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FTB's HAVES/WANTS Thread 1-25-06


Back from the dead
Oct 24, 2004
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My HAVES list of the figs I have for sale and/or trade is below, followed by my WANTS list. The ones that are still new are listed as MOC, the ones listed with LD mean loose but displayed only. PM me with any offers or questions. Thanks!!


X-Men (New Line)
Stealth Cyclops LD
can get any of the Wolverines, Ruby Armor Cyke, Gambit, Tech Beast and Angel

Marvel Legends
NOTE: I have plenty of Marvel Legends so if you have any of my Wants I may be willing to part with one of my figures from my own collection. These are the only duplicates I currently have:
FA Spider-Man LD
Scarlet Witch MOC

Fantastic Four Movie Figures
Space Gear Benjamin Grimm w/ red space dust MOC

The Batman
Mr Freeze MOC

SOTA Street Fighter
Adon MOC (Player 1 version)

Star Wars Saga '06
Obi Wan Kenobi MOC (Ultimate Galactic Hunt version)
Anakin Skywalker MOC (Ultimate Galactic Hunt version)

I also have plenty of other figures and bases I'd be willing to trade/sell for some of my major wants. Just PM and ask!!! :D

WANTS (loose/displayed-only figures are fine)

DC Direct
Blue Beetle
Jason Todd as Hush
Mad Hatter

Marvel Legends
none at this time

WWE Classics
Bret Hart/The Rock/Shawn Michaels 3 pack
Bret Hart (wave 1)
Bret Hart (wave 3)
Andre the Giant (wave 6 only)
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (wave 6)

Marvel Figure Factory

NECA Cult Classics figures (6" scale only, not 15-18" scale)
The Crow
Frank the Bunny

Mezco Dark Horse Comic figures
none at this time

McFarlane Figures
MM6 Stealth Predator

SOTA Street Fighter
Fei Long (color doesn't matter, he's for fodder)
Damn, you got a JJJ? I mighta taken that from ya.
And I got my eyes on that other Sentinel too.
Whats the word on the WWE Classics?? I want some of the ones from the series past the ones I've listed but I have to sort through those.
Uh....Dude, I haven't been to the toy store yet.
Nuthin' much Torchd.

See anything on my list you want??
Not really, btw have you seen those star wars titanium series of sw ships? they rock!!
I've seen some. Only one I'd probably get is the Slave-I
Yeah, I got him on Thursday. Looks like I need to update my list.
Yea, I was gonna say that I could get you one after I got paid. Oh well...
Thanks but I got him. Even swap for the MIP X23 I traded in.

Thanks though. Yo Santo, how available are the WWE Classics from the older waves over yonder??
Not very. I'm going to TRU again tomorrow probably so I can check there, I neglected to today. There's not a huge market for them down here.
Ya know, I may have interest in that jameson figure...
Say the word and its yours brudda'.

BTW,there is some of the newer WWE Classics I want. I'll be adding them on my WANTS list in a few.
ok, well, I'm off to bed. let me know about maestro! I really have no idea when it's shipping.
How about the Mankind from the Undertaker/Mankind two pack?
Hmm, you have any pics??

And why not offer up both??

My batteries are dead on the camera.....it's this one though:

Oh, sorry...Yeah I'll do both....uhhh they are lose, Mankind has a small scuff on his right arm...I'll take a picture of it tomorrow for you....I might just ship them both to you for free.....you can pay me back someday or something. I don't know.

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