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Nov 30, 2007
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What "future Batman" story do you prefer? Some examples would be Frank Miller's DKR or the Batman Beyond television series. Elseworlds and different universes also work.
I would have to go with the Batman Beyond scenario, I liked how Bruce was still "Batman" until Terry fully earned it in "epilouge."
Paul Pope's Year 100 was cool, but a lot of it wasn't explained and partially ties into Frank Miller's work.
Batman Beyond - its more respectful to the mythos and Terry had to earn the right to be called batman in both bruce's eyes and the viewers eyes!!

The crew succeeded!
Beyond was cool, especially how Bruce still tortures himself with the memories of what he failed to do.

That's what always gets me about Batman. He never celebrates his achievements. He only thinks about the things he couldn't help. Tim, Barbara, Gotham.

Beyond..definatly. I wish they'd tie up the loose ends from that show....or relaunch it.

I hated Year 100.
I'd probably go with Kingdom Come.

Batman is a grizzled old guy who still fights his battles (from the cave, with an army of Bat-robots). His identity isn't secret anymore so he doesn't have to pretend to be a playboy. He's cocky and no-nonsense like you'd expect him to be, and he seems to enjoy what he does (he even smiles). I think it's a great take on the character in the context of the story (which I think is key to answering this question).

I'd go with DKR as runner-up.

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