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EVERYTHING Black Panther [merged]

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Aug 2, 2004
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Who should play the Black Panther?
Tyrese Gibson or Djimon Hounsou
KingOfDreams said:
Djimon Hounsou

Ya hes pretty much the perfect T'challa

Mekhi Phifer or Derek Luke. It should be someone younger IMO. Don Cheadle showed that people aren't going to throw a fit if an African American plays an African.

Djimon Hounsou is 41 and way taller than Black Panther. He's Luke Cage size. BP is a regular, 6 foot-or-so man with enhanced abilities from super-herbs, traditional training, and an advanced vibranium fitted suit and weapons.

I'd like to see BP just starting out as King or just getting into the groove of it. Maybe that can't be done. But I don't want him to be middle aged already. It doesn't mesh that he's already 42 and this is the first story worth telling in a movie.

My Dream would be for Mekhi Phifer to play T'Challa

Keith David to play T'Chaka

Beyonce to play Monica Lynne (character's a singer + the movie'd need star power)
Damn im glad that people are finally seeing the light and noticing that Djimon is the perfect Black Panther, ive been saying it for years!!
Seems like Jamie Foxx would be the obvious choice nowadays.
GL-Corps#28 said:
Seems like Jamie Foxx would be the obvious choice nowadays.

Oh no not Jamie Fox, he's 39 and far to old,LOL! Why are so many so stuck on age. Jeez it makes me afraid to get over 30. If they hired Bow Wow people would complain he's to young, it's a no win situation. Look their are no talented young black actors that i want to see play BP. Most of the younger black so called actors come from the music industry. Here are a few younger actors that have talent, Phifer is late 20's and if I'm not mistaken he's 28 or 29, but realistically hollywood is not going to make a BP movie with him headlining cause he's black and have no fan base to warrent the studio spending money to make this movie, and the same thing goes for Tyrese, Michael Ealy (oh wait he's 32, to old)and Derek Luke. Their's also Rob Brown, who's like 21 and a good actor, but I doubt most of you even know who he is, and it's why he won't be used. If the studio uses any of these guys, the budget will not be over 15 million, unless they cast an A-list white actor for the villian.

Their are three actors in Hollywood right now that a studio would finace the BP with a good budget, and that's Will Smith, Denzil, and Jamie Foxx, who still has to prove himself as a box office draw. If you wanna see a 100 million BP movie that is kick @ss, then Will Smith is the only option period!
Jamie Foxx:confused: He's a great actor and now has a box office appeal.....but Djimon Hounsou is a great choice as well.
Darthphere said:
Djimon Hounsou!!!!!

This babyish type of scrolling in leu of conversation when one has nothing to say of substance should be banned.
BT18 said:
This babyish type of scrolling in leu of conversation when one has nothing to say of substance should be banned.

Who died and made you moderator? :rolleyes:

My post has a lot of substance Djimon Hounsou is the ONLY choice for Black Panther.
Darthphere said:
Who died and made you moderator? :rolleyes:

My post has a lot of substance Djimon Hounsou is the ONLY choice for Black Panther.

Absolutely correct. There needs to be nothing more said on casting T'Challa. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. :wolverine
I figure that this movie has been in the works for long enough that it's eventually going to be made. So how would you like it done. Would you go for Wesley Snipes, Jamie Fox, Djimon Hounsouor someone else entirely. Who would you have direct. What story line would you use. Speak you mind about the Black Panther Movie.


I would start the movie as T'challa being a child and soon having his father assasinated by Klaw, show T'challa wound him but have hime get away.

From there i would go with Christopher Priest by having Ross in there, mostly for comic relief.But I would not go for Mephisto as my first Villian, I would go with Killmonger, he is just the essential Black Panther bad guy.

I would have T'challa avenge his fathers death in a sequel.


Black Panther/T'challa-Djimon Hounsou, some would say he's to old but i think hes perfect.

Everett K. Ross-I would Love Michael J. Fox for the role but i think he's to old now. I have no one specific in mind for the role maybe Mathew Perry.

Killmonger-I dont know who i would cast as Killmonger, maybe Micheal Clark Duncan but I dont think so.

T'chaka-Dennis Haysbert.

Director-beats me, maybe Ridley Scott, him and Djimon Hounsou worked together on gladiator and I think he could give the film the right feel.

A poster I made for fun.


The dates just wishful thinking
WildCard said:

The dates just wishful thinking

For me The Batman Begins costume is a copy of Black Panther suit.

Your fanposter for Black Panther is cool!!!!
Even though that's clearly just a touched-up Spawn pic, it's sweet as hell!
Your ideas have merit. Even the Matthew Perry one. All he ever does is play Chandler under different circumstances but that's just the kind of neurotic behavior Ross would need.
thanx. ya its pretty much a altered spawn poster but i saw the pic and i new it could be BP
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