Gary Friedrich Interview: Submit your questions Now!


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Mar 13, 2006
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Alright guys, I'm accepting questions for Gary Friedrich (creator of Ghost Rider) in an upcoming interview with him.

Ask as many as you want, and the best ones will be submitted for the interview.
I definitely would like him to answer these questions:

1. Gary, how would you have developed Johnny Blaze’s character if you were to remain as the Vol. 1 series’ writer throughout its run? Would you have followed the same, darker style introduced by later talents like Michael Fleisher and J.M. DeMatteis (that eventually led to the creation of Zarathos) or would it have been vastly different? Would the curse eventually have developed into the same “host/demon relationship”, or was it to simply remain as Blaze’s extension?

2. I loved your work on Linda Littletrees and have always regarded her as one of the most promising, yet underused characters/villains in the entire GR Mythos. Were there any other plans concerning the development of her character – right after she was last seen in issue #4?
^ Lastly Sun, please send my deepest words of gratitude to the man, himself. If it weren't for him, the world would never have experienced Ghost Rider.

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Here's a few questions for Mr. Friedrich:

1) What was your opinion on the Ghost Rider series' slow transformation into a super-hero series instead of the more horror-oriented stories you started with? Would you have continued with the horror angle or was the "superheroization" of the book out of your hands?

2) If I remember correctly, you left Ghost Rider, Son of Satan, and Monster of Frankenstein all around the same time. Why did you step down from those books (or was it even your choice?)?

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