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Rob H

Aug 4, 2005
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Hey guys. I'm hoping to get a little help.


The above image is taken from an Oz eBay sale for the Essential Spider-Man series volume 1 - 7. If anybody owns these volumes, could you please tell me if the books pictured are what they claim to be? The reason I ask is because I haven't seen any other Essential volumes that look like the pictured 1 - 4. Any other Essential I own or have seen looks like 5 - 7. I'd just like to make sure before I bid.

I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks alot. :)
Yea, those are them.
I used to own them.
they changed the covers when they started to re-print them.
Thanks, ben. Do you know of any major changes made in the re-prints?
Other than the covers, I dont think that there are any
Looks exactly like my old essentials, I loved the colored bordering, Essential 4 has Bruce Tim Spidey artwork on the back as well
It's unfortunate that they've reprinted the Essentials with so many covers. The result can only be confusion.

Remember the days when a reprint of anything had the exact same cover as the first printing (as opposed to 17.5 "limited variant" covers and other gimmicks)?

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