Final Fantasy XIII delayed


Jul 19, 2002
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At Square-Enix’s fiscal meeting they candidly mentioned the White Engine development is moving at a sluggish pace. However, they are not abandoning creating their in house engine. Since the engine is the backbone for Final Fantasy XIII it seems likely that the Playstation 3 game will be further delayed. Square-Enix did not mention a date for Final Fantasy XIII (maybe now 2009?) or Dragon Quest IX, which was originally slated to come out this year.
It's odd, I mean Capcom has gotten their Framework egine up and running with no problems. Granted the Framework engine seems to be a 'Jack of all trades' engine, and I'm pretty sure whatever the White Engine is, is suppose to be very intensive and advanced.
A Final Fantasy game delayed. Hardly a surprise. I'd be far, far more surprised if it came out on schedule and didn't take a further 2 years to reach the UK.
did anyone really expect it to come out in 2008? I was always expecting 2009
Maybe not.

Reports from N4G and Siliconera are saying that at the recent Square Enix fiscal meeting Square Enix said that development of the engine has become stagnant. This is not true, but a mistranslation. Google Translator mistranslates it as well, likely the source of their translation.

In the report on the fiscal meeting by they speak of recent earnings from, and sales of, recent Square Enix games and only mention the white engine momentarily in the report. There is no further word on Final Fantasy XIII or development of the engine outside stating that development is NOT stagnant. This obviously means development of the white engine is still ongoing and going smoothly. It is likely of no worry that the engine is still being worked on as improvements to most game engines are continuous up to their games' completion.
False alarm, sorry for posting inaccurate news.
So it didn't even have a release window, but they delayed it anyway? Wow, that's bad, even for Square. :huh:
Final Fantasy XIII delayed? I didn't know anybody still cared.
I hope they do a behind the scenes "making of" featurette or something. I've always wondered how they manage to cram 10 years of boring cg movies into their games with only 5 years of development time.
FFXIII is not delayed, and FF games have some pretty cool CG.
You'll agree with me at some point, I can wait.
I've held this position since we met, I'm not budging. Final Fantasy games have excessive amounts of really terrible CG. And I don't mean terrible as in the images don't look real enough or something, just terrible as in "being used to express a bad story, displaying magnificently idiotic things, and/or using ****ty anime techniques/conventions".
You mean like Dirge of Cerberus? Any specific game in particular?

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