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Golden Retrievers...


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Mar 7, 2006
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Are the BEST DOGS ever.


How can you not resist this cute face? (Big picture)

My mom and dad had one when they were together, had it when I was born. Loved that dog :csad:

My dad has another one at the moment, it's awesome too. :up:
They are very lovable loyal and affectionate dogs and they are great at protecting.

but i love other dogs too.

Pugs, terriers, And chihuahua.

i have a chihuahua, its some weird breed, they call em deer chihuahuas.. chihuahuas are supposed to have shorter legs but my dogs are pretty long, shes taller than most chihuahuas.
I've gotta admit they are cute, tho I've never seen one in person :csad:

My brother is gonna get one but he's waiting to move into a bigger house first

oh and I have a chihuahua and she's cute too :woot:
My dog's a retriever/black lab mix, and she's awesome. :woot:
Golden Retrievers are nice and extremely loyal but are too dumb and overly playful IMO.
I had a golden retriever named brandon when i was younger . it was the best dog i had ever owned. Unfortunately he got out the door was left open and a woman was speeding from the cops and she ran brandon over. She did stop and claimed she didnt see the cop behind her, I hope she rots in hell. Anyway I watched him die, they had him set up with tubes at the animal hospital. I remember going in , seeing it then walking otu and puking in the parking lot . I was twelve at the time.

But Boxer puppies are cute.
I hate boxers, those are slobber machines and would chase their own tail if it presented a fight.
I have a yorki/chitzu. If I didn't though I would definatley have a Golden Retriever, but I love my pup. :o
Bulldogs, boxers, labs, chihuahuas, yorkies, bloodhounds, weiner dogs, shih tzus, chow chows, poodles, pugs, and rotweillers all suck.
None can withstand my awesomeness of COD4.

Aussies, german shepherds, dalmations, golden retrievers, schnauzers, some terriers, and weimaraners are good dogs.
I do brag though. :o

And PWN3R was all "Banky, 44 kills 3 deaths? wow!!" but at the end of the game I was yelling "take notes everybody, take notes!"

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