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Jun 19, 2000
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After recent poor business with Dreamland comics I looked to move my business elsewhere and found http://www.g-mart.com. I started up subscriptions with them and I am pleased to report excellent business thus far.

When I setup my subscriptions I found out that G-Mart does subscriptions 2 months in advance. (ie. when I setup my subscriptions they were to start with July's comics, although they would be paid for this month -- 2 months in advance.) I went ahead and setup my subscriptions anyway, figuring I would have to suffer with Dreamland for 2 more months.

HOWEVER, to my pleasant surprise, after I setup my subscriptions I recieved an e-mail from g-mart thanking me for settiing up an account etc with them and they confirmed that my subscriptions were scheduled to start in July BUT they offered to start my subscriptions earlier if I so desired! Obviously I accepted the offer and g-mart put me down for June's comics and the remaining comics coming out this month that I want. The May comics I want that have already come out I will have to order normally on their site, but all in all I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. :up:

A big thumbs up for g-mart.com and I can safely reccomend it to everyone looking for a place to buy their comics. :spidey:
don't give them a thumbs up until you actually GET your books ;)

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