'Guys and Dolls' Remake

Guys and Dolls? Never heard of it.

Is it, like, a sequel to Lars and the Real Girl? :o

JGL, sure, but can Tatum sing?
The original is a classic and as much as I love JGL they wont be able to top Sinatra and Brando, especially not Tatum.
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...but they'd better keep that one "marry the man today" song in there. It's been the highlight of all the stage versions I've seen of the show, even the middle school ones.
Brando wasn't much of a singer, tbh. So on that front he can easily topped, imo. But...Tatum? Really?
‘Guys And Dolls’ Adaptation At TriStar Taps Bill Condon To Direct – Deadline

TriStar Pictures long-awaited new retelling of the musical smash hit Guys And Dolls looks to be moving closer to a reality as the studio has tapped Oscar-winner Bill Condon to direct the latest adaptation.

Hollywood has been trying to remake Guys And Dolls for some time with 20th Century most recently taking a shot when they held the rights with hopes that Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the roles of Brando and Sinatra. This film would be tripped up after the Fox-Disney merger, leading to the time lapsing on the rights ownership with the project hitting the market with it quickly becoming one of the hottest projects at the time with TriStar aggressively moving in to land them.
2013 me was fine in this thread at least but I'm still coming to terms with the fact that 2013 was EIGHT YEARS AGO.


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