DTL Season 4-Week 2 (Set 4)


Jul 13, 2002
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The rules:
This is one of four threads, each containing two match ups.
The threads will be in use for 6 days.
Days 1-4 (Thursday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

When Day 5 (Monday) rolls around, I’ll post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.
To vote, look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take them into consideration. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up and post up the teams you think will prevail.
(Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, give each writeup a score out of 10, with the team you feel winning the match earning the higher score. No tie votes are allowed, one team must get a higher score, even if only by a single vote.

Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count!

The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 6th day (Tuesday) will get a W while the other will get an L.

The battleground for this week is: Frozen Antarctic Tundra

The Collective POWdER of the Superegos
High Evolutionary (MU)
Green Lantern (Kal-El) (DU)
Shaman (MM)
Prometheus (DR)
Morph (eXiles) (MR)


Lost Flock
Mary Marvel (DU)
Atlan (DU)
Black Tom (Plant form) (MM)
Speedball (MR)
Namorita (MR)

Devastating Silence
Doomsday (Doomsday Wars) (DU)
Misty (Seven Soldiers) (DU)
Gorgon (MM)
Tap (DR)
Northstar (MR)


Claws of Veeshan
Quasar (MU)
Mordru (Princes of Darkness) (DU)
Iceman (Age of Apocalypse) (MM)
Zauriel (DR)
Aztek (DR)

Devastating Silence
Doomsday (Doomsday Wars) (DU)
Misty (Seven Soldiers) (DU)
Gorgon (MM)
Tap (DR)
Northstar (MR)


Claws of Veeshan
Quasar (MU)
Mordru (Princes of Darkness) (DU)
Iceman (Age of Apocalypse) (MM)
Zauriel (DR)
Aztek (DR)

Loctaion: Danger Room ,X-men Mansion

And then they appear...

Racing to the ceiling, NorthStar: MISTY!!

Misty: !-S

Doomsday: No.

Captain Marvel: That was intense.​

Gorgon: Ha Ha Ha!!!... Most entertaining, indeed.

Doomsday: At Least three of us understand the rules.

NorthStar: I don't care that you can remember or NOT!.. You killed me last time!

Captain Marvel: And???​

NorthStar: Doesn't that Count for anything?!

Gorgon: Why would it? We really can't kill you., Only an idiot wouldn't forgive Doomsday for what he did... After all, He didn't have a consciousness to speak to you like he just did.

NorthStar: He only said NO!

Doomsday: And after all of this talk I still haven't touched you....

NorthStar: .... Okay., But I still don't trust you!

Captain Marvel: fork!

Now., back to what we Should be doing...​

NorthStar: Computer. Bring up a holographic visual and profile of our match this week, also combine any of my teammates resources as well.


X-men's Data-Base
Quasar... Error.
Mordru (Princes of Darkness)... Error.
Iceman (Age of Apocalypse)... Cross reference, Iceman
Zauriel... Error.
Aztek... Error.

Roulette's Data-Base
Quasar... Error.
Mordru (Princes of Darkness)... Error.
Zauriel... Found.
Aztek... Error.

Gorgon: Ha Ha Ha! Thats all we have?... Ha Ha Ha!

NorthStar: What are you laughing at? Hydra didn't have any information.

Tap: All I can tell you is that Mordru guy looks like hes wearing Dr. Fates costum, So hes gotta be an UBER mage.

Time passes, the team talks on, the night grows short and everyone(except for Doomsday(because he got enough energy to last a millenia)) he off to rest for the battle....

On To Battle​

Location: The Artic Tundra

Fading into the scene, Devistating Silence all jump into action...

NorthStar: Doomsday, Grab Misty and Tap. Craddle those two and jump into the thick of it, they won't expect Misty and Tap to be under you, so Misty, I need you to think of a way to stop Mordru. Or atleast slow him down.. Tap, Use you powers to cancel out Iceman and Slow down Mordru as well. Doomsday, Take out Iceman, Aztek and Zauriel in that order.

Gorgon your with me.

Misty: What about Quasar?

NorthStar: His outfit looks kinda familiar.., Like a Cosmic person. Me and Gorgon can distract him until you three get pass phase one., Then its field command from then on out.

Casting a spell before battle, Misty: .maet mraw peeK

Grabbing Tap and Misty, Doomsday day locates the other team with his telescopic vision, point out that the team has already seperated into two teams. Quasar, Zauriel and Aztek and Mordru and Iceman. Tightening down on Misty and Tap(Shielding them from the Harsh wind that could kill them at the speed Doomsday jumps), Doomsday rockets off towards Mordru and Iceman...

Doomsday: You'll have to stop us on this ice...

..., Misty: .potS

Doomsday, Misty and Tap Vs. Mordru and Iceman

Immediately, as the three warriors stop, Iceman starts covering them in Ice while Mordru summons a three-headed Dragon...

Protecting the weaker two, Doomsday: Tap, Do you have them?

Smiling, Tap: Once you have Iceman, I'll be able to mute most of Mordru.

Doomsday: Misty, I need footing if I'm taking anyone out.

Misty: Um, um, um...

Tap: How about flight?

An idea hits, Misty: Yea!.. !namrepuS ekil ylF

As Doomsday glows with magic, the dragon stomps on them, smashing them into the the snow covered ice plains... Bursting out of the monsters shoulder blade, Doomsday instantly runs over Iceman, Shattering him into thousands of pieces as Mordru clobbers Doomsday with a massive Green, Flaming Mallet, using his newly aquired Star Heart(The source of Alan Scotts Green Lantern Power).

Drawing in energy, Mordru: I may not have the Fear of the people to Feed off of, but I'm still More capable of defeating, only YOU monster!

As the dragon disappears, it is revealed that Tap is dead and Misty life fades as she utters her last spell...

Misty: ...niaP

Writhing in pain for the couple seconds that Mistys heart still beats, Mordru screams in agony as Doomsday darts to him, putting Mordrus head in his palm, squishing it....


High Evolutionary1 2 3 4


Prometheus 1 2 3


Green Lantern (Kal-El) Since this character was a one shot deal, there is no direct link to his powers but he would possess powers of Superman with a Green Lantern ring. Superman Green Lantern


Shaman BIO 1 2


Morph (eXiles) BIO 1 2

“What went wrong? Our strategy was foolproof, it SHOULD have worked,”
High Evolutionary ponders to himself about last match. “Could it be that
I could have done more, if only I had planned better maybe we could have
been better prepared. I never expected them to perform such a manoeuvre.
NO! It wasn't my fault, it was my….teammates…they were the ones who
failed, they were the ones who are not worthy to be here,”
Evolutionary thinks back about what the Spectre said to him before it

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! I EXPECTED MORE FROM YOU! If I wanted to witness such a pathetic display, I would have brought forth your worthless ***** of a mother.”

“I will not waste anymore of my time. You have 24 hours to prepare for
your next match, here are the names and faces of those you will meet
next. I anticipate better results this time. You have not seen the last
of me. Be warned, if you shall lose again I will return, and despite
your best intentions I will make you suffer. Oh yes, I will make you
suffer in the fiery depths of bad place. You will learn the meaning of pain
and misery, I will teach you to take this game more seriously.
However….maybe I should show some of you what I mean. Yes, I will take
two of your teammates, Taskmaster and Disruptor. They had the worst
performances of all of you…come with me my children. I have something to
show you.”

And with a bright flash Taskmaster and Disruptor disappeared and we
ended up back where we started, only to find two more individuals to
take their place.

Morph a changeling with a remarkable ability to transform into any shape
and size. He comes from a different dimension, and is part of a team
called the eXiles. A team that travels from dimension to dimension
fixing timelines that have been disrupted. The most interesting part of
him is his access to a place called the Crystal Palace, which enables
him to view any dimension he desires.

The other one is called Shaman. He is a witch doctor from my own
universe, and he is part of a team called Alpha Flight.


“Oh man that must be that clam burrito I ate earlier. Phew now I know
how it must be like to Watch a Pauly Shore movie. I can't believe I
managed to get myself stuck in this. At least I have my good friend
Tonto over here. The rest of you are just weird looking, and coming from
me that’s a bad thing. I haven‘t seen so much head gear get in the way
since my last date. Ouch, never trust a girl who says she will be careful.“

“SILENCE”, and with one mental blast the four others crouch over in pain
and their full attention is drawn towards their self proclaimed leader.

“This is quite disappointing. When I first met the Spectre, he gave me a proposal I had no choice in accepting. This arrangement is not my choice, but I never expected to be defeated in ANY of these barbaric matches, let alone my first. Mark my words, THERE WILL BE REDEMPTION! I will not suffer such inferior actions and results. YOU WILL BE READY THIS TIME OR YOU WILL ANSWER TO ME! Forget the Spectre, and remember that I will be watching each one of you.”

“Nice pep talk coach. You got me pumped. I’m ready for the big time

“Shut up you idiot, or I will download my information on Plasticman and
I will deal with you my way.”

“Sure thing, would you like fries with that? A soda? A shake? Some of
those baked little pies that have stuff in them, and when you got them they are hot enough to burn a hole through the ceramic flooring….”


“THAT'S RIGHT. Congratulations Big Head, now lets see what Vanna has
behind the curtain.”

“ Well Pat here we have a wide assortment of designer hats to cover that butt-ugly helmet you must wear to cover your even uglier face. We have one for every special occasion, including Hannukah, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and even one for a night out on the town with that special someone. That's right, you get a stylish tuxedo hat to distract their attention from you, so they won't be running for the hills. No guarantee on any promise.

S"peaking of gals, where the bad place are they? I haven't seen so many stiffs in one room since I went to that Viagra Convention in Las Vegas. There's enough Wiener in here to hold a hot dog eating contest....."

And with a thud and a crash , Morph slumps over and hit's the ground.

"Is he dead?"

"God I hope so."

"No, we'll need him later. I just "influenced" him to fall asleep so that he won't interfere with our planning."

High Evolutionary begins to pass out the names and faces of their opponents. "Now, let's review our competition."

Mary Marvel (DU)
Atlan (DU)
Black Tom (Plant form) (MM)
Speedball (MR)
Namorita (MR)

"We will first go over the individuals I am aware of. First off, Black Tom has the ability to control and manipulate any plant form. So much so he can duplicate himself. As well, he can drain the energy of those his tendrils grab a hold of."

"Yes I am aware of this villain. He has crossed the paths of the X-men many times. I believe my mystical powers and control over natural elements shall assist me in this match. Plus he doesn't appear to have any defense against a mystical attack or mind control."

"I agree, so we have our first match assigned, Shaman will face Black Tom."

"Our next opponent is Speedball. He has the ability to redirect and absorb kinetic energy for many uses. We will need someone who can take him down without hitting him physically."

"Ahhhh....my head, what happened?"

"Be silent Morph, we are trying to decide....who....should...yes, Morph. You shall face Speedball this round."

"Do I have any say in this matter?"


"Yeah me, let's just let the changeling be a punching bag. "

"Sounds good to me."

"Enough, moving on to our next opponent, Namorita. She is an Atlantean, and possesses the standard abilities of superstrength, speed, reflexes, and agility. Plus she has the ability to project acidic toxins by touch."

Hmm she sounds a lot like my former teammate Namora. She was a handful and this one doesn't seem much better.

"Hmm I will have to have access to Morph's Crystal Palace to learn more about this character as well as our other opponents. I believe I can take her but I must study her and formulate a plan."

I will assist you with some equipment to help take her down, more effectively. I believe she has a weakness to toxins, but we'll confirm that in the Crystal Palace.

"So fine, which leaves us with these two, Mary Marvel and Atlan. They must come from your universe because I have no knowledge of their existence."

Ohhh hubba hubba :eek: Can I trade Spudbowl with her? She can beat on me all she wants. I wonder what my chances are with her?

"Absolutely none you dumb ash. Yeah HE, they are both from my universe. Mary Marvel has high invulnerability, superstrength, superspeed, flight, the whole Shazam special. This is a no brainer, boyscout here should be able to handle her with no trouble."

"I will do my best to restrain her."

"Screw that, you have to put her down before she puts you down."

"Hey wait a second, no one mention anything to me about killing. "

"I would assume you'd be used that by now, from what you have told me Morph."

"Yeah well, killing was always a last resort for the eXiles."

"Well you are no longer involved with the exiles, so get accustomed to these changes, or you will get another visit from the Spectre."

"Moving on to our last opponent, Atlan. Apparently he is my opponent, so what can you tell me about him."

"Well from JLA files I downloaded a while back he is Aquaman's father. He is a powerful mage with many mystical powers."

"Is that all? Good, I am glad to hear that. This round should work more in our favor."

"We will all go to Morph's Crystal Palace to further study our opponents and become better aware of their powers, in combination with Prometheus' helmet details."

And with that said the five of them depart to be teleported to the eXiles' headquarters to review their data.
This will have to be brief unfortunately because I thought voting wasn't until tomorrow...:(

One thing I would like to point out is the lack of ability to acquire information. There are no Avengers, SHIELD, JSA/JLA members. So they would have little to no information of my characters.

Shaman vs Black Tom (Plant Form)

Shaman has the edge this match since Black Tom has no defense against mind control or magic. Shamna could take him out in several different ways. Including throwing dust from the Realms of Dreams to make him fall asleep. Plus Shaman is just that a shaman, a powerful one at that. He controls the natural elements around him including plants themself.

As for defense, he could generate shields, could make copies of himself or others to fool Black Tom, create illusions to confuse his opponent, a stone spell when used can solidify a person (used on Vision) and create a hard barrier around him, or he could use Spell of Bionatural Equilibrium to transform him into his natural state.

Winner Shaman

Morph vs Speedball

This is a tough match for Morph and there is no doubt about it, but with extensive knowledge of his opponent (Crystal Palace)and his long time experience with the eXiles that had him in many matches that did not favor him he can pull out a win.

For Example, Speedball uses kinetic energy to propell himself, but if he were trapped by something like a blanket which Morph can transform into he could trap him and slow him down until he is unable to move. And to subdue him he could hit the preesure point behind his neck which he used as an exile.

He has learned and use many different ways to subdue his opponent in his time as an exile and he has taken many beating where a physical blow would only "slightly" hurt Morph, only burns and radiation can truly harm him.

Winner Morph

Green Lantern (Kal-El) vs Mary Marvel

If this was just superman vs Mary Marvel, it would be an easy decision, but this is Superman with a Green Lantern ring which makes him much more versatile and capable of taking Mary Marvel not only physically but with his ring as well.

Mary will make interesting enough to last a while but Kal-El will just overwhelm her in the end.

Winner Green Lantern (Kal-El)

Prometheus vs Namorita

Well first off this match location in the Artic Tundra is not most ideal place for Namorita. In fact even out of water weakens her and the longer she is away from it, the weaker she becomes.

The second thing is that Prometheus would have an extensive amount of knowledge on her (Crystal Palace) so using that information and High Evolutionary's technology he could create a device that could dehydrate her in an instant. As well, with her mother being poisoned to death, he could use one of the many toxins he has with him at all times or create something more potent to poison her too. Along with that, him being able to download the best martial artist techniques in the DC universe he could at least keep up to her until someone else comes to his aid.

Winner Prometheus

High Evoltionary vs Atlan

This one has a powerful mage vs the perfection of humen evolutional's potential.

One thing with HE advance body suit is that it protects him at ALL COST, and also protects from physical, energy and mystical attacks to the point he could create a whole new body. This suit will give him protection long enough or him to either kill Atlan with his energy blasts, powerful psionic abilities, matter manipulation, psychokinesis, evolving wildlife in the area to keep his opponent busy, and his uncanny ability to create high tech weapons and devices in prep time to tackle his foes.

Along with with his suit he can create illusions, become invisible, create powerful shields in his defense.

He at least powerful enough to hold Atlan off until his teammates come and assist him.

Winner High Evolutionary and The Collective POWdER of the Superegos.
Voting may now begin....

Devastating Silence 7/10
Claws of Veeshan 3/10

The Collective POWdER of the Superegos 7/10
Lost Flock 2/10
Devastating Silence 7/10
Claws of Veeshan 2/10

The Collective POWdER of the Superegos 6/10
Lost Flock 2/10
The Collective POWdER of the Superegos: 7
Lost Flock: 1

Devastating Silence: 6
Claws of Veeshan: 1
The Collective POWdER of the Superegos:7
Lost Flock: 1

Devistating Silence: 10
Claws of Veeshan: 1

(O, and nice avvy, in-law)
The Collective POWdER of the Superegoes 6
Lost Flock 2

Devistating Silence 4
Claws of Veeshan 2
Final Scores are...

The Collective POWdER of the Superegos 33
Lost Flock 8

Devistating Silence 31
Claws of Veeshan 10

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