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Gaming Headphones


Dec 5, 2001
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So I just moved out of my apartment to live with some friends. In doing so, I've had to sacrifice my nice surround sound system, until a few people here move out. Wanting to be able to play my games when without bothering anyone, I figured I'd look into some headphones. I don't need one with a mic and wired/wireless isn't a concern. I've seen a few advertising"surround sound", but I'm iffy on the quality of those (I've never tried them). Any suggestions?
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Turtle Beach is great. I love mine.
Thanks for the info. Does anyone have any experience with the speakers claiming to have 7.1 surround sound?
I think turtle beach has those as well.
oh here's what came up to day


Gift Guide Q&A Part Three

Victor and Scott assist Holiday shoppers with games, headphones, and consoles


the one mentioned here in this video is called the ps3 pulse "impulsion " wiresless head sets and they say it's good too. and they will work on any system that play's games. and the mic as they said is built into the head sets "can" so it's concealable and you don't look like those that ether are phone operators or air traffic controllers. you can work this on Xbox systems and iphone stuff like your ipods too.
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I have Astro A40. Very expensive but great quality sound for games & films.

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