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ESPN - "This Is SportsCenter." Commercials


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Mar 7, 2006
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These things are GOLD! :woot:

Some of my favorites:

Eli and Peyton Manning

LeBron James loses his chair

Dan Patrick hits Stone Cold with a chair

Ben Roethlisberger fire drill

Kenny Mayne and Dikembe Mutombo

Anchor Cam
Good idea for a thread. :up:

This one has always been a favorite of mine...

The new Richard Simmons one is the awesomeness.
I love it :up:

It's not on YT yet, but hopefully within a week.
The video quality is awful on these, but they're two of my favorites...

The New Kid
Craig Kilborn's Assistant
and just because I've incredibly biased, this one. It's not even that funny, but I don't care. :cmad:
I couldn't find the one where Evander Holyfield is storming through the office looking for Charlie Steiner. That's gold.
"Charlie, come on out and getcha whoopin'! Steiner!" :lmao:
The Eli and Peyton is hilarious. They may be NFL quarterbacks, but they're still brothers..lol :woot:
Richard Simmons one is the best. Saw it this morning for the first time.

Let's get some baseball in here
I liked this one because it was so telling of that season.


Sweet #62


I can't find my favorite Scott Van Pelt(Unhand me Rapscallion!)
Lmao the y2k one was great. Mcgwire bashing a computer keyboard with a bat.
Wow that Y2K one was hilarious. Can't remember it but it's probably funnier now than it was when it first aired.

"Follow me! Follow me to freedom!"
The Y2K one has always been a favorite of mine.

Now this one is real old, but damn funny

Another oldie. Though now it can be seen in a different way

My favorite is when Big Papi puts on the Yankee cap, and the mascot sees him do it :woot:
Takes awhile for it to get to the commercial, but I liked it.

While this one isn't a Sportscenter commercial, it's for Sunday NFL Countdown, it's still damn funny

Bristol University
"History of the AFC Central"...no way I'm taking that one.

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