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World Fire!



Pardon my ignorance, but is Pyro from X-Men II and the forthcoming X-Men III a character that originated in the comics or was he created specifically for the movie?
Additionally, what other fire-based heroes and villains are there in the comic book universe? I can only think of two: The Human Torch from The Fantastic Four and Firestar from the TV cartoon Spiderman and his Amazing Friends (was she from the comics or created for the show?)
Thanks for your help.

Philip (nineteen7d5)
Pyro is a long standing comic book character. Been around for a good while before the movies. Friends with Avalanche.
There are millions of fire mutants: Sunfire,Sunpyre,Sunspot(sorta),Thunderbird(sorta), Flashfire,Rusty Collins, Selene(she can use fire),Vindaloo ect.
Thanks for the help, guys! Much appreciated!

Philip (nineteen7d5)
psylockolussus said:
Magma is also a fire mutant.
Yeah I forgot her, although she is more lava and magma like, but its the same idea.
although u should know pyro is dead in the comics. he died from a mutant specific disease called the legacy virus. though in the end he died saving a human senator from another member of the brotherhood.
Thanks, again, everyone. Does anyone know if there's a superhero or supervillain that goes by the name Inferno??

Philip (nineteen7d5)

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