Fantastic Four CW tie-ins

Yeah I've been. Why do ya got some questions?
I do... i heard which issues have to do w/a certain 'god of thunder' potentially, but what about this rumored return of doom? and when/what issue/how long ago did he "die"?
I'm thinking about picking up the FF tie ins starting with 538 since it seems like ASM and FF are the most relevant tie-ins running all the way until November.
Im sure the FF tie-ins will be the most intresting to look foward to with 2 FF going for a dirt nap
too be honest i've never actually read a FF comic before, or seen the film, i just remeber an old tv show of thiers.
i was planning on picking up the Civil War tie-in's as a kind of test run to see if they wereany good, starting with #538.
could someone give me a run down of what's been happening the last couple issues so i know what the go is.
cheers guys
I thought Doom was dead, but his robots were all over the place in a recent issue, and w/Thor's hammer doing what it did, where it did it, it alludes that Doom is NOT, in fact, dead but still in Latveria. So is Dr. Doom invincible and incapable of death or what?

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