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Fan made (teaser/trailers)

I wanna see a real teaser or trailer first
my favorites the last (extra p[oint for tien and frieza), like how every one uses king kong for the great ape, all he needs now is a tail.

the description in this video has links to 3 more DBZ fantrailers, this is the namek saga.

are you guys reading the comments of those fan trailers? some people are writting fake. some people are angry because those are fake. are they like f.... dumb or what?
their especially dumb when it says fake or fan made trailer right in the title of the video.
yeah. thats the best part. the title is fan mad.e and they writte that its obviously fake.

where are they making those people?
youtube has a machine that clones the same jerk that comments on the videos everyday
Some of those are pretty cool.
i never saw the movie. heard it sucked big time! that is a cool pic though. does resemble shenlong
The one by mangosilver is goodddd

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