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Jan 10, 2004
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self-explanatory. :o

-Peter vs Sylar in "Five Years Gone"

-Claire throwing herself out a window in HTSAEM

-Two-Face Nathan in the mirror

-Any scene with Monica using her powers

-Matt confronting his father, and trapping him.(even though he progressed too quickly)

-Jessica throwing Matt out of a window(they shouldve done the assassin angle sooner)

-Maury owning that little brat
Peter learning his abilities with Claude on the roof top. That was awesome.
Claire walking into Ted's nuclear radiation at her house and then regrowing her skin and hair.

The first time Issac painted sober.

Niki turning into Jessica at the hotel and putting her spiked heel to Linderman's thug's temple and threatening him.

Eden's death scene where she tried to get Sylar to kill himself.

And now, I'd have to say, Maya killing that entire village!
The whole Claude training Peter scenrio was great. I especially liked when Claude just chucked his as off a building and told him to fly. And after Peter crashed but then regenerated, he kind of just shrugs and says something to the effect of "meh, not what I was expecting but it'll do." The showdown with HRG and the Haitian was cool too, because it was the first time we really saw Peter control his powers, by using more that 1 of them, and save Claude.
sylar and peter in five years gone!- damn we need another fight like that
peter running topless
any scene with claude in it! - escpecially when he talks about regeneration and things being fantastic :p
I loved claires reaction when she first found out Nathan could fly very subtle but cool
We need a real fight between Peter and Sylar. Five Years Gone was just a brief snippet and then a bunch of lights being shown in the cracks of a door.

My favorite scene is any with HRG. Especially when he puts that *****e bag manager in his place :cmad:
When "We Interrupt This Program" aka the NEDM song played during DL's death.

Sure it was lame writing but that doesn't cancel out the fact that NEDM was on national television.:up:
- The first time we see Nathan Flying.
Any scene with Monica using her powers, even the simple ones like the cartwheels for Mohinder. Any scene with Elle, especially the brief scene when she electrocuted Adam and blew up Peter!
Peter recalling a power for the first time (I believe it was regeneration) comes to mind.

Peter had a lot of great moments in the show, come to think of it. But you also have to love Bennet's "Your last thought." *BLAM!* That was awesome.

I think the quote that gave me the biggest chills of all was "You saved the cheerleader...so we could save the world."
I loved claires reaction when she first found out Nathan could fly very subtle but cool

haha, loved that!:yay:

-The scene in Company Man where HRG starts thinking in Japanese.:up:

-Sylar-Nathan flying in Five Years Gone.

-I also enjoyed the little wedding scene with the twins
Actually i liked the 2nd fight between Sylar and Peter in Suresh's apartment. Just because Sylar had some of the best one-liners last season. Especially when Peter turned invisible and Sylar said, " that an interesting trick, I'm going to enjoy using that one.:
^^I liked that he used the superhearing to catch him.
- DL killing Linderman.

- Niki realizing she had super-strength.

- Peter/Sylar fight in Suresh's apartment.
-Claude training Peter on the roof
-Peter vs. Sylar in Suresh's apartment/the future/Kirby Plaza
-Future Hiro telling Peter the message
-Peter's explosion dreams
-Claire healing from the autopsy/sliced off toe/house explosion
-HRG thinking in Japanese
-HRG adopts Claire and we see little Hiro playing Gameboy in the background
-The Matt/Nathan fight in Maury's illusion
-Hiro's many funny lines
-Eden telling Matt that he wants to eat donuts
-Takezo Kensei reveals himself as Adam Monroe
-D.L. killing Linderman
-Monica attacking the robber using wrestling moves
-Hiro's interactions with Charlie
-Sylar painting the explosion with his mother's blood
-Sylar's various evil lines
-The discovery of the series of eight
-Nikki throwing Matt out of the window
-Future Peter and Future Hiro fighting the Homeland Security guards
-All the scenes with Peter and Claire together
The very end of Company Man was probably the most emotional moment in the show so far. Claire saying goodbye to her dad as the Haitian shoots him and takes his memory.
- Episode 14 Distractions: Sylar invading the Bennett residence under the guise of a Primatech employee. Just that entire scene between him and Mrs. Bennett; The music, Sylar's creepiness, the tension...excellent.

- Episode 16 Unexpected: Peter's training paying off, with him switching from telekinesis to saving himself and Claude, flying away from the Haitian and HRG.

- Episode 19 .07% - When Peter is revived after Claire pulls the glass from the back of his head. That moment is when all of the main Petrelli family members come together: Peter, Nathan, Claire, and Angela.
- Peter/Sylar's brief bout was sweet. Second confrontation, but the first time with Peter actually using his abilities, and Sylar's "WTH" expression upon seeing Peter's forehead gash close up.
-Peter & Mohinder vs. Sylar was definitely one of the better moments the show's had so far. I mean, when you saw the glass float up, you wondered how Peter was going to get away. Turns out, not so much.

-Maya killing the entire wedding village was my favourite scene out of the entire series so far. It was just so horrifying, the acting was fantastic, and the very concept of a woman whose eyes turn black and bleed is so satisfyingly creepy.
My fave moments:

- Definitely Peter vs Sylar in "Five Years Gone". Too bad we didn't get to see them going mano-e-mano (they had to close that damn door). Wish we can see more of such fights since S2 badly needs a moment like this.

- Jessica going all assassin-mode, and threw Matt out of window.

- Nathan tried to escape HRG and Haitian by flying (and that cool sonic boom effect).

- Claire going into her house while it was being nuked, and then walked out while her body regens.

- Peter saving Claude's life from HRG and Haitian, and being in command of his powers for the first time.

- Elle blasting both Adam and Peter from their back as they were trying to escape.

- Best moment in "4 Months Ago": Nathan trying to save Peter, then ended up saved by Peter after Peter went nuclear.
I know everyone has said Jessica throwing Matt out the window, but I really liked their reunion in HTSAEM.

''Didn't I throw you out a window?!"

Ali delivered that line spot on.

Elle's intro into the show has to be one of the best first time power reveals on the series. ''I can take care of myself."

Hiro trying to save Charlie.

Kaito and Hiro practice sword fighting over a Kensei story.

Claire getting her revenge on Brody.
Besides a lot of what you already mentioned... When Peter meets Ted, absorbs and losses control of his new power.

And when we see Isaac's first painting of the bombing.
- Hiro looking at that clock and the Second hand went back 1 second! The suspence was awesome, the payoff was huge and the scene was very simple.
I know everyone has said Jessica throwing Matt out the window, but I really liked their reunion in HTSAEM.

''Didn't I throw you out a window?!"

Ali delivered that line spot on.

That was one of the funniest scenes in heroes in my opinion :up:

I liked...

Sylar killing Jackie than chasing Claire and Peter

Claire coming out of her burning home and slowly regenerating from crispy claire to normal claire, really cool!

Of course...Jessica throwing Matt out the window and their little reunion

Sylar/Eden showdown

DL and Niki vs Linderman

Monica using her powers for the first time to fight off the burglar

Sylar vs Hiro in Sylar's mom's appartment.

Niki/Jessica fighting off one of Linderman's guys in the elevator.

Nathan and Hiro meeting at that diner in the middle of nowhere...very funny.

Claire's death scene in the future, I thought it was sad but if they have to kill her off in the show, it should be in Sylar's hands

And sylar vs peter in Suresh's appartment...especially the bit when the glass goes into Peter's head, that looked cool.
Hiro putting the sword through Sylar
Claire on the autopsy table
Claire coming out of the burning house
Peter learning how to regenerate :)
Nathan and Peter flying into the sky
"Didn't I throw you out a window?"

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