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Jul 26, 2012
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so. This GOTG concept art. Whats the deal? I have read more than once that this is the "full lineup." Can they do a GOTG movie without Adam Warlock? I dont like that idea one bit.

Less specifically, did you notice anything we didn't? What are those structures in the sky? What planet are they on?
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those star looking things could be ships. some have metallic looking pieces in the center of them. or maybe they are defense turrets or sentry ships, like guard towers.

also adam warlock didn't start on the team so of course they can do it without him. who knows maybe he is an easter "egg" in the movie, or they add him later.
I'm very skeptical as to how this is supposed to run concurrently with the Avengers movies. Seems like Marvel is really stretching it.
I think it will be a great test to see how well an unknown franchise does in this MCU.

The outlandishness is a glaring theme throughout GotG comics. Jack Flag says "I ****ing hate cosmic stuff. I just don't get it... I mean, Captain America I get Cap. I get the Falcon. I even get Iron Man. They belong to the regular world. A regular world I understand. But cosmic stuff?"

I just hope Disney doesnt forget the success of the universe as a whole and try to cut the budget if GotG doesn't do as well as we hope.
they did well enough with thor who is cosmic.
I think Adam will be in the movie, just not as a member. He might play a role similar to Fury.
Yeah, those things in the sky are more than likely ships. And given their design, I think they may be Universal Church of Truth ships. The design seems pretty peculiar unless you're trying to make some kind of statement.

The only thing I'm not sure about is Drax. From the look of it he's got a Frankenstein's Monster thing going on, looking like he's been sewed together from multiple pieces. His body's synthetic, sure, but that doesn't mean he has to look so obviously sewn together. It was Chronos, the God of Titan who made him, after all. Not a daffy college student in his dormitory using bits and pieces procured from his nightly grave robbing.

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