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Duel (Game Show on ABC)


Half Monk, Half Hitman
Sep 27, 2005
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Is anyone watching this show on ABC? It's pretty interesting, and I love me some game shows that require knowledge.
The game was entertaining, but I am getting tired of the whole "... right after this commercial break!" announcement trend that's making the rounds with all the new game shows. It was playful and smile-enducing when it first started. Now it's just annoying to me.
It's super duper annoying know, and I like the host too from Mike and Mike in the mornings, but seriously that has got to go. If I didn't have DVR to cut this show down to like 20 minutes, I would never make it through the whole thing. I just want the questions, and the answers. I don't need to hear the fake suspense build ups.

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