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General PC Discussion

While Bethesda games always tend to run best on PC, I hate to be a buzzkill, but the gameplay trailer didn't really inspire any interest in me. It looks like BGS is using the same old technology they have been clinging to for 20 years. I am also very wary of the writing and quest design. Big games and a big open world don't do it for me like they did 15 or 20 years ago unless the content therein is awesome. I feel like BGS' quest design and writing has been getting increasing boring and generic since Oblivion.
Did you watch the Direct by any chance? I thought it was amazing (and I wouldn't call myself a Bethesda-specific fan, beyond just being interested in significant games and loving fantasy and sci-fi settings). That said, writing and quest design I can imagine not being up there with the best if that's your main priority, and also if big open worlds aren't as interesting for you then it also loses a big selling point.

Outside of that thought it seems like something very different to most other games out there to me and ambitious in a number of areas that other games don't aim to be good at. For eg emergent gameplay and persistent placing of objects/dead bodies/events throughout a playthrough allowing for a lot more flexibility in what you can do and interact with meaningfully, and knockon events from random occurrences. I prefer smaller worlds like Mass Effect with better quest design and characters and tighter set story, but this has me intrigued after the Direct impressed me a lot more than I expected.
I will eventually play Starfield on PC once I build my new rig. I don't know when, but hopefully by then a ****load of mods are out and BGS probably released the complete edition or whatever.
@Joe Von Zombie @Lily Adler

Steam Deck OLED revealed.

Steam Deck 2 is at least 2-3 years away.

Next up, Yang said his team will work on a Steam Deck 2, which will feature a “next-generation” power upgrade but won’t be available for at least two or three years. Unlike with many past experiments, Valve appears to be committed to the device for the long term.

“A lot of folks at the company are excited about this product,” Yang said. “We are very invested in the Steam Deck.”
Fun fact: The PC emoji on my Galaxy is sleek and modern... while it's an ugly 2000's tower on Windows. 🤣
Anyone get an asus rog ally? One is on special at the moment and I’m really tempted
Anyone get an asus rog ally? One is on special at the moment and I’m really tempted
The ASUS ROG Ally runs on Windows 11 so you can play more games out of the box (GOG, EGS, etc.) vs the Steam Deck which runs on Linux but can run pretty much any games thanks to Proton/Wine. Thus, you also have access to Xbox Game Pass with the Ally.

The Ally has generally better performance and has a better screen (120Hz and higher resolution, LCD though). I guess it comes down to whether you like the controls layout on the Ally which is similar to the Xbox's controller. Finally, check some reviews for power consumption. The Ally comes with multiple "modes" if I remember correctly.

If possible, try it in hands at the store.

Do these guys still make these?
Finally got my asus rog ally! It’s taking a bit of time to get used to the controls but I’m having fun. Really great playing demos like Selaco


Think more likely to get some love here than in console forums.

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