DTL Season 4-Week 2 (Set 1)


Jul 13, 2002
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The rules:
This is one of four threads, each containing two match ups.
The threads will be in use for 6 days.
Days 1-4 (Thursday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

When Day 5 (Monday) rolls around, I’ll post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.
To vote, look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take them into consideration. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up and post up the teams you think will prevail.
(Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, give each writeup a score out of 10, with the team you feel winning the match earning the higher score. No tie votes are allowed, one team must get a higher score, even if only by a single vote.

Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count!

The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 6th day (Tuesday) will get a W while the other will get an L.

The battleground for this week is: Frozen Antarctic Tundra

Gods and Men
Cosmic Spider-Man (What If?) (MU)
Flash (Bart Allen) (Titans of Tomorrow) (DU)
Vision (MM)
Deadman (DR)
Mr. Fantastic (MR)


The New Defenders
Dr. Doom (Power Cosmic) (MU)
Paragon (DU)
Diablo (MM)
Fascination (MR)
Grimbor (Pre-Zero Hour) (DR)

The All New, All Different Exiles
Magneto (The End) (MU)
Dr. Light (DU)
Chronomancer (MM)
Daisy Johnson (MR)
Deathstroke (DR)


Justice Knights
Superman (JLA/Avengers) (DU)
Martain Manhunter (DU)
Captain Britain (MM)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)
Note that I have Magneto (The End) version, not the normal Magneto. The differance is that he's made up of pure energy instead of a physical being, and other energy attacks make him stronger (specific types of energy was not specified, just 'energy')
Well, I'm not going to have time to do a full write up, but I have some interesting planned out details, so I'll share what I can of what ideas I had played out in my head. First, here's what little I did get done...


Magneto (The End) He’s pure energy. Other energies make him stronger.
Dr. Light
Daisy Johnson


Hyperion sits in the Crystal Palace and looks at the monitors before him. On them are the faces of those who they are to face next. He debates on fighting the battle again, but he’s decided to sit this one out and to allow others to feel that they have taken charge. He was quite fond of three of the four other beings that he duped into fighting for him this past battle, Ray being the exception. He has decided, however, to try five more men to fight his battles for him. His first problem with the last battle was that though he is a leader, their team had better strategists, so he decides to remedy this. He sees that his opponents are very strong in this area, and so he will have to find a leader stronger than they. He looks up Charles Xavier, but feels his passivity would be too great a crutch, and so naturally he moves to his greatest friend, and greatest foe, Magneto. He brings up all the different version of Magneto on all the different worlds, and one catches his eye. He watches in some great final battle on the Shi’ar home world as Magneto’s flesh is torn asunder. He watches as Magneto’s energies reform into an energy being, and he watches as he continues to fight. This is an older Magneto with all the experience his life has brought, but he’s also now beyond that of a normal human. This shall be his leader. He then looks to another screen at a character that he’s been eyeing. The man’s name is Deathstroke, and he shall be their tactician.

Hyperion continues to root through his monitors as he takes note of people who draw his attention. It is a long process, but in the end he has chosen his five. He selects them and types in a program to have the Timebroker confront them. They will be the New Exiles in this great game. Let’s see how they fair.

Now for the rest
This is all in note form, as I won't have time to write it. It wouldn't have gone as smoothly as I write below, but know that it would have eventually came around to this.

Okay, now I was going to have my prep-time focused on Shield Agent Daisy Johnson as she listens to her new team mates discussing and arguing. Magneto will quickly take the role of leader with little resistance. Chronomancer and Daisy would know him and who he is, and would allow him his chance to shine. Deathstroke and Dr. Light would stick together as members of the Society. They will confront Magneto at first, but will quickly choose to let him lead (though they do not fear him).

Daisy would listen as they discuss who they know and who they don't know. It becomes quickly established that all 10 characters would know of one another one way or the other. Superman is slightly differant, but it doesn't take a genious to recognize Thor's Hammer and Cap's Shield, and so he comes as no surprise. The other side will recognize Magneto, but not in his "The End" form, so that's a slight advantage they'll have, but only slight.

Battle Begins
When they are finished they will reach the Antarctice and be really cold, with little protection, but they wouldn't let it get to them. I was going to have them each find one another and Dr. Light lets the fight start with a major light flare. This may catch a few off guard, but Batman will have been ready for it and shielded his eyes. Daisy would follow the light flare by a massive Earth Quake to mix them all up. The Attack would then come.

I was going to have it start out with Deathstroke racing for Batman, knowing the light wouldn't stop him. He'd quickly begin his fight with Bat's but quickly turn him over to Dr. Light as he goes after Captain America.

Daisy Johnson Vs Martian Manhunter
These fight as Chronomancer goes after Superman and Magneto finds Captain Britain. Daisy stays back and searches for Martian Manhunter. Deathstroke will have warned them of his telepathy and that he would be their connection. Her job is to find him and take him out quickly, and she does just this. She finds him and from a distance creates a massive Earthquake within him, exploding his heart and most of his inner organs. He falls and their opponants loose the telepathic link that they had going in. She then was to aid Chronomancer in battling Superman.

Deathstroke Vs Captain America
This match was going to start with a nice hand to hand battle. During the battle I was going to have Superman throw his shield at Chronomancer, but it is teleported away and reappears right before Deathstroke as they had planned. He picks it up and he and Cap where then going to have a shield fight. It was going to be cool. In the end I was going to have Deathstroke launch the Shield at Cap. He'd block the shield but a small knife was hidden under the shield and connects to Cap's neck. He quickly grabs his neck in attemps to hold the wound and prevent the bleading, but he must keep pressure on the wound with both hands to keep from bleeding to death. He'd continue to try and fight Deathstroke, as by this time they are separated. I'd probably have had Deathstroke fire some type of electrical shock gun into Cap's legs, paralizing them. He'd then come right up and drive his sword into the back of Cap's neck, killing him.

Dr. Light Vs Batman

Dr. Light's main job was to keep Batman busy. He was going to do a good job, though Dr. Light's lights wont' do much to Batman with his protective eye ware. He waits for the right moment while watching the whole battle, and when Superman goes to use Mjalnior to summon a lightning bolt, Dr. Light grabs it and redirects it. He ends up frying Batman with the bolt and moves on.

Chronomancer Vs Superman

Now that his Shield and Hammer have done their part, Chronomancer freeze Superman in time and opens various portals as they close and lob off Superman's body parts slowly (and with arragance) until he's a bloody heap on the ground.

Magneto (The End) Vs Captain Britain

This leaves these old friends/foes to battle it out. Captain Britain would have given a much better fight than anyone on the Exiles had expected, and he would have lasted the longest, but with Superman's fall the others join him and it isn't long before he falls. I'm thinking that maybe the energy of his forcefield would have been absorbed into Magneto's energy field, thus opening him up to attack, where Magneto or Deathstroke would have taken him out, but not before he takes out Daisy.

It wouldn't have gone this smoothly, but you get the idea of what I would have had the match.

Winners - Exiles

Gods and Men
Peter Parker... Spider-Man! (Captain Universe)
Bart Allen... Flash! (Tomorrow's Fastest Man)
Vision! (The Android Avenger)
Reed Richards... Mr. Fantastic! (Smartest Man Alive)
Boston Brand... Deadman! (Dead Again)

Avengers Files
Vision, Mr. Fantastic

Fantastic Four Files
Mr. Fantastic

Titans (of Tomorrow) Files

Outsiders/Titans Files

“Took me long enough to find you buggers. What you all holed up in here for, anyway?” John Constantine asked as he walked into the meeting room in Titans Tower, of course, with a smoke hanging out the side of his mouth.
“We figured it’d be handier to meet here…”
“Besides, magic creeps us out.”
“Stupid !@$#s, you hear that Dream? The sods are afraid of a little magic.” Constantine yelled, seemingly to no one, although they all knew that he was referring to their ‘owner’.
“How is it, anyway, Mr. Constantine that you talk with ‘Dream’?”
“That’s between me and the boss, smiley.”
“Then I suggest we get on with it, and you tell us who our opponents will be.”
“Gladly. Bloke called Doctor Doom, with some fancy Power Cosmic thingy.” As John Constantine read the name out loud, on the table in front of them a hologram appeared, depicting Dr. Doom holding the Silver Surfer’s board.
“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Doc, how tough can a guy be that’s called Doom?”
“Yeah, I meant it sarcastically, ya git.”
“Can we move on, Mr. Constantine?”
“Yeah, lady called Fascination. Looks like a real looker.”
“Her attractiveness is not important, Mr. Constantine.”
“A) You sure you’re not gay? B) That body and called Fascination on top, I’m bettin’ her attractiveness is pretty bleedin’ important.”
“I’m married, Mr. Constantine.”
“Yeah, to your right hand, I bet. Stupid scientist blokes…”
“Does anyone recognize her?” but Reed was only met with blank stares. None of his teammates had ever encountered this ‘Fascination’.
“Continue, Mr. Constantine.”
“If you keep up that tone Richards, I swear I’ll…”
“You’ll do what?”
“Shove this cigarette up your arse.” John responded as he blew smoke right into Reed Richards’ face. “Anyway, ‘moving on’, guy called Paragon. Sounds like a Pokémon.”
“The Avengers files hold no records of a man with the designation ‘Paragon’ or a woman called ‘Fascination’.” the Vision spoke up, previously silent to concentrate on his access into the Avengers files.
“Then I guess you’re going in blind. Diablo’s next.”
“I’ve fought against him before.”
“Last bloke up called Grimbor. Pre-Zero Hour or some such.”
“Not ringing any bells here.”
“I have no found no mention of ‘Zero Hour’ or ‘Grimbor’ in the Avengers database.”
“Beats me, kiddo.”
“Don’t look at me.”
“Hmm. Troublesome. Mr. Constantine, what is the name of this team?”
“The New Defenders.”


Esteban Corazon de Ablo… Diablo! (Professional Alchemist)
Grimbor! (The Chainsman)
Victor von Doom… Dr. Doom! (Cosmic Doctor of Doom)
Fascination! (Time-travel Beauty)
Joel Cochin… Paragon! ((Not A Pokémon))


“Each of you has the files I pulled from the Fantastic Four files on Dr. Doom and Diablo. Having met both of them myself, I can vouch for the threat they pose. Dr. Doom especially, with wielding the Power Cosmic will be a dangerous foe.” Reed Richards spoke as he looked over to his team mates. He had risen to become the team’s default leader, a job that was a little easier now that John Constantine had finally left.
“Which is why you already have a machine capable of taking his powers, don’t you… Reed?” Spider-Man questioned. He himself had just fought Dr. Doom (or rather, a Doombot) minutes before he had been teleported away.
“Actually, Spider-Man, I don’t, which is why it seems wise to me to have you engage Victor. We’ll need to focus on the foes we don’t know.”
“You want me to fight Dr. Doom with the Silver Surfer’s power!?”
“What made you think that’d be a good strategy?”
“Because that’s the way Victor will be thinking as well, and he would not able to resist going for your power first.”


“I’ve noticed that Spider-Man has become increasingly troubled. I would not have expected him to question you the way he did.” the Vision asked Mr. Fantastic as he approached with a steaming cup of coffee and sat down beside Richards.
“Yes, he does seem to be more on edge than we’ve ever seen him before.” Reed replied as he graciously accepted the cup.
“It would seem to involve the power he currently wields.”
“Spider-Man told me he was teleported away moments before being ‘cured’ of this condition, so to speak. I tried to cure him myself, but…”
“It malfunctioned?”
“Dream appeared and took the device.”
“Fascinating. It’s apparently imperative that Spider-Man remains at this power level for the duration of this tournament.”
“It’s fascinating to be sure, but I’m not particularly fond of it. I can’t wait to return to Sue, Ben and the kids. I’ll probably even be glad to see Johnny again. Spider-Man has the increased burden of these Captain Universe powers.”
“Perhaps we should request an audience with Dream at one point, on the behalf of our friend.”
“Perhaps.” Reed responded enigmatically as he looked over the hot cup of coffee, peering into nothingness.


“You nervous yet, kiddo?”
“Against this Paragon character? Are you serious, Boston? The guy looks like he could be a part of the circus.”
“Coming from the guy in red and yellow tights.” Boston Brand quipped back as he was led around Titans Tower by Bart Allen, that future’s Flash.
“Ah, you have it easy anyway, you go up against that Grimbor guy.”
“And you’re the lucky fellah that gets to meet that Fascination dame first.”


“‘Surf’s up’? No, too lame.
“‘Metal face’? No, never mention the face.
“Something about his fashion sense? Yeah, that could work.”


“This Diablo seems to be quite effective as an alchemist.”
“Which is exactly why you will need to deal with him swiftly Vision. The potions he carries have given me and my family trouble quite a few times.”
“And you, Reed? You will take care of this Fascination?”
“No, I’ve already decided that it would be better to have Flash go for her first as soon as we hit the battlefield. Her name suggests the notion of a mind-related power.”
“You will send Flash for Grimbor as well, then?”
“No, with a bit of luck, Deadman will be able to take care of him.”
“So that the Flash may focus on Paragon?”


“You know Vic will probably be going for you first anyway, don’t you?”
“We’ll deal with that when the time comes. I’ll need for you to distract him long enough for us to come to your aid if need be.”
“Don’t worry webhead, me and Boston will get there soon enough.”
“Yeah, and we’ll all take the big guy on.”
“You nancys ready to go yet?”
“Delighting us with your presence yet again, Mr. Constantine?”
“Just get through that portal before I kill ya.”

Considering my exams are starting tomorrow, here’s just a quick play-by-play of what my write-up would have been like:

Flash vs Grimbor: Soon as the team hits the battlefield, Flash heads for Grimbor. This would be so that Deadman could be the one facing Fascination, as the two would have agreed to do off-screen during prep. Of course, considering Grimbor specializes in anti-superhero traps, and with knowledge of the Flash, the Flash gets trapped in one of his devices.

Score one for the New Defenders.

Deadman vs Fascination: Fascination has shown that she is capable of hitting people with her powers that are intangible, and Doom would be smart enough to equip her with a device that allows her to see astral forms (the guy isn’t called Deadman for nothing after all). Deadman is quickly disorientated thanks to her powers.

Score two for the New Defenders.

Mr. Fantastic vs Dr. Doom: First thing Victor is going to do when he hits the field is going after his nemesis. Reed is only narrowly able to evade the first few blasts, but Spidey steps in fast enough to start tangling with Doc Doom.

Flash vs Grimbor: Just as Flash is able to free himself from Grimbor’s traps via inventive use of his speed powers, he is hit with a blast of Fascination’s power by Paragon. Soon as he comes into range, Flash and Paragon start racing. Of course, thanks to the nature of Paragon’s powers, he is faster and is able to take the advantage at first.

Vision vs Diablo: Vision does exactly as he set out to do and engages Diablo in combat. The multiple concoctions that Diablo throws at him are either dodged or blocked, and Vision eventually gets close enough to Diablo to start phasing his hand into Diablo’s body. Diablo teleports away before he can be knocked out.

Mr. Fantastic vs Fascination: Mr. Fantastic is able to hit Fascination from a distance, giving Deadman a chance to recuperate. Before Fascination is able to properly respond to Reed’s attack, she is possessed by Deadman.

Score one for the Gods and Men.

Flash vs Paragon:
Strategy 1
Flash is quickly overpowered by the might of Paragon, and the two race across the world. Bart really hits the juice and puts his all into it, so that’s he brushing up against the wall of the Speed Force. Not to be outdone (and with no knowledge of the Speed Force) Paragon amps up his speed as well, only to race by Bart and directly into the Speed Force.

Strategy 2
Same strategy but Flash suddenly halts and Paragon speeds a short distance further, just out of the range of his power-copying abilities. This wouldn’t necessarily require knowledge of Paragon’s abilities. Paragon is left on the artic, and when Bart returns to the team, they can then deduce that he is powerless without anyone with power in his vicinity.

Score two for the Gods and Men.

Spider-Man vs Dr. Doom: These guys have been at it for a while. Because Doc Doom doesn’t have as much experience in the powers of the Surfer as Spidey does with his Capt. Universe powers the two are stalemating.

Mr. Fantastic vs Grimbor: Grimbor is able to surprise Mr. Fantastic and traps him one of his devices, specifically made for Reed. Obviously, Reed is unable to escape.

Score three for the New Defenders.

Deadman vs Grimbor: Deadman makes sure to knock Fascination out before moving on, hoping to take over Grimbor’s body. Prepared, Grimbor even has a trap for the astral form of Deadman.

Score four for the New Defenders.

Flash vs Grimbor: Flash steals Grimbor’s speed in an instant, freezing him. Flash is able to free both Mr. Fantastic and Deadman. They knock Grimbor out.

Score three for the Gods and Men.

Flash, Mr. Fantastic and Deadman vs Diablo: Diablo appears from behind and captures Mr. Fantastic. Before the others can do anything, the Vision appears and pulls the phasing trick on Diablo. Diablo is knocked out.

Score four for the Gods and Men.

Gods and Men vs Dr. Doom: Combining their forces, they are able to beat Doom. Flash steals Doom’s speed for one, Vision and Mr. Fantastic destroy his armour for two, Spidey knocks him out with adamantium webbed fists. Deadman eats imaginary popcorn.

Gods and Men win.
Voting may now begin....

Justice Knights

Superman (JLA/Avengers) (DU)
Martain Manhunter (DU)
Captain Britain (MM)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)


The All New, All Different Exiles

Magneto (The End) (MU)
Dr. Light (DU)
Chronomancer (MM)
Daisy Johnson (MR)
Deathstroke (DR)

Ok this is going to be a brief thing as I havent much time this week.

Deathstroke Vs Batman

This will be a tough battle for both as they are both very skilled fighters. Deathstroke being an immortal samurai and enemy of the Titans and Batman being skilled in almost every martial art on the earth and the trainer of one of Slades toughest opponents, Robin.

The battle will start with Deathstroke trying to play mind games with Batman but having faced foes like the insane Joker, it wont be hard for Batman to ignore and reverse them. Then the battle will begin. Although the speed and skill will be matched Batmans utility belt will prove useful to aid him in rendering Deathstroke unconscious with a variety of batarangs, explosives and gas pellets.

Chronomancer Vs Captain Britain

Chronomancer will try to surprise Brian with a quick portal as he flies above. Brian will act with lightening speed and use excalibur to seal the portal. This battle will go on for some time like this with Chronomancer keeping a nice distance between him and his prey however it wont be long before the brit out thinks Chronomancer and sneaks a swift attack at mach 3 speeds cutting him down. Brian will then fly to the aid of his comrades.

Daisy Johnson Vs Captain America

Captain America will dominate this battle from the offset. Daisy will try a variety of techniques to try and make Rogers loose either his balance or his shield. As Steve releases the shield she creates a quake sending large chunks of debris in the path of the disc knocking it off course and rendering Cap weaponless. She will then move in for the kill dropping her guard and not realising Cap is just as deadly with or without his shield. He will then with grace and skill somersault over the top of any quakes or craters Daisy causes and plant his foot in her face. He will then pick up his shield and move on. .

Dr.Light Vs Martian Manhunter

Light will try to confuse and stun J'onn by casting light into his eyes. The glare will disorientate the martian but it wont be long before he has his bearings back bringing a quick and powerful mind blast down on the unsuspecting doctor.

Magneto (The End) Vs. Superman (JLA/Avengers)

The battle will start with Superman trying to slam the shield of Cap into Magneto but his energy form will soon prevent this and the shield will be ripped from Superman's hand along with Mjolnir by Magneto's powers. He will cast them aside and watch as Superman tries in vain to strike Eric. Then Superman will use his brain and think at the speed of light and in the same speed of movement he will whip Mjolnir from the ground and use it to absorb the energy that form's Magneto's being.

Winners - Justice Knights

As I said brief...also i feel i played down some of JH's characters as the bios he provided were scarce and i didnt have the time this week to research.
Now I hate to be a ***** JH, but X didn't even do a write-up. :confused:
If someone doesn't do a write up then I judge their team, but 3 is the highest grade I'll give for it.
ummm...I think you might be confused....Gods of Men (Harlekin) did a write up while the New Defenders (X) did nothing. So Harl is probably confused on why you gave X 7/10 while he did a full write up and got only 3/10.
POWdER-man said:
ummm...I think you might be confused....Gods of Men (Harlekin) did a write up while the New Defenders (X) did nothing. So Harl is probably confused on why you gave X 7/10 while he did a full write up and got only 3/10.
Exactly. I'm the one running Gods and Men. That's my banner up there. ;)
Oops... my bad. Problem fixed. I'm feeling a bit dislexic today.
Gods and Men 6/10
The New Defenders 1/10

Voted myself....we cant do that can we?
Nightwing said:
Gods and Men 6/10
The New Defenders 1/10

Voted myself....we cant do that can we?

Yeah, we can't vote for our own matches.
didnt think so.didnt realise.....bit silly really.there should be a rule that we can vote our own matches we just cant give ourselves aa score of over 7 or something like that
Voting for our own matches is pointless since whatever score we give our own battle, our opponent could give themselves the exact opposite score. Canceling the two scores out. Which means if you didn't give yourself a 10-0 vote, you opponent could do that, and pull ahead with 'free' points.

I would have ignored it anyway. So no harm, no foul.
Gods and Men 6
New Defenders 1

The All New, All Different Exiles 6
Justice Knights 4
Gods and Men: 7
New Defenders: 1

The All New, All Different Exiles: 6
Justice Knights: 5
Gods and Men 6
New Defenders 1

The All New, All Different Exiles 6
Justice Knights 4
Final Scores...

Gods and Men 32
New Defenders 7

The All New, All Different Exiles 18
Justice Knights 13

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