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Aug 3, 2004
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Marvel.com: Who were some of your favorite characters as a kid?

Edge: Everybody loves Spidey. I certainly did. Thor was a big favorite. And the Incredible Hulk for me as a child was huge too. As I grew older, I got into the darker characters. It's been a nice journey throughout the years to kind of grow up with the characters.

Marvel.com: So would you list Spider-Man and Thor as your all-time favorite characters?

Edge: Yeah. There's just something about Thor, the mythology of it. The helmet, the hammer—just everything. And maybe the hair too. [Laughs] I've gotta dress up as Thor for Halloween one year.

Marvel.com: I'm shocked you haven't already!

Edge: I know, I know. It's tough to find a Thor outfit. I'm going to have to create one, I think.

Marvel.com: What Marvel character would you want to play in a movie?

Edge: Thor would obviously be awesome.
Actually it was only about a year ago he was rumored to play Thor. I'd love for him to play Thor. I think he's one of the few wrestlers who can probably act and he does somewhat have the look of Ultimate Thor, without the beard of course. Plus he knows the material.
The U2 guitarist?
Maybe as Hogun, but not as Thor...

I believe its the WWE wrestler.

And if he can act I guess he could do a good job, I am just sick of people just suggesting people who look like Thor instead of someone with acting credibility.
Yeah it's the Wrestler, not the guitarist.
I said awhile ago Edge who be a good choice for Thor, but, I have NO clue on his acting skill and he is too old for what Vaughn is looking for.

Nice find Thorfan!
Watch Highlander: Endgame to check out Edge's acting game.
OH Yeah! I forgot he was in that. I need to catch up on my Highlander movies. I have the first one and my son has the others on vhs.
So putting aside one's WWE fanaticism, is he qualified enough an actor to pull of this leading role without making a mockery of the whole thing?
I don't know. I love Edge, and think he has a great screen presence, but I don't know how that in-ring screen presence would translate to theaters. Like, he is great on the mic and really sells his craft, but he doesn't scream leading man like, say, The Rock did.
No, he's not an actor, he's a wrestler, even promos require different skills.
I'm a big wrestling fan, but I'm getting tired of people suggesting wrestlers to play parts in movies. It rarely ever works out. Even the Rock's first few movies just seemed like a wrestler trying to act in a movie (though i must admit he has improved). It seems like these suggestions come mostly for comic book movies too. It's weird, and I don't understand it.
I believe its the WWE wrestler.

OH! haha. I don't pay attention to wrestling so I was reading that interview thinking it was The Edge from U2. That would have been weird to have him as Thor, huh?

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