Dumbest thread you made when you were a n00b...


Jul 20, 2005
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C'mon...everyone has at least one.
Well, I didn't think it was that bad, but I made a thread saying that is was odd that Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for "You Only Live Twice". I had about 12 people jumping down my throat about how "All REAL Bond fans know that :rolleyes:". Then the thread died.
Holly hell, here it goes. About 20 King Thor vs. threads, sad but it's true. Now I despire vs. threads.
Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for YOLT? :eek: holy crap!
:( I made a 'what if' thread......
Well mine was a "They should use the SV cast in the new movie" kinda thread...months after production on Superman Returns started. :O
...I think one about Liam Neeson on Leno or something.
best features thread

that one died

oh and why aren't women proud of their curves anymore?

when the obese rate is now 2 out of every 3 people :O
LostSon88 said:

C'mon...everyone has at least one.

I don't remember mine... but I know which one's yours :)
WHOA!!!....did someone just say 'dweeb'?!?! :o
this one

I'm not saying it was bad, it's from a time when everyone had an advice thread, and It was my comment on it.

0 replies, how fitting.
Aaaah... the good old days. Cecilia Reyes I was fooled by A show that came out 3 days after the incident was cleared up. It was funny. It was made one day, declined the next day and explained, ADN THEN it aired. LOL where here is my first one

I wanted to see ricky's avalanch photo

The first Robin time to come in thread

I had a stupid RPG thread,

A chalenge

For more information feel free to check page 2 of my started threads
I dunno. Obviously all of my threads suck because almost none of them reach the the 20 posts mark,and sometimes not even 10. :(

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