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email addresses


bullet in your face
Jun 15, 2005
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so i think i have email ocd,ill make a new addy like it for a while and then ditch so looking for solutions and tips on how to create the perfect email;)
I've used the same email for the last seven years.
maybe i dont smoke enough,then id have the crazy ideas flowing for email addys
He loves his e-mail just as much as he loves himself:o KOL is the premiere pic poster in the photo album thread:woot:
eh im not quite as egotistical as that
i didnt say i wasnt at all:whatever:
don'tlookatthecamera@I'mshy.com :)
its a sunday,i cut loose
...What happened to the punctuation in the first post?! :eek:
You know, period, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, colon... the usual. :o
im too cool for all that shizzles

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