February Fan Art Contest Voting Thread


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Apr 29, 2004
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Here is the thread where you vote for the February Fan Art Contest winner. You may vote once.

Votes are anonymous.

The poll will be up until March 10th. The nominees will be shown below:
part 1


6B and Mechanical pencils, b/w acrylic and ink washes on 8X10 vellum paper.

painted over the drawing in photoshop cs2.

7 hours.

My Entry Made just for the show
Cosmic spiderman

From When he had the powers of Captain Universe - and could kick just about anyone's ____

Yes I know in comics he was usually depicted blue and white but Blue is often a reference color for Black and black fits better in this scene

If people wish a wallpaper size image of this here -> http://s516.photobucket.com/albums/...n=view&current=spiderman-group-colored333.jpg just switch ZOOM to full

Note on this art instead of how the comics did this character of simple dots for space - I went a bit further (may be easier to see in full size image link above) I added planets, stars and space to his costume to make more of a "cosmic" look

I created all the art planets - space etc

I like having a broad theme like 'all things spider-man'. At first, I thought I'd be doing villains.

I was doodling away and finally decided to try a Steampunk version... and this is the result:


I had lots of fun with this. Hope you enjoy! Comments are always welcomed!

Check out my fanart thread, if you're interested in seeing some of my other stuff or a bigger version of this piece! :)

Something new that I was playing around with. I would have colored it but I kind of like the b/w look.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Here's mine... unless I get something else done soon.


Are you a true geek? Can you spot the easter eggs?

ok thanks:-) made this without any measuring nor sketches with chicken mesh and papier-mâché

its more or less life size and hes hanging on the ceiling 5 meters high watching over us:-) hope that 1 photo is enough...
Too bad not many more choices :( but these were cool good luck guys
voting ends March 10th so please vote if you haven't done so
Congrats to B-Man on the winning the February Fan Art Contest!
Thank you comicchick, this does really mean alot to me, :)

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