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Iron Man 3 Favorite Action Scene In The Trilogy


God of Thunder
Dec 14, 2010
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What is your favorite action scene in the Iron Man trilogy?

Feel free to explain why if you would like to.
I would have to go with the scene in the first movie where he goes back to Afghanistan.
It's not really an action scene but I like the way Tony infiltrated the Mandarin's mansion.
I would definitely have to vote for the drone battle in Iron Man II. Although the film wasn't as good as the first, I think most of the Iron Man IIs problems were in the first two acts. The final battle itself was great (despite "robots" being a lame villain). In either case, t[BLACKOUT]he fight had War Machine and Tony Stark (actually wearing the Iron Man suit)[/BLACKOUT] in combat together against a semi-formidable foe. [BLACKOUT]Something Iron Man 3 severely lacked.[/BLACKOUT] I would have voted for the final battle between Tony and Killian if [BLACKOUT]Stark had been in the damn suit for it.[/BLACKOUT] :whatever: :csad: :doh:
Easily IM2

Iron Man and War machine ripping ***** up. Audience went berserk when he unleashed the lasers.

With the Gulmira assault from IM1 a very close second.
The Iron Monger battle from the first film. I'd never seen anything like a well done mech fight in live action before in my life and that knocked my socks off. Sure the later action scenes in other movies are bigger, longer and everything but they've never had the impact on me that the first fight did.
A lot are good but the Gulmira scene was a brilliant display of what the armour could do, plus the fighter jets after that was a great follow-up to the action.
Too early to say yet, but the airplane rescue might be it for me.
The airplane action scene. It's one of the best action scenes of any superhero movie not just the IM series.
While it's not the best (Afghanistan, the Plane Scene... there some that are better) my favorite is Killian vs Iron Man.

I loved the more humane Tony changing suits and Killian ripping them off.
As short as it was, for me nothing beats IM and WM back to back raising hell in IM2
Definitely IM and WM taking down everyone in IM2. The build up to that was absolutely phenomenal
1. Iron Legion vs Extermis Soldiers/ Stark vs. Killian
2. Destruction of Stark Mansion
3. Iron Man & War Machine vs. Hammer droids
4. Air force one rescue
5. Iron Man enters Gulmira
6. Iron Man cave escape
7. Iron Man vs. Iron Monger
8. Stark using a gunatlet Glove/Boot to escape The Mandarin's lair
9. Stark vs. Extremis Brandt & Savin
10. Whiplash vs. Stark @ Monaco
Rescuing the AF1 people as a chain was dang awesome.
Iron Man rescuing a village.

I guess I'm one of the very few that never cared for the climax of IM2. Never saw the drones they were fighting as any threats or even cared that much cause they were drones.
I loved the Tony vs. Savin/Ellen Brandt in the small town. Loved loved loved it.
I guess I'm one of the very few that never cared for the climax of IM2. Never saw the drones they were fighting as any threats or even cared that much cause they were drones.

I'm with you on that. There was no suspense in that scene at all.
1. Iron Legion & Iron Man vs Extremis Soldier/Killian
2. Malibu Mansion Attack
3. Air Plane Rescue/Tony vs Eric 2.0
4. Glove/Boot Sequence
5. Iron Man vs Terrorist/Fighter Jets (Mark III)
6. Iron Man In The Cave (Mark I)
7. Tony vs Ellen Brandt & Eric Savin
8. Iron Patriot Armor (Eric) vs Government Agents
9. Iron Man vs Whiplash (Monaco)
10. Black Widow & Happy vs Security Guards
11. Iron Man vs Stane
12. Happy vs Eric Savin
13. IM/WM vs Drones & Whiplash 2.0
14. Iron Man vs Rhodes
1. IM/WM vs Drones & Whiplash 2.0
2.Iron Legion & Iron Man vs Extremis Soldier/Killian
3.Iron Man vs Whiplash (Monaco)
4Tony vs Ellen Brandt & Eric Savin
5.Iron Man vs Terrorist/Fighter Jets
6.Black Widow & Happy vs Security Guards
7.Iron Man vs Rhodes
8.Iron Patriot Armor (Eric) vs Government Agents
9.Happy vs Eric Savin
10. Iron Man vs Stane
11.Iron Man In The Cave (Mark I)
12.Malibu Mansion Attack
13.Air Plane Rescue/Tony vs Eric 2.0
14.Glove/Boot Sequence
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"Iron Legion & Iron Man vs Extremis Soldier/Killian"

I've seen it twice now and that scene is epic but it really does matter where you sit in the theatre. I sat close the first time I saw it and that's a mistake. Everything gets jumbled and a lot is missed. Sitting father back, I enjoyed that scene so much more.
Gulmira is my favorite without question.
My absolute favorite scene of the 3 movies is the 1st time we get to see Tony suit up in the MarkIII. The background music, the amazing special effects, the best ever.
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Gulmira > Stark Expo > Malibu mansion > Monaco Grand Prix > Air Force One > Miami shipyard > Iron Man vs Iron Monger > Mark I cave escape

None of the other scenes are truly Iron Man action. Honestly the best balance of action overall was probably seen in IM3, it was nearly non-stop. But that does not make a movie great.

EDIT: I was just thinking how global the Iron Man series has been.

IM1: California, Afghanistan
IM2: New York, Monaco
Avengers: Germany, New York
IM3: California, Miami, Tennessee

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