debate back and forth if possible :up:
I have my prep time up. It took a lot longer than expected, and I should have my matchup up tomorrow. Sorry about the delay, my wife had the weekend off (which doesn't happen often), so we were busy all weekend.
I bet you were. ;)

I don't know what I meant by that. :(
So, since POWdER doesn't have his write up yet, I'll go ahead and talk a little bit about the reasoning for my write up.

- If you noticed, I pretty much started my match out with my team on the ropes. I looked at the two teams and felt that POWdER's team has a distinct tactical advantage over my team, and so I worked it in. My team doesn't really have a great leader, so I played that up. I thought that it made it more realistic.

- As far as prep-time, I felt that more of my team would know of his, and that was the reason my team was able to turn the match around. Though their plans got screwed, they were still able to get back to some of it to regain the lead. Parasite would know Superman very well, but this otherworldly Superman would not know Parasite. My team would know of Taskmaster and High Evolutionary through the Crystal Palace, so no questions there. The Ray and Parasite would know a little of Parametheus, not a great amount, but enough to plan against. The only unknown character to my team would have been Disrupter and I think I really showed how that impacted my match.

His team would know few of mine. While Parasite knows Superman very well, this version of Superman wouldn't know Parasite at all. Prometheus may know him, but I doubt it'd be that well. Taskmaster nor High Evolutionary would know this version of Hyperion or New Sun, so they're unknowns to his team. I'm sure one of the two knows of Klaw, so thats why I had H.E. take him out so easily, he was prepared. And again, I don't think Disrupter would know anyone on my team. So my team knows 4 of his, and his knows 1, maybe 2, of mine. I think that's enough of an advantage to turn things around.

Just some two cents to think about.
Oh,.. dur dur. Okay, let me get a read through and then I'll tell you how much it sucks :)

Your supposed to PM me first and tell me...:mad:


Btw, I made a little bit of connection but not in full detail of some of your characters powers. But I was basing on one of HE bio's stating:

A highly evolved brain which has been heightened to limit of human potential, which has allowed him to commit to memory all recorded human knowledge

And I was "corrected" by Corp :p about the fact that both Prometheus and Parasite are a part of the society so they would in fact know about each other.
POWdER-man said:

Your supposed to PM me first and tell me...:mad:


Not that I know of. I'm suppose to embaress you publically,... and you have to embaress me to :)

Be brutal on my write up as I don't take things personally (you probably know that by now). You're trying to prove that your write up is better, so feel free to nit pick... I will. :)

I'm almost done reading yours and I have a few things to say about it... but over all it's definately pretty good for a first timer.
Alright, I finished your write up and I'll stand by my statement. It's good, Impressive for a first timer. There's nothing that I felt was obviously wrong, but I do have some questions and some nitpicks.

- The First thing is that you can use resources of your characters. High Evolutionary gave Taskmaster a vibranium laced club to use against Klaw. Has this ever been something the High Evolutionary has had? I'm just asking because I don't know the character well, but I don't recall hearing him ever doing anything or being anywhere that would require one. If he hasn't had one then I'd say it's stretching assuming he would have one.

- The more I think about it the more I think that you're right that High Evolutionary would recognize Hyperion from his alternate version. I don't think it'd effect your write up, but the Exiles Hyperion's been shown to be much more powerful than a normal Hyperion, as it took two of them and the Exiles to take him out. But you played him up well, so I think you did fine with that.

- I will say though, that I don't think High Evolutionary would know anything about New Sun. He wasn't a publically known character and I don't think anything was written about him. Heck, only maybe 3 people knew of him before his death and none of them have had any connection with High Evolutionary since that time (not that that'd be a valid excuse anyhow). It's of my opinion that New Sun would be a complete mystery to your team.

- As for the actual matches. I don't think you gave Ray enough credit. I do think that either one could have pulled out a win, but I think it would have been a tougher match for Prometheus than you portrayed. He has other abilities that would have made more of a difference that you didn't utilize, such as his light form that makes physical attacks faze through him, and his shrinking to the point of a light point. But other than that it was a good match. Entertaining ending.

- I don't mind your Kal-El Vs Hyperion match. I think the only fault was that you may have underplayed your own character of Kal-El, and then the big bruiser match went out in a whisper. Nothing wrong with this, just not my tastes.

- Now I'm still not sure what to think of the High Evolutionary Parasite fight. It was definately an interesting idea, and I do think it could work, but the only problem for me was that you seemed to have a waiting period where H.E. explained what he was going to do, or at least it came off that way. Parasite wouldn't have waited to be attacked, he's a brute. He would have just rushed in and attacked. He would have gotten close enough to take your energy, even without touching. Just my opinion anyhow. I'll leave it up to the voters to decide decisively.

Those are really the only nitpicks I have, and they aren't that bad. I think you did good for your first time out and I wish you luck :up:
JewishHobbit said:
Alright, I finished your write up and I'll stand by my statement. It's good, Impressive for a first timer. There's nothing that I felt was obviously wrong, but I do have some questions and some nitpicks.

- The First thing is that you can use resources of your characters. High Evolutionary gave Taskmaster a vibranium laced club to use against Klaw. Has this ever been something the High Evolutionary has had? I'm just asking because I don't know the character well, but I don't recall hearing him ever doing anything or being anywhere that would require one. If he hasn't had one then I'd say it's stretching assuming he would have one.

Well for someone who created an alternate earth I don't think it would be much truble for him to get his hands on Vibranium, even in it's raw form. Or since he can manipulate matter he could change an object to become vibranium.

- The more I think about it the more I think that you're right that High Evolutionary would recognize Hyperion from his alternate version. I don't think it'd effect your write up, but the Exiles Hyperion's been shown to be much more powerful than a normal Hyperion, as it took two of them and the Exiles to take him out. But you played him up well, so I think you did fine with that.

Yeah I din't think it would be a far stretch since there was a version in the same universe. But like I said he would know of his powers, just not the extent of it, so I agree with you there. Plus as it's shown in my write up I gave him some good shots at Kal-El.

- I will say though, that I don't think High Evolutionary would know anything about New Sun. He wasn't a publically known character and I don't think anything was written about him. Heck, only maybe 3 people knew of him before his death and none of them have had any connection with High Evolutionary since that time (not that that'd be a valid excuse anyhow). It's of my opinion that New Sun would be a complete mystery to your team.

This one could be stretching but it's at a moot point because Disruptor's armour automatically distorts the natural flow of energy and powers around him so a surprise attack would not work. Plus if Disruptor concentrates on subduing his powers he wouldn't be able to use them any further.

- I don't mind your Kal-El Vs Hyperion match. I think the only fault was that you may have underplayed your own character of Kal-El, and then the big bruiser match went out in a whisper. Nothing wrong with this, just not my tastes.

I'm fine with Kal-El beating Hyperion even more. It could went down harder at the end, but I was playing as if these two brutes were running on the last bit of energy left, where a strong wind could have knock either of them down.

- Now I'm still not sure what to think of the High Evolutionary Parasite fight. It was definately an interesting idea, and I do think it could work, but the only problem for me was that you seemed to have a waiting period where H.E. explained what he was going to do, or at least it came off that way. Parasite wouldn't have waited to be attacked, he's a brute. He would have just rushed in and attacked. He would have gotten close enough to take your energy, even without touching. Just my opinion anyhow. I'll leave it up to the voters to decide decisively.

He wasn't really explaining and then doing it, he was pretty well doing it immediately (since I hinted in earlier he knew his weakness) and than letting him know what he was doing/did.

Those are really the only nitpicks I have, and they aren't that bad. I think you did good for your first time out and I wish you luck :up:

Meh it was ok, I need to get a hang of these DC characters...I liked your write up though. I had nothing really to comment either than Disruptor had plenty of opportunity to negate New Son's power before he tried to charge his armour and that Parasite is still able to be overwhelmed in power and HE has a lot of power with one of those being his telepathy, which is damn near limitless...
POWdER-man said:
Meh it was ok, I need to get a hang of these DC characters...I liked your write up though. I had nothing really to comment either than Disruptor had plenty of opportunity to negate New Son's power before he tried to charge his armour and that Parasite is still able to be overwhelmed in power and HE has a lot of power with one of those being his telepathy, which is damn near limitless...

While maybe Disrupter could have negated New Sun's powers, remember that he and Ray was there together, and they were blown quite a distance away from Disrupter when Ray's powers backfired. He was mostly just getting back into their proximity when New Sun, lying on the ground, looked and carged. If anything, I was thinking that Dirupter would moreso focus on Ray, as he just saw him actually use his power.

And while Parasite can be overwhelmed in power, he hadn't absorbed, or was hit with too much in my write up. He was hit with a lot, but if he can absorb Superman's power with no problem, H.E.'s shouldn't be too much of a problem. And while High Evolutionary has an amazing mind, it wouldn't think it more than Parasite can handle.
Im editing although i dont think ill be voting in this weeks battles as i havent a clue how to do the rating system so either UJ can vote or ill just watch to see how it works

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